This morning, eight years ago, Ayah was called up to Rahmatullah leaving me all alone to fend for myself in this big-mean world. He left me – among others – his books, his music, his compassion and his  priceless advice. I wish I could have more time with him, but God has a different plan for both of us.

As wisely phrased by my friend, Hi & Lo, Ayah didn’t go anywhere, he just went to the next room. Every time I think about that, I am immensely comforted.

While it is impossible to replace Ayah, I am blessed with plenty of fatherly figures – Zorro, Captain Ancient Mariner and Abang Ruslani (husband of the famed “Tok Mommy“) – who just accept and embrace me as if I am one of their own. Jefree is also sharing his Papa with me since the marriage. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Semoga Ayah ditempatkan di Syurga Jannah among his many books and musical instruments. Al Fathehah.

Kak Long sayang Ayah…


24 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Al-Fatihah buat arwah ayah Mish…

    Semoga Roh Arwah Ayah Mish ditempatkan bersama mereka yang di kasihi Allah…Amin Ya Robbal’alamin…

    Saya sayang Mish!

    Oh arent you the sweetest person? Thanks dear. Do you know that my client (previously) is your friend? Hahaha what a small world.

  2. Sis Elviza,

    Am very touched you remembered what I said. I will be joining another publishing house soon in its editorial dept.

    The top gun was receptive to my idea of writing obituary stories under the column Other Lives. It is specially dedicated to people in our midst who had left us. I like ordinary people to be remembered and cherished for the mark they had left behind.

    This is also to help the bereaved to let go and carry on as they recount their moments with their departed.

    I welcome you to email to me your precious moments with your dad. This way your dad’s life touches wider audience.

    Harimau mati meningalkan kulit, manusia meninggal meninggalkan nama. Death is not a fullstop but a beginning cos it magnifies life left behind.

    God bless.

    Dear Hi & Lo,

    I am merely repeating things that were etched in my head. I never asked you what you do for a living. Now I know 🙂

    I be sure to take up the offer in good time…

  3. You can always count me as an admirer sis. I will be there for you if needed. 🙂

    Dear Harrison,

    You have been and will always be a dear friend in my eyes. I thank God for that too…

  4. Elviza,
    May the blessings of Allah be with your beloved Ayah soul always.

    Your thoughts of him will make him smile down on you from above.

    Take care and keep happy.

    Dear Jaflam,

    Thank you so much Sir. I appreciate your friendship and kind words

  5. Dear Elviza,

    Al Fatiha for your late father dan semoga Allah SWT mencucuri Rahmat ke atas rohnya.

    BTW. my hubby is very touched when I told him what you’ve written about him.

    You take care, my dear.

    God bless.

    Dear Tok Mommy,

    Ah, you and Abg Ruslani deserve more than whatever trivial things I wrote in here. I am so happy that his operation went well. Can’t wait to see you two soon

    BTW, he ‘s okay, Alhamdullilah.

  6. Hi Kak Long,
    Al Fatihah….

    Ni membuatkan Kak Ngah yang masih ada abah ni rasa nak balik sekarang jugak tgk abah saya….

    Kak Ngah,

    Balek lah selalu…semasa mereka masih ada…

  7. Elviza,
    Al Fatihah for your late father.
    At one time or another we will have to meet our maker. For those with parents around, make the best of what little time we have of each other.
    Reflecting on those beautiful times together will bring you untold joy even though he is not around anymore. The wise words he told you are now your guidance.

    Dearest Pak,

    And you are also one of those father figures I am blessed to have…

  8. Al-Fatihah untuk Arwah Ayah Elviza.

    Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat Allah SWT dan ditempatkan di kalangan yang beriman. Amin.

    He is never gone for as long as you have him close to you – in your heart.

    Take care.

    Dear Sister,

    Thank you so much. And in my heart he always will be…

  9. salam sis,
    Al Fatehah untuk arwahnya.
    Lega dengar, ada yang boleh ganti tugas kita untuk anak-anak kita seandainya kita pergi kan?
    InshaAllah. Doa selalu untuk mereka yang dah tiada.



  10. Salam Elviza,

    My apologies for missing the post earlier. Semoga roh Arwah ditempatkan bersama mereka yang beriman, insyAllah.

    Dear Cakapje,

    Saya dengar awak jumpa Tokasid (jelesnya!). Amin amin ya rabbul alamin. Terima kaseh.

  11. I was still trying to find good reasons other then its look to justify my getting that Apple Macbook Air. I already imagined how good it looks on me when I take it out from the case and put it on the table at coffee beans … I could almost hear the ooh and the aaahh from those seating around me…

    But now that you came up with this article, you brought me down to earth again. There is more to life then being trendy at coffee beans. Its been quite a while since the last time I recite yasin for mom…

    Thanks Elviza.

    Dear Sofiairdina,

    A friend, who is an apple enthutiast, told me that the price isnt worth the specs. But it is so thin isnt it?? So sexy

  12. Elviza,
    Al-Fatihah to Allahyarham.

    I lost my dad 20 years ago. Somehow you can never let go of the pain. Still missing him.

    And you take care!

    Dear Mior Azhar,

    The pain isnt gone completely but time does make it easy. You take care too

  13. I am touched and honoured that you regard me as a father figure. Lost mine 8 years ago too but for you to lose yours at your age is very tragic indeed. But life must go on, eh?

    Al fatihah.

    Yup, life goes on… see ya soon Cap

  14. Al-Fatehah, moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. You are so lucky Sis to have had a father figure eventhough he’s no longer here. You had those sweet cherished memories with someone who truly loved you.
    I wish I could have that “love”. My father is still alive but yet I dont feel his existence.
    I have this love hate relationship with my father. I neither felt the love from him nor feeling the love for him either. I did once asked him why he never showed his fatherly love towards me, and he said” love cannot be shown, or felt…. once you give too much love, it will disaappear…”. And for the first time in my life I realised that I am the unluckiest daughter in the world…
    Sorry Elv for taking your space and writing this irrelevant crap story of mine… but it just make me realised how lucky you are to have someone to love and loved you back (or even more…).

    Dear Sally,

    It breaks my heart to read this comment of yours. But dearest, I sincerely believe that God gives you many forms of love. Everyone is deserving of love and you, I am sure, of no exception my friend. So, chin up and never worry about space here ok?

  15. Hi Elviza

    Eight years sounds like a long time ago but doesn’t it always seem like yesterday when you think about it?
    I lost my dad in June 1994 and mom in February 2006 and what comforts me are the words a friend gave me to cross-stitch – “No one truly dies. They live on in the hearts of those who love them.”
    May your Ayah rest in peace.

    My Sis Jac,

    Ah…so beautifully phrased… thanks so much my dear. You take care and may both of your parents rest in peace.

  16. Sis Elviza,

    Thanks for your answer. Perhaps you may blog abt it and send me a cc via email. There’s no deadline for submitting your story. The co wants me to join in Mar but I can’t resign from my present until I get my appt letter.

    I like your reply to Sally. Everyone is deserving of love and many forms of love. To Sally’s credit, she is very candid.

    If I may say to Sally, you are no less than the stars. There’s only one you from the beginning to the end of time.

  17. Elviza
    Al-Fatihah untuk Arwah Ayah.
    My loving parents, they’re all gone. I always took their love for granted thinking that the’re always there when the needs arises…but now how I dearly missed them . They say ‘You never know what you have until it’s gone’

  18. El,

    I’m late i know but reading that last bit, it almost shed some of my tears. your beloved Dad nay not be around any longer but he remains in your heart always, and nothing could get closer than that.

    We all sayang Elviza.

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