Turn off your lights!

Tonight, let’s turn off our lights for an hour from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. to observe Earth Hour global blackout and help reduce energy consumption. This post is to support my dearest friend, Anu, who just jolted me back to reality with her text message a while ago.

For further details please click on Euphoria in Misery.

Me? I’ll turn off the lights tonight and put on Julio Iglesias’ version of Vincent –

“Starry starry night, paint your palette blue and grey…”


4 thoughts on “Turn off your lights!

  1. Have u also heard Josh Groban’s rendition of that John Denver classic? Its equally good.

    We’re out for more than an hour everyday. Does that count? 🙂

  2. Just wonder why KL not officially part of this movement? Is our govt so backward than Manila and Bangkok?

    Global warming poses potential threat to world peace. Its effect on food production — crop harvesting and fish supply — may spark a chain reaction on social unrest.

    I don’t want to sound alarming. The least we can do is to return to basics and resist consumerism to arrest the pace of deterioration.

    Dear Hi&Lo,

    KL takes the last train to get there perhaps. But Carlsberg factory along the Federal Highway was featured to have observed the earth hour. The rest of the city, I dont know…

  3. salam sis,
    thanks for the info regarding kepulangan sheihs mom.

    ala elviza, sedih lah kalau dengar lagu vincent. especially part, ‘this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you…(afifah)’.

    Dear Sister,

    It is a sad song. And the last part that you wrote above, always rips my heart into pieces. Ah, tak payah dengar lagu sedey2 nih..

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