Monday Blues

Way behind with work and clients are literally breathing down my neck!

20 emails remain unanswered – that is a catasthrophe. 

5 phone messages perched from every corner of my messy desk.

Court dates go topsy-turvy in my diary; a sign that I will soon be shot dead in court.

In-tray overflows for as long as I care to remember.

Office needs sorting out badly; an air-cond’s blower gone bonkers again.

My trusted aide, Fahmi, left  for a greener pasteur and I am still mourning his presence in the office.

I don’t have files on my table, I have mountains of the same.


Why can I just want to write and blog forever?


15 thoughts on “Monday Blues

  1. Looks like you’re at some sort of crossroads — a menopausal writer of some sort. Yes you can, if you want to give it all up and write full time, make a book. But ah, reality kicks in –the bills, the child’s future. Don’t worry too much Sis, there’s a time and place for everything.

    You wrote a wonderful homage to your father. He must be one very cool cat. Al-Fatihah to him.

  2. I know what you mean. At times like this, feels like all other jobs, and everybody else’s life, are so much better than ours. But, guess what? Everybody else might be thinking just how cool your life is! Hehehe…

    So, chill out, eh? It’s just one of those days…(or weeks?! ;))

  3. Salam Michele,

    OOT ye: Wah! So quick news about the healers meeting at Nasi Kayu Kandar Tesco spread! 🙂

    Also, Pakzawi recommended I ask you about a case – if you care to read Hospitalised Again at my blog. Nothing big, perhaps just a word of advice?

  4. Salam Elviza,
    Al-Fatehah untuk arwah your father too. Just trying to make you think that you are indeed lucky. How I wish I have a lot of things to do, rather than trying doing somethings unproductive to occupy the time.

  5. Elviza

    Would I trade places with you? Sure thing!

    It looks bad, though. I grant you that. But look at it this way: it could be even worse (although right now it doesn’t look as if it can).

    Chin up, dear!

  6. Elviza,
    Your time to retire like me one day will come and you can write and blog to your hearts content. Meanwhile try to take easy and tackle those baglogs one by one. Do you want me to stand in for Fahmi till you get another trusted aide like him?
    Shah, wrong time to ask Elviza for opinions. Must wait for a better time.

  7. Take life one day at a time dear…the world is round, there are ups and downs, there are peaks and valleys. Just don’t forget to breathe… I was there without a permanent job for 2 years and I suffered emotionally trying to fill up my time…

    Ni sume nak uji your resilience je ni…Which I know you can handle this matter easily. take care ya.

  8. This is life sis. I hate Mondays as well. Veing a lawyer ain’t easy. Can I apply a job at your firm as an office boy? Seroiusly…. 8)

  9. This is life sis. I hate Mondays as well. Veing a lawyer ain’t easy. Can I apply a job at your firm as an office boy? Seroiusly…. P)

    Dear Harrision,

    I couldnt possibly subject you to heat and rain, obnoxious lorry drivers, mad car drivers on the road, could I? You are too precious… he he he he …

  10. Elviza
    I pray that it is only a minor temporary setback. Banyak bersabar ye. May be you should find someone like Bakar, if you know who I mean (the one with wonky hairstyle), to replace Fahmi. That may add sparks and makes office life less dreary. Chin up …


    I ll chin up if you start that blog of yours. Gotcha!

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