Mukriz the Hang Jebat

In a household with two strong heads domineering each other, it is sometimes difficult to keep a straight face in the midst of conflicting political opinions. I am talking about my husband: an ardent BN supporter. And yours truly – well, I don’t have to explain myself as you probably know where I stand as we speak.

My husband used to say, I quote, “masalahnya, dalam BN tak ade Hang Jebat. Semuanya Hang Tuah, Hang Lekir dan Hang Lekiu.” Today, a BN’s member of Parliament, Mukriz Mahathir, proves this theory wrong when he raised above others stating his stand for Pak Lah to step down in no uncertain terms. I have to say, he is risking his neck in UMNO and will probably get fired from an association stiffed with rigid “lets-please-your-PM” policy.

I applaud his braveity  for he indeed has forsaken his future in politics to tell the truth. We need more leaders like him in BN. Excerpt is the letter widely circulated in the internet from Mukriz to Pak Lah. The letter is published in BigDog, Rocky’s Bru, and the Samad Sisters – Tok Mommy & Nuraina.

Read it yourself and draw your own conclusion. As for yours truly, I believe we are now deep in uncharted water.

12th March 2008

Dato’ Seri,

Let me take this opportunity to thank you and the party’s leadership for the faith in me and the chance to contest in Jerlun as a Barisan Nasional candidate. With the blessing and hard work of the party’s leadership and machinery as well as the people of Jerlun, I have won the elections and am now a new Member of Parliament.

However, sadly enough, my victory is rendered meaningless in view of the defeat that Umno and the Kedah BN suffered in the hands of the opposition. Apart form Kedah, four other states as well as the Federal Territories also received similar humiliation in defeat.

In fact your own state of Penang was wrested by the DAP from the BN. Kelantan is again under Pas rules. In other states, the BN also suffered a similar humiliation when the level of BN support by the people has tremendously reduced. This, Datuk Seri, has never happened in the history of BN rule.

The sole intention of my letter to you is meant to save UMNO and BN from being rejected further by the people and from being no longer relevant to our religion, race and nation.

Dato’ Seri, the people are unhappy and the message from them is very clear, and that is they have rejected you as the nation’s chief executive.

Contrary to your claim that you still have the support of Umno and other component parties, the reality is that even our own party members had reneged in their voting pattern by supporting the Opposition and inflicting the BN its defeat.

Dato’ Seri, when the people held street demonstrations you openly dared them to resort to the ballot boxes to demonstrate.

They took your challenge by coming out, especially tho people in the Peninsular, and they demonstrated their feelings by voting us out at the BN at State and Parliament levels.

It is therefore clear that your leadership and your handling of the issues faced by the people and the nation are no longer accepted. Let’s not deny the truth just for the sake of keeping your seat as Prime Minister.

For the love of this country and the people, I beg that you take responsibility for the defeat. We can save UMNO, the BN and the nation only if you relinquish your positions as Prime Minister and the President of UMNO.

Dato’ Seri, I hope you will understand that I make this plea with the intention of salvaging a very dire situation. A move has been made to woo the BN representatives to join the Opposition. The enemy needs just 35 seats more to topple the government of your leadership.

If you do not resign in the near future, I fear that the situation will become untenable and that the Malay support for Umno and BN will be a thing of the past.

This plea I make without malice, and I am aware that your reaction and that of other UMNO members could very well be hostile.

But come what may, I am prepared, for the sake of the Malays and UMNO, to face the consequences of my action. With all humility, I leave my fate to Allah SWT.

Dato’ Seri, I am sure that you will do the right thing for the sake of the people and the nation. May Allah SWT bless you for the sacrifice you make by stepping down.


Yours Sincerely

Mukhriz Mahathir
Jerlun Member Parlament 

[Excerpt of letter taken from Rocky’s Bru without his permission]


14 thoughts on “Mukriz the Hang Jebat

  1. Ah….. aku rasa mung bereti jah lah jadi loyar. You should write. Seriously write I mean. You good at it too.

    Your heart is here, not in practise. Lunch on you? Bangsar boleyyy ?

  2. Old friend could be right.

    On Mukhriz I do not share his sentiment for Umno. I believe it’s time that he step out from Umno. His loyalty is not to Umno, but to Malaysia.

    Umno as an institution has become a system that perpetuates Malay soverignty, it could have been a noble cause but it’s at odds with the concept of Malaysia as a nation. Just as philosophers proposed that the state and church be separate in order to produce good civil governance, so as for Malaysia, where the state and race must be separate.

    Umno served as strong platform to defend Malay nationalism, its culture and the sovereignty of its Kings. Umno never meant and ill-suited for a state rule, it is bound to fail as national political body, the very reason for the existence of the Alliance.

    With his influence, Mukhriz, in my opinion, should think beyond traditional moral framework. He must know that time is changing, and in the end Umno will collapse (very soon) and forgive me Umno loyalists, this is a fact and how it should have been in the first place.

    It’s either that Umno reform the whole of BN as a single party that serves national interest or that people like Mukhriz should abandon their unreasonable sentiment for the establishment.

  3. People are obsessed for power and if this is slipping away from you becareful that all the praises in the past are not worth a cent. We should standby our leaders as all of you are part of the process and to abandon ship now shows you are not loyal to the party. All of you as a team were so confident in winning the elections and counting the positions you were eyeing for. Now all your hopes were dashed and be quick to blame others.
    Was there any one nominated UMNO canditate for the GE was bold enough to say straight in the face to Pak Lah THAT YOU DISAGREE WITH HIS GOVERNANCE and therefore decline to accept nomination to be an UMNO canditate.

    Mukriz Mahathir was no better and you are another opportunist as this is the time for you to topple someone and ascend the throne as your father did.
    Learn to take collective responsibility and resign as MP for Jerlun if you are guided by principle and not put blame solely on Pak Lah.

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  6. Elviza,

    Your marriage is very interesting. One pro-BN and the other a Liberal. And both vocal. I guess that leaves Luqman the Speaker of the House. Luqman rulz.

    Well, in life when one is at the top, Pak Lah doesn’t know who his enemies. The very sycophants will dessert him like rats in a sinking ship once he is down.

    Sometimes, our true friends are our harshest critics. We got to discern those who put us down without a cause, and those who care enough to tell us the truth.

  7. Salam sis Elviza:

    The rakyat had rejected Pak Lah .Now we have to see whether UMNO have the ball to reject PakLah too this year.

    Its up to UMNO members now.
    Will najib be daring enough to take on Pak Lah?
    Will Mukriz have a face-off with KJ?

    We will have to wait for that.

  8. Elviza,

    A rudimentary understanding of human physiology may help us understand how human system works.

    Saw a book, “Survival of the Sickest.” Didn’t look inside the content but the cover gives hint of the role of sickness in the survival of the specie.

    From my limited knowledge, sickness and health co-exist in the body even among the healthiest. No such thing as perfect health. In fact, good health is a process and goes on until one dies.

    The body is made up of millions of microscopic cells. Group of cells gives the organ. A group of organs make the system like the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, central nervous systems.

    All the systems work together to give us life. If one system or organ malfunctions, the body becomes sick.

    The body is never in a state of inertia. Millions of cells are produced at a constant rate, and many cells also die. Degeneration occurs when more cells die.

    One school of thought, good and bad cells are produced. A healthy immune system has the mechanism to scan and prevent bad cells from multiplying.

    The body is always finding its own equilibrium. Vaccination is to boost our body’s defence against specific diseases. It’s beneficient. But a child will fall ill for a few days upon vaccination cos the body has to adjust to something new in the body.

    Human organisations are parallel to the dynamics of the human anatomy. People make up the family unit. A community is a group of families. From communities, a nation is birthed. Nations make up the world.

    So, if changes are introduced to the existing social structure, there’s bound to be reactions. Whether an organisation will survive depends on its ability to adjust to the changing environment.

    Politicians may try to revamp ways of operating. But if changes are too drastic even tho it’s for the general good, it may disintegrate the social fabric.

    Dr Tokasid will be more qualified to tell us how therapies work on patients without harming them. From there, we may understand the rise and fall of societies.

  9. if he really got balls, he should fight for the abolishment of DEB (NEP) and race-based politics, and start supporting honest people like Lim Guan Eng and the DAPs. Melayu gagah gemilang tanpa DEB!

  10. Hello Sis… I beg to differ here. Although I respect Mukh a lot, I don’t think he is quite his own man – yet.

    Let me ask you this, if he wasn’t Mahathir’s son, you think he would dare do such a thing? He still as his Dad (who I might add, was the bravest of the UNMO lot) to run to — the one who fired the first salvo at Pak Lah by accusing him of “destroying UMNO” and should :step down”. Mukh was only carrying playing the refrain, so to me he ain’t no Hang Jebat. Like I said he still has somewhere he can run to.

    I also take exception to you painting Sharizat as a heroine for the down-trodden poor. Well I ain’t poor but she certainly has down-trodded me. But you’re right about the fat wallet though.

    Let me explain. Many years ago when I was an ignorant buffoon (some say still am) I purchased my first ever property at an enclave called Sri Damansara. The apartment was all I could afford then. Apparenty to expedite matters, purchasers were “forced” to use her law firm to conduct ALL transactions – S & P, loan agreement, or fear of delays and penalties that would ultimately cost the purchaser. Sometime a decade ago I was forced to go back and forth to her law offices in Millenium Tower Damansara Heights to beg them to speed up the transactions that was threatening the loan disbursement etc. Later to our dismay,we found her firm was also “overcharging” more than other (read: smaller non poltical) law firms. Which might be okay if one is a “fan”.

    My better half worked in a bank in Shahrizat’s constituency and part of her duties involved discharging pension and welfare to the Lembah Pantai folks. The persons (read: malay makcik) who came a-collecting welfare often came in cars, with designer sunglasses, and often too with a maid in tow. You call this a welfare recipient. And if she was ibu tunggal, even better. That’d be a couple of ringgit more…

    Mish, I couldn’t care less if she used HER OWN money to “bribe” these women-folk into keeping her in power – but “kebajikan” is taxpayer’s money, dear. Yours and mine. The rakyats.

    And you call her a heroine? Don’t be naive Mish. I’ve already spent over 15K at her law firm only to be treated shabbily by her staff. She makes me sick, and boy, did I do a little jig when I heard she had lost. She truly deserved to lose. What, even abusing the rakyat’s money she still couldn’t win? Tells you a lot don’t it?

  11. ok, here’s my take. In Kedah, dr M is still very much relevant. the UMNO guys there rejected pak dol’s leadership by voting for the oppo as the final result shows. But if you had noticed, 3 out of 4 parliamentary seats won by BN in the state are pretty much associated with the great Ol’ Man; Langkawi, Kubang Pasu, and Jerlun.

    my point here is, Malaysia are up for anyone BUT Pak Dol (?).

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