BN menang sorak, kampung tergadai

It takes a Herculean effort to remain apolitical in this watershed moments for Malaysia’s politics. Being apolitical is one thing but watching history unfolds before your eyes is just incredible. I am humbled in many ways just by watching the aftermath of the recent election.

The result of the 12th general election of the nation, in my humble opinion, is best illustrated as a long term marriage between the ruling coalition and the voters. BN is the husband, the voter is the wife and the opposition is a third party.

The wife stood behind the husband for a good 50 years. She believed in his dreams to make this country a better place to live in. She closed both eyes when the husband blatantly disregard the law, forsook the rakyat and toed on the future of the coming generation. She stifled her tears of frustration in silence.

Her youth was gone in 50 years but she has been crossing the voting paper in his favour every time the general election knocked on the door. She didn’t roll her eyes behind the husband’s back even if in the heart of her hearts, shadow of doubts loomed near.

Their marriage stayed on the rocks for as long as she can remember. Her effort in conversation was thwarted with a laconic reply. Her husband’s verbosity often took over. Hers in an inarticulate world. She wept in silence again.

One day, she decided she’s done being pushed around, she’s tired of being a doormat and lied to. She wanted a voice of her own. When the husband came home for dinner, she pushed the dinner plate to the fore leaving the husband perplexed and shocked. She packed her bags and she did something unthinkable – she left him for other man. She isn’t sure if this new man would not take her for granted but she risks it anyway. For she, is done being taken on a ride by the husband.

BN now is like the husband – dumbfounded. The wife is still unsure of her new man but she remains optimistic and the new man has a lot to do to win her heart.

BN is paying the price of their arrogance. Silent majority has spoken. The fatality can be seen through the ballot box. It is a serious time for reflection if BN wishes to win the rakyat’s hearts again. Just a few pointers for BN – free the main stream media from the government’s grip, transparency must be paramount, rules of law must not be ignored – to ponder upon.

Other than that, BN is forever my first love. When Tun Dr. Mahathir led Malaysia, I never thought I will fall out of love with BN. I am sure Tun has his fair share of mistakes just like any other great leaders. But the ruthless reign of power under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sends a tremor down my spine. Abdullah should resign and his son-in-law just have to go. I can’t see it any other way.

The highest casualty is Shahrizat Jalil. I think she governed Lembah Pantai well during her tenure. I saw it with my own eyes when she cried with the Indian lady who just lost her house in fire and fished out a wad of cash from her wallet for the family. I saw compassion and sympathy in her eyes and to loose her to a 27-year-old newbie in Parliament is the highest stake on a gambling table one can put. But I remain optimistic.

To the chosen few, you must now remember, that 5 years will pass in a blink of an eye. In the event you fail to carry out your manifesto, the silent majority WILL speak again.

I end this post with a saying from my grandmother, Hajah Sepiah Haji Abdul Rahman, “Jangan jadi seperti Pak Pandir, menang sorak, kampung tergadai.


29 thoughts on “BN menang sorak, kampung tergadai

  1. I would support Sharizat, its the HUGE DIAMOND she wore that turns me off during her campaign. 100k worth maybe? I hope its not glass.

    Did she? Ah… now that’s not very wise I must say. Rakyat want humble MP. But spotting a diamond ring should be normal I guess? Most married/engaged women usually wear them. I guess its the size that matters huh?

  2. Yessssssssssssssssssssssss Sis,

    Agree wef you THE SIL must go….


    Ye lah… he s getting too involved for his own good. Again I repeat, leaders must be humble, I dont think the SIL is. Then again, it is just my personal view like the rest of this blog’s content.

  3. salam sis,
    nothing to loose when you’ve got nothing. saya hanya mampu memilih apa yang terbaik untuk saya dan keluarga. walaupun pilihan juga untuk masa depan anak-anak, tetapi dengan mereka, bermula dengan diri SAYA sendiri sebagai seorang ibu, inshaAllah. Saya tak akan boleh melakukannya tanpa bantuan Allah Taala.
    Semoga Elviza juga sentiasa mendapat rahmatNYA.

    W’sam Sis,

    True, I have got nothing to loose to when it is not much that I own to begin with. Semoga kita semua mendapat rahmatNya. Amin

  4. i share your sentiment eventhough i am not a bumiputra. hopefully the husband will repent and rekindle the marriage.

    We are Malaysian after all aren’t we? Yup, the husbanf must repent and redeem his past mistakes.

  5. Elviza,

    Such eloquence can only come from you. Such precise analogy of husband-wife relationship. It takes 2 hands to tepuk. Mesti dua hala. Win-win not win-lose.

    Govt and people also sama. The govt must be afraid of the people. Our political landscape has changed forever. Leaders yg rude and arrogant been shown the exit was unthinkable b4 Mar 8.

    For too long we simply abide and believe in BN.

    People don’t vote for the opposition, they vote out the govt when it no longer felt the pulse of the people.

    We are entering uncharted water with new political equation. Good or bad is up to us to make it.

    Politics also like business. If you try to sell something and tak laku, you sell other lines. If we shed racism, sexism and other ism, politicians will likewise not shove down our throat.

    Credit must be given to Haris Ibrahim and Raja Petra for leading the movement of coming out of our narrow spectrum. Without them, the results would not what it is now. We must from now on engage our wakil rakyat and take ownership of our country. We are all stakeholders of Malaysia’s future.

    Dear Hi & Lo,

    There you are… havent seen you here for a long time. Again, this is a very wise perspective from you. When the government no longer feels the pulse of the people, it is a doomed government. At least I think so.

  6. Elviza,

    thank you so much for your ‘simple analogy’ posting that even Standard 1 kids can understand what is going on for the past few days.

    Agree with you, Pak Lah and Khairy have to go. Too much arrogance all these while and yet the people has spoken.

    I carried out my duty for the first time. Even though my vote doesn’t change anything locally, it bring changes nationally!

    Dear Doc,

    That s the whole point. Sometimes politics can be really complicated so I tried to simplify it. You went to vote for the first time hey? Good on you!

  7. Elviza,
    Another masterpiece from you written from the heart. The analogy of an uncaring, unfaithful husband who cares nothing of his wife’s needs and feelings is most apt. He cares only for his orgasms. The wife left because even the devil seems better than her husband.
    The 2004 victory gave Pak Lah a chance to right the wrongs of his predecessor. Infact that was his promise to the rakyat that gave him the mandate. He could do anything he wanted with that mandate. He could have changed the whole cabinet if he wanted to. Instead he chose to enrich his family and succumbed to the wishes of his ambitious son in law. That is where he went wrong. Compound that with the various scandals involving billions of ringgits of the publics money, pushing through a law to extend the tenure of one man who later turned out to be the most hated figure in the form of an Election Commision Chairman, he broke the proverbial camel’s back with the last straw.
    A new UMNO Baru to lead a new BN is needed. Revamp, rebrand and reinvent UMNO BARU and BN and when that is done the old wife may be courted again. Carry with him into oblivion all the useless load that he should have dumped when he was given the biggest mandate in 2004 election.

    Dear Pak,

    Thank you for the vote of confidence. Pak Lah’s land slide victory in 2004 is due to feel good factor after the transition period from Tun to him. Now we all can se that nothing much has been done. Typical orang kita “sudah terantuk baru nak terngadah”

  8. No way anyone can remain apolitical as far the big day is concerned. But like you, when Dr M was at the helm, I never thought to be very political today because I was in safe hands.

    Clearly the previous gomen formed in 2004 was a flop. The people has spoken. Unless they buck up, there’s every possibility pak dol to be the first ex-PM to sit across the floor.

    *eh, good analogy. Now I know how sucks it feel to be cheated by a husband…hehehe…

    Bro, I was thinking along the same line. No one wants to be shown to an exit door. But if he didnt get the message, I dont know lah what to see…

  9. kerp : The wife left because even the devil seems better than her husband

    nicely put, the sentiment of many bn supporters…or should i said, ex-bn supporters.

    Dear Elsie, thanks for the input… I guess many would agree with you.

  10. Another gem, Elviza…

    You wrote –

    “It takes a Herculean effort to remain apolitical in this watershed moments for Malaysia’s politics”

    Couldn’t agree more. ..

    Thanks Wanshana, for the endless support…

  11. CHERIE…..good piece….did Jeff see this. Like the analogy….sweet all along until the TDN bit. Anyway I used your penultimate para in my last posting on Kit siang.

    Dear Zorro,

    Oh yeah? You dont agree on the TDM bit? 🙂

  12. Hiya E,

    So you hadda put the husband-wife thingy into this political piece, didya?

    Yeah, soured relationships hits you like a ton of bricks deep inside so I guess the love-hate analogy applies to BN too.

    I don’t think a lot of Malaysians were NOT touched by the result of GE12. They rose and made it count at the ballot box.

    Ultimately, they empowered themselves to take back what rightfully belong to them. With some help from bloggers, of course.

    There’s passion in having a fling but I’d rather settle for warm hugs in bed for the longer term. Politicians do make strange bedfellows, don’t you think.

    Of course, it does make a strange bedfellows!

  13. Salam Mish…OMG! Your analogy is so profound yet so close to my heart, I can just relate to it and you make sense really.

    I hope, any of the remaining BN in the government would come across this entry and start cracking and crashing their heads…the post mortem has got rid the denial syndrome…as they now in.

    Love this piece. You should write like this more la…

    Take care.

    Dear Raden, THANKS!!

  14. I just love this post. Love the analogy. Love the style.

    The dumbfounded husband will probably miss the warmth he once enjoyed and soon enough crave for that familiar comfort. If he does, he will do his darnest to win her back and probably offer ‘diamonds’ too.

    It will be interesting to see how this relationship works out with the new man. I won’t be surprised if the husband tries to poison the wife’s mind (about the new man) while she goes through an adjustment period.

    We will just have to wait and see. 🙂

    It is just like a marriage isnt it friends? After so long you tend to take each other for granted and once day BUM! eveyrthing blows out of proportion. Scarrrrryyyy

  15. Elviza,
    this post is original and convincing. deserves a high distinction.

    i hope she’ll still be in the cabinet despite the humbling loss. all in all, she {or her Ministry} has delivered.

    i visited an old people “hospice” in a small town managed by her Minsitry last year, and what i saw was “sejuk mata memandang”. the place is clean, well orgainised, lush, full of warga emas with happy smiling faces. we asked one robust looking lady whether she would like to move out and stay with my mother in a “better” place, and without hesitation she shook her head and apologised profusely. in a nutshell, they are well taken care of. the place is heaven for them.

    from that visit i also discovered that there was a break-in a few days ago. isn’t there a safe place anymore in Malaysia? why is stealing so rampant and unabated?


  16. Ha ha ha ha! finally u write something that you hated the most — politic.Good start but please be fair to all political party just like Bro Rocky.
    Can’t wait for your next commentary.Take care my friend
    Bob From Kuching

  17. Salam sis Elviza:

    A beautiful yet precise analogy. During breakfast this morning I told 4 friends( breakfast buddies) about your posting. They just loved the analogy you made.One said he will visit your blog.

    Unfortunately, there many husbands out there acting like BN and many wives suffering in silent like the rakyat. And don’t be suprise there will be guys waiting like barisan Rakyat to give the wife an alternative.

    As you said this is your first political posting, I think you should continue with it whenever you feel like it. It’ll be different from hardcores like most of us.

  18. Sis E,
    Precise and simple analogy to put stuffs altogether. We had enough bummer, and we said, “No more, thank you, and good bye”
    We’ll see what’s coming in this 5 years period. ‘The wife’ endured enough, finally pissed off, and there will be no second time. Everyone mudah lupa, but no, not about being pissed off. I am pretty sure of it.

  19. El,

    Great effort for the a first, de-virginalise political piece.

    If the man is a Malay/Muslim, then he can get another wife, without the consent of the wife who has left him for the ‘third wood’ (kayu tiga).

    Eventually, after the relationship with this third wooder has simmered and withered (it usually do, with third wooders!), then she’d want to come back but dearie hubby is very much content with the new, younger wifey with strands of discoloured auburn hair……..

    Think about it.

    Yes, the rakyat has spoken. For what ever it was worth, decisions have been made and we, collectively, shall stick by that. Whether their grouses and grievances are the gospel truth or really about perceptions/insinuations, the decision have been made and it will be for another four years before the rakyat will decide which path to go again, and with who.

    Whether it is a good decision or not, we will know in the next four llong years. However, as of today, six days after the rakyat decided, few State Governments still have not been formed, because the decision that the rakyat made did not match up with the aspirations/wants/fancies of the new custodian, where the rakyat put their hopes on to, be it out of spite or the rakyat really had faith these new chaps can do it much better. To add to complications, there is the matter of State Constitution and sensitivities within the Rulers that the ‘victors’ did not consider.

    As the Malays would say it, “Mula perjalanan dengan langkah kanan”. It seems that this journey is starting with the left foot.

    Can we now walk the journey of the thousand mile, when the can even make the first step right?

    Maybe its the rakyat who are now euphoric about “Menang sorak, kampung tergadai”.

    God help us all!

  20. Hi Elviza,

    This is a very good posting. I enjoyed reading your analogy.

    You are definitely right. First love will always be remembered. But everytime memories of the first love flashes the mind, most often it will end with a deep sigh and the thought of ‘if only….’.

    Let’s just hope that, in this case, ada lagi jodoh. If the husband is willing to change and make effort to convince the wife that he is doing so, I’m sure the wife might consider going back to him.

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