The presence lacks vigor
Hearts confound in absence
His body intense
His speech stutters without reason
The familiarity is but forever gone

The Ghost roams free at her territorial water
He is jeering her; he is mocking her
Cynical laughter punctures every beat of her soul
She souls her entire being in desperation
Her heart, her weak heart is stifling tears
She has lost the façade to the Ghost

The water pools beyond her
She is drowning, real fast
But the Ghost’s eyes can never lie
Dancing lights used to house his pupils,
She searches for it; to no avail

Her heart weeps in anguish
Her soul screams in agony
Her strength dwindling fast in the face of the phantom
Her feelings rival Mercedes’ and Dante’s
The spring in her eyes turns wintry cold
Colours drain from her face

The Ghost looks away at the sunset
Back to the coffin of the memory’s past
She heeds not the raging storm in her heart
She clings to the elusive pain forever
Her soul faltering

For she has begged God for mercy;
To be liberated from the throes of pain: forever.


4 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Adakah ini ditujukan khas untuk org itu?

    No lah… this was written a long time ago. Stumbled upon it while I was cleaning the old boxes at home recently. I wrote this from observing a couple sitting right in front of me. Hik hik hik…

  2. “Adakah ini ditujukan khas untuk org itu?”

    I am sorry if I am in the absence of missing anything, what have I missed?

    Absolutely nothing dearest. Why would I hide anything from you? *wink wink wink*

  3. I am so pathetically not poetic lah… When I read the first few lines, I thought you were talking about our pm. Then when I read further, I got lost…

    I saw one angry / frustrated woman holding a match made in heaven. Or am I missing something too?

    Dear Sister,

    You got it absolutely right. Am serious. No, you are far from being hopeless in poetry – not when you are figuring crap I scribbled somewhere a long time ago

  4. “This fire in my heart is all because of you

    The warmth within my soul that will never make me blue

    You’re the sparkle in my eyes and excitment in my voice

    You’re the breath that fills my lungs, you are my one and only choice”

    Oh sis, I feel so romantic everyday sis, may I dedicate the above poem to your sis (that
    is if she’s unmarried). I don’t wana get into legal trouble directing my feelings to you but I am gona tell u “I love u sis, I love u” 🙂


    🙂 I am absolute believer in freedom of expression. How can I deny you from expressing the depth of your feelings? Dont worry, you wont get into legal trouble, Jefree has been a good spot thus far… I do have a single sister by the way (wink wink!)

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