Sleepless in Setiawangsa 10

I have always loved Tuesdays. We bloggers are Tuesday people. Somehow, last Tuesday started off on a wrong footing for me. In my usual topsy-turvy morning rush, I managed to lock my entire family out of the house by leaving the keys atop the shoe rack. The shoe rack is, of course, inside the house. To make matters worse, I have an eleven o’clock meeting to run to. My brain simply could not function without that compulsory-caffeine dosage every morning.

The locksmith became my savior – the one that I have to fork out money for though. I despise parting with money, particularly at an ungodly hour in the morning like last Tuesday. I got to the meeting breathless and disoriented from the whole locking-out drama.

Save for the Mee Rebus Tuesday, my day stayed on a rocky path with client whining and complaining through my old Motorola. Hell hath no fury like a client enraged – that I can assure you.

By the time I reached home late in the evening, I was ready to fall apart into million pieces; fatigue had taken over my body. But Luqman has a mind of his own. He pulled my hand towards the door, stepped into his crocs and said “Park Mommy, Park!” Let me translate that for you: he wants to go the park.

I hauled myself from the sofa, shoved my feet into a pair of thongs and scooped him up my waist. He awarded me one of his million-dollar smiles knowing that he now rules his parents. He kept chanting, “Park! Park! Park!” showing off to his grandma and Sue. He waved them goodbye, blowing kisses with drools around his mouth. So happy he was just to go to the park.

As we got nearer to the park, Luqman let go of my hand and ran to the first slide he saw. He greeted other toddlers nearby flashing his smiles to just about everyone at the park; he was in his element. Luqman craves for other children’s company since he lives in a houseful of adults. He is popular among the regular kids at the park. They love showing him stunts they can do or just chase him around. His face glowed with excitement, his eyes sparkled with a million stars and his shrieks echoed throughout the neighbourhood. He was a picture of happiness.

He kept running around the field which is surrounded with old shady trees. Few kites were flying in the sky handled by a group of boys in a distance. I spotted a girl about Luqman’s age walking towards him. She stood across Luqman, tilted her cherubic face and “chup!“, planted a kiss on my son’s left cheek. Overwhelmed and surprised by the unexpected kiss, he ran helter-skelter and fell down hitting a side bar of a swing. I laughed out loud. At the same time, my heart warmed at the sight… ahhh kids. Sweet, sweet innocence!

We kicked the ball around for a good fifteen minutes before he grew bored with the routine. I pointed to him a small adjacent hill by the side of the field. His eyes widened in anticipation. I taught him how to climb up and roll down the small hill. Luqman mastered the steps in no time. He stood at the peak of the hill making a sign that he was now an Ultraman and rolled his body all the way down. His laughter touched the deepest chord of my heart; healing away my bad Tuesday so far. His voice shouting “Ttttmman!” (Read: Ultraman) could be heard all over the field. Luqman had a ball of a time.

After about 20 trips of climbing up and rolling down the hill, he was utterly spent. Shouting “Mommmmmmmy!“, he ran towards me and threw his arms around my shoulders. The smell of grass and mud permeated my nostrils. His pants soiled with dirt, sweats smeared his face but to me he looked heavenly. He grinned endlessly while trying to catch his breath. My heart melt and everything was just perfect again. I prayed silently and thanked Him for Luqman.

Goodnight Sleepless in wherever you are…


11 thoughts on “Sleepless in Setiawangsa 10

  1. Aaaaaahhhhh….such bliss…The best age to enjoy him. I could feel your infinite love for your little Luqman in your writing here, sis.

    He’s a very lucky boy, and you’re a very lucky mom.


    And of course you are a lucky mom yourself with constant “I love yous” from your other half 🙂

  2. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”

    Ah Jac, those words are what I remember most in your blog. Beautifully written.

  3. awwwwww…..can u bring him to the office so that i can hug and pinch his cheeks? please!!!! please!!! *batting eyelashes*

    can… he’ll love it there anyway, boleh main pusing2 atas kerusi Papa dia…

  4. Wawawa 😦 It’s 7.40pm, it’s Friday and I’m still stuck in this office…. nak balik.. nak main dengan Amin and Ammar jugaaaaaakkkkk….

    Its okay, tmr is weekend. You can play with them all you want…

  5. Am I the first bloke here? I must be getting soft in my old age.

    My lovely A Michelle loves to go to the park too, sis — but Daddy-O ain’t around to push her on the kiddie-swing. Aaaargh! Now you make me weep… 😦

    So sorry bro. Hey! it doesnt make you a less good father if you dont get as much time to push her on the kiddie-swing. I didn’t remember Ayah doing such thing to me. For him it always books, guitars, music, motivational talks bla bla bla… Still, in my eyes, he is a perfect father.

  6. Kak El,
    Ahhh, simply heart-warming, and therapeutic 🙂 Luke have a no-longer-secret admirer eh? Hehehe…

    Akmal Little Bro,

    No-longer-secret-admirer? 🙂

    Girls are so forward nowadays hey?

  7. Elviza,
    Happy to know that Luq is healthy and strong now. Will try to bring my Balqiss to meet him one day. Kiss Luq goodnite for me will ya?


    Apart from the occasional cough and sneeze here and there; he is perfectly fine now… thanks for everything. Macamana demam pilihanraya di kg kita?

  8. AAaaah, such simple pleasures. Wait till they grow up and say, mummy, mummy, Paris, Barcelona…and there’s one not fifty miles away from me who just gave me a big hug and a Happy Mother’s Day kiss, who is begging to go to Malaysia this summer. *sigh!*

    Eh Kak Teh, jgn lah takutkan I 🙂

    A friend of mine, anak dia dapat straight A for PMR and she asked “abang nak pegi mana?” to which the boy replied “disneyland america!” Oh dear…

  9. Hi Elv,

    Luqman is such an adorable boy, enjoy the moments while you can cos they really grow fast. One minute you’ll see them running in diapers , the next minute you’ll watch them running in their underwears or even boxers. LOL! Trust me. I’ve experienced that.

    Dear Sally,

    Oh, I shudder at the thought of Luqman growing up and starts wearing boxers. I shudder thinking about him no longer desperate for my attention. But I know, he will do all of the above. Sometimes, I wish time would stand still.

  10. Elviza,

    It’s all above love…a mother to her son and above all….creator to His creation…Ya Latif…sememangnya Kau layak menjadi Rabbi….

    Dear Kosygin,

    Amin amin amin…

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