Happy Birthday!


Write Away is a year old today. Am staying right here; ain’t going nowhere. Thanks for the support…

[Image stolen from here]


40 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Happy Anniversary to your blog Mish!!

    I’m contemplating on sending the pictures at Ampang Walk to you. But it would take some more time… need to reduce the resolution and do some colour & contrast balancing, kalau resolution besar sgt, berat. Check out your e-mail these coming one or two days.


  2. Wooow sis, that cartoon denotes very scary images sis contratry to your post here. U r cool, u r so nice, and so pleasant….That’s some of the few reasons I love to patronize your blog.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your blog. What are you doing on 14th day of February 2008? 😀

  3. Wow, for the birthday wish- list, may u liberate me from the security clearance (moderation). I don’t think I am dangerous at all. Just a request. 😀

  4. Elviza
    Gosh, you’re already celebrating an anniversary and I haven’t even started. Waiting for the right time to ask for your help to jumpstart mine lah. Thank you for adding colours and making the Malaysian blogosphere so rich in diversity. Stay the course and I’ll follow you, insyaAllah.

  5. One year? You mean I missed about 6-months worth of your writings? I discovered this blog only 6-months ago!

    Dont worry about the match sis. Just cut the cake and enjoy it. Once you finished enjoying it, you’ll wonder why you even need a match in the first place…

  6. I surely will not wait another year to miss the opportunity to wish happy 1st anniversary to Write Away.. wah.. lots of wishes received, uh…

    Keep it on…

  7. Hmmm.. did u notice that MS was late in his congratulatory wishes?

    Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

    The best of Write Away is yet to come I think!

    Of course I noticed. Been wondering about you but then I know you were down under having a ball of a time. Sheesh!

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