Ah, Yusmadi…

News about a fellow practitioner and recently-elected Balik Pulau MP, Yusmadi Yusoff, flashed before my eyes this morning as I nursed my first cup of coffee in the office.

The august house met yesterday in a closed-door briefing for the newly-elected MPs and the Dewan Rakyat Speaker, Ramli Ngah Talib, was referring to the mother-daughter team from PKR as “weird”. Yusmadi promptly commented that he was uneasy with Ramli’s choice of words. He further reminded that one must be careful with his choice of words.

Ah, Yusmadi… it does not matter what choice of words are being used by the Dewan Rakyat Speaker to describe the debut team of mother-daughter in parliament, what matters is the the changes they can bring. And to comment on such a trivial matter (to me personally) is just not necessary don’t you think? Litigation lawyer such as yourself is surely seasoned to many more harsh words from courts and opposing counsels.

In my opinion, statements from MPs describing whatever family-combination in Parliament tantamount to much ado about nothing.

I am not interested to know about the family-combination in Parliament; the only thing I am interested in knowing is the changes the new MPs can bring. The voters – who had just voted for a change – are waiting with bated breath for the newly elected MPs to realiase their manifesto during the 12th general election.

All said and done, I hope my congratulation for Yusmadi is not too late. So, congratulation Yang Berkhidmat.

Me? I am enjoying the drama in political scene lately but I am taking a short break to hide at the Book Fair in PWTC. See you there!


7 thoughts on “Ah, Yusmadi…

  1. It can be construed that Ngah was a “sexist” as he has chosen to call it “weird” rather than “new”, “unique”, “a new step”, “accomplishment”, “empowerment”, ” a first” and likewise. I myself find it not fit. I have no good respect for Ngah who supports BN sexist MPs by refusing to admonish them and punish them. We need to remind him few lessons and that things have changed, lest he continues with hi nasty handling of affairs. That’s good.

    Dear Ahmad,

    He did actually have a lot of choices to choose from yeah? 🙂

  2. I really hope that there’ll be something different when the parliment starts their sitting….
    Wonder who’ll start the name-calling first….

    Dear Mostermom,

    Hmmmmm, lets hope they all rise beyond differences and be rid off name-callings. What an idealist I am! Hahahaahh!

  3. Going to witness a lot of sparks in the Dewan. Hopefully it will be live telecast.

    I heard they are only going to air the Q & A time. But it is a healthy development I must say…

  4. Forget about trivial things and get on with the business of parliament. At least they can discuss at home on points to speak before going to parliament on not make a fool of themselves in the August house. The ususal monkeys are not there anymore so just do your work.
    I recconmend that all parliamentarians will publish their speeches in their blogsites for the rakyat to read.

    I agree Pak, I agree all MPs must blog and publish their work there…

  5. Elviza, there are other family combinations to comment on but the Speaker chose to highlight the mother-daughter one. At heart, the Speaker doesn’t really think women make good parliamentarians. That’s why he thinks it’s wierd. But Datin Seri Wan Azizah had a quick retort: “There’s also a father-in-law/son-in-law combination in Parliament.” Nice one Kak Wan!

    Dear Kak Marina,

    I must say it is not the most accurate choice of word he picked but I stand firm on my believe that it is unnessary to dwell on such subject. Yeah, Kak Wan quipped everyone with her statement! Take care Sis.

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