Tengku Razaleigh – the prince hath spoken

First, I apologise for lack of Sleepless in Setiawangsa and book review in this blog. The hullabaloo in our political landscape makes me take a backseat in my reading and writing. It is amazing how main stream media spins the story nowadays. Suddenly, bloggers are now in favour. Read Shanghai Fish’s take here. No, I am not shifting to be a political blogger, I am just too consumed with current affairs in this country, that’s all. I’ll be back to my dull writing material in no time – I promise you that.

The temptation to write about UMNO – my first love – is just too great to resist. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, an UMNO stalwart in Gua Musang – hath spoken. He called upon UMNO members to convene an extra ordinary general meeting to discuss about the dismal result of the recent general election on 11 Mei 2008.

The Prince fell short of naming one person to blame but pointed to the rest of UMNO members who failed to notice the raging wind of change in the country. Personally, I think this is the best advice that can come out from an UMNO leader.

Ku li is a larger than life figure in Gua Musang – one of the biggest district of my home state, Kelantan. He is next to God in the eyes of Gua Musang’s people. My late grandfather used to say “Ku Li tuh, kalu dia pakai parti cap Beruk pun dia akan menang di Gua Musang.” [Read: the prince can be under any political party of his choice and still wins the election].

Please read his letter at BigDog’s blog and Rocky’s Bru.

I think UMNO leaders should heed his deep warning at the end of the letter “sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tiada berguna.” The saying should apply to us all the lowly mortals as well.


14 thoughts on “Tengku Razaleigh – the prince hath spoken

  1. Elviza
    Since XXX is your first love, do something to reform Puteri XXX. Did a senior minister said it is a mere wallpaper. Ouch!

  2. Pingback: bigdog

  3. UMNO is digging his own grave……being a poor loser.
    Now…it is mud slinging within parties kingpins..and creating fear….by UMNO members at the streets.
    All they were against..saying ..not Malaysian cultures….are exactly what they are doing. Opposition did that with results. Voters have spoken.
    Why are they so vocal….from day one….after elections? Are they saying voters are idiots…
    trying to create an atmosphere….that the country need emergency rule again……..all political parties ..put on hold…like in Thailand??
    What won’t they do next.
    UMNO is digging it’s own grave…to bury it’s party..forever…and Ku Li has actually lost his influences and power….in UMNO….as well to the Malaysians at large.

  4. What’s this? I thought we’re done with politics, har, har. But politics is life, and governs our daily affairs so discuss we must, I s’pose…

    Mish, (yes, you’ve been “upgraded” :)) Besides Mukh, Zaid, Shahrir, Datuk Ron, Mather, Ab. Rashid Ngah – Ku Leigh is the other UNMO guy I have high regards for . . . but are they really stating the obvious?

    The obvious is not Pak Lah. He might’ve been a sleepy head but he’s not a bad guy. The bad guys are the ones who ran roughshod over the rakyat and took them for granted. PL’s mistake was to believe his S-I-L too much. Here, I’ve said. KJ and his 4th floor ilk brought the whole pack of UMNO cards down. If he can be credited for being the brains behind BN’s 2004 stellar performance then he can also be credited for UMNO’s downfall. He can’t have it both ways.

    And Ku Leigh, why oh why didn’t you say something earlier? Mather already said it, he knew the score – that’s why he tried to warn UMNO of KJ’s influence. So Mather’s in the clear, so has Datuk Ron. But Ku Leigh?

    Have you ever seen “The Accused”, Mish? Jodie Foster won an Academy Award for that one. Her character was gang raped in a bar and she successfully got the instigators (those who prodded, or caused the rape to happen – even though they didn’t actually commit the rape) indicted. It’s called accessory.

    Was Ku Leigh an accessory? You be the judge.

  5. Salam Elviza:
    Yeah the prince hath spoken.But its a bit late but all is not lost.

    The question now is, will any UMNo leader dare to take Pak Lah head on for the September Royale Rumble?I am sure many grassroot members wants a leadership change. But does anyone have the gall to openly challenge PL? Yes there is Mukhriz who shot the first salvo.
    Will there be fllowups by others?

  6. I told myself……I am done .commenting on politics…after election…and even predicted..some political bloggers may close stop.
    But UMNO is the reason.to give all political bloggers to talk cock and bull again…..and someone have to again do the dirty job. Fortunately…so many commentators…and bloggers are one n same minds and spirits….guiding commentators like me…to be more refine and cultured. Otherwise….all hell goes loose again….hahahahahaha

  7. Will I sail on a ship whose captain I have absolutely no confidence in? NO.

    I will sail on another or the old man may just find himself floating in the ocean one dark and stormy night …

    Others have quit. So Ku Li, Mukhriz and company : your call.

    Join the winners.

  8. I think there will be a showdown in the next UMNO election for the President’s post.

    Hope you have been well, my friend.
    Sorry I haven’t been around much.


  9. Dear Friends,

    I have just read and signed the online petition:

    “We Need Tun Dr.Mahathir To Be Involved In Government Again”

    hosted on the web by PetitionOnline.com, the free online petition
    service, at:


    I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might
    agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider
    signing yourself.

    Best wishes,

    Roslan Mohamed Shapri

  10. Re: online petition by Roslan Mohamed Shapri

    Mahathir singlehandedly destroyed the original Umno. He made the party subservient to the incumbent president by making it mandatory for challenger to require minimum 30 nominations to enter contest. With the patronage system well entrenched, it cowered the grassroots to support the incumbent. Now he is saying the members are under a cloud of fear of the president.

    If there is any one man who destroys the institutions of this country, Mahathir stands out. Pak Lah inherits the system handed down by Mahathir.

    By saying what he had said, Mahathir cannot run away from his key role and responsibility of the rot that beset the once proud institution.

  11. Hi Elviza,

    Firstly, thanks for offering to pick me up in MS’ blog…Kerp allerted me to the whole thing…

    Secondly, cap beruk?!? *Giggles*

    Thirdly, it must say something that an MP’s nickname (whose title is Tengku!) is a ‘demeaning’ Ku Li!

    Truly a ‘servant’ of the people…=) Refreshing!

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