Khaled cries foul against Bloggers

Before I proceed with this post, I have a confession to make: even though I joined boycott the main stream media’s campaign, I still read the newspaper from time to time. This habit of reading Sunday papers in bed is hard to shake off. So, there you go, at least I hope you won’t call me a hypocrite with this confession. In my defense, every Sunday, Star Mag features book reviews and commentaries on literary events – I love that. I don’t care about the reporting on MSM.

As I thumb the Star with a my first cup of coffee, I chance upon this report about Higher Education Minister, Khaled Nordin, calling a foul shot on bloggers. Khaled said, I quote, “There were articles criticising the Government. We also sent in many replies but they were removed by the bloggers”.

Sir, I want to know which of us bloggers, who denied your right to freedom of speech? I am sure, you will remember some of it, at least. It is unfair to all bloggers for you to make such a general statement, assuming you are, in fact, telling the truth.

Khaled went on further to say, “We made mistake. The blogs play an important role. The people read and believe what’s said in the blogs. Now, we are looking at blogs to respond to them but are prevented from doing so”.

Oh, dear… save for the apology which was made in a positive voice, I cannot see a point of Khaled making this statement. Khaled must name the bloggers he claimed to prevent him from giving his point of view. If the blogger in question did remove Khaled’s comment, he or she then owes everyone an explanation for his or her decision in removing Khaled’s comment.

However, if Khaled cannot name any bloggers to substantiate his allegation, the rest of his words in the newspaper today are just a sheer waste of my time.

[Read the Star report here]


11 thoughts on “Khaled cries foul against Bloggers

  1. Elviza,

    I was just reading the same thing before I hopped here, and I was thinking just the same things as you did!

    And he said he “would bring up the issue in the next Cabinet meeting”…

    Alahai… nak berkabinet meeting pulak pasal benda ni… Macam budak-budak!!!

    (I akin “Cabinet Meeting” to “Budak-budak” – as I don’t think anything serious is going on in there… ;))

    Dear Wan Shana,

    What do you reckon his boss would say? “Ish budak2 blogger nih… tak makan saman betul?”

  2. Bloggers won’t promote ‘cyber-troopers’ for sure,
    show contents too besides naming blogs that rejects

    Dear Bennyloh,

    Ohhh, dont me started on those evil cyber-troopers. They tried to hacked me once or twice on this blog, I put them right back where they belong. True enough – they never returned. Coward!

  3. a message to khaled;

    dei, name us the bloggers you meant or better just shut your piehole.

    Little Bro,

    Heh heh heh heh 🙂 Ohhh don’t be so hard on him, he probably doesnt know what he is talking about. But then again, ignorance is not an excuse right?

  4. I just hope this is not another loose cannon. Had enough of material omission (like identities of bloggers who removed the replies, etc) and unsubstantiated claims. Buck up MSM, and keep us really informed.


    Old habits die hard my friend. Cliche as this may sound, but it’s so true isnt it? But I must say the MSM commentaries and columnists are rather refreshing these days. Yesterday, Star has a new columnist, Zainan Anwar (the force behind Sisters in Islam), who wrote a true commentary for the last GE and this morning Kam Raslan followed suit with his column on Guan Eng. I never thought I live to see the day when the MSM actually published this! One more thing, they featured Dr. Wan Azizah’s mini auto-biography yesterday – 2 pages you!

    If the MSM can learn, so can Khaled – that I am sure of.

  5. This is yet another attempt to discredit bloggers. They know they couldn’t beat the bloggers because of the precise article supported with evidence such as letters, photos, names…posted by bloggers especially as in malaysia-today and malaysiakini.

    Then BN goons hope the statement would bring some doubt on the bloggers’ credibility. won’t work!

    Dear Zanie,

    I think rather than pursuing the war on bloggers, Khaled should start his own blog to state his point of view, lest he doesnt know how! 🙂

  6. A pathetic way to discredit the bloggers. Why cant he be specific? As wanshana said it what good will it do to bring it to the cabinet? It all goes to prove how infantile he is and the kind of people made into a minister by the PM.


    I hope he reads this and actually tells us which of the bloggers did that to him. I m dying to know…

  7. elviza, well, sometimes I wonder whether they understand what blogging is all about, especially so on how comments are posted. I am sure they know which blog[s] they posted comments . Just generalizing do nobody any good.

    Have a nice day.

    Salam Pak,

    I wonder, what is taking them so long to embrace the technology. I never thought age is a factor at all. It’s up to that individual to choose. But then again, the war against blogger is never ending considering Khaled’s comments. Have a nice Pak!

  8. salam sis elviza,
    haaah… i missed reading sunday papers in bed.
    even post ni pun i baca on a monday. heeheehe…

    part censoring feedbacks ni kan dia orang jugak yang ajar pun. i laways here kat radio, “oh maaf, talian terputus!”.

  9. Thank you for alerting me to the articles. The MSM has to realize that their indispensable readers are not cerebrally challenged. I truly hope this sudden publication of refreshing articles is not a replay of the hangat hangat tahi ayam syndrome.

    Poor poor KARIM Raslan. He has unwittingly reduced otherwise gimlet eye observers, like Helen Ang and you my dear, to shrewd observers with dyslexic. He and Kam are not twins. Girls, sussing out Karim/Kam Raslan, A. Samad Ismail/Said and Ahiruddin Atan/Ahirudin Attan is a perpetual business. LOL.


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