Letter to Phantom II

Dearest Phantom,

You missed an awesome outing last Saturday, at the Curve. Mat Salo worked very hard and must have jolted his phone bill up to the sky in an effort to gather all of the bloggers on the day that coincides with All Blogs’ first birthday.

Tokasid played co-host in giving Mat Salo a hand by texting everyone about the change of venue from Kayu Nasi Kandar to Asam Pedas – a hundred steps away or so. Jacqui hailed all the way from the States and Tokasid drove from Malacca. Of course, Nora flew from Miri with his wife to meet us all. The rest are the usual suspects at Mee Rebus Tuesday with a pleasant addition of Pokku and celebrity blogger, Pak Idrus.

Yang Berkhidmat Eli Wong, Kak Marina, Eleena, Anu, Aiman, Captain, Shah Talkonly, Kerp, Stephen Francis, Jaff and Yati of KL Confidential. To the rest of the bloggers I left out here, I sincerely apologise.

Blatantly obvious absence came in a form of Rocky, Kak Ena, Zorro, Kak Ton, Husna, BigDogΒ bla bla bla…

Here are the pictures, I hope you enjoy them.

Yours truly hugging Dalilah of One Breast Bouncing with Jaff, Captain, TA, Mrs. TA, Adam and Nora from Miri at the background.

Lighthearted moment 1 – Jafflam of Jaff Point, Yours Truly, Stephen of Shanghai Fish, Kak Marina of RantingsbyMM, and the head belongs to Nora of Anon from Miri.

Lighthearted moment 2 – Stephen and I grinning like an oyster with Jaff looking on and Captain looking away. Kak Marina doing things with her hair!

Hello! Eli Wong, Yang Berkhidmat for Bukit Lanjan Parliament shaking hands with Yours Turly.

Girl Power! Eleena of Acciacatura, Yati, Me, Jacqui, Dalilah & Kak Marina flashing their best smiles away for Mat Salo’s lense. What an august company; beautiful sharp minds and pleasant personalities. Pictures from Mat Salo of Borneo Blues.

I pen off for now my friend, Phantom. Till our next letter…


30 thoughts on “Letter to Phantom II

  1. Ahhhhhh… now I know how you look like! You are young. Always thot of u older from ur writings. Great day huh?

    Dear A Reader,

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  2. This was a ‘members only’ gathering, eh?

    No dear… it wasnt members only gathering, all can come. I really should have blogged about it first… I am so sorry. And I should facebook you! Arghhhhhhh! I think no technology can help my forgetfullness. I am so sorry

  3. I am glad I did not decline the invitation. We have met at the mee rebus session ( my only attendance).
    InsyaAllah, there will be more meetings.

    Thats right Pak, I stand corrected, sorry about that. Till we meet again.

  4. Hey Elviza,

    Remember me? Edelweiss … the lady with no blog…heheheheh

    It was great meeting u and the rest of the bloggers..

    Elviza, u r prettier in person… πŸ™‚

    Thank you Edelweiss… (malunyaaaaa!). Bawak2 lah start menulis di blog awak tuh… ramai org tunggu!

  5. I can’t wait to meet you too……….

    My apologies for not keeping in touch. You know how it is.. my hands are full & I don’t even have a life of my own these days.

    Hope you & your family are keeping well.


    Hugssssss for you sis. Hang in there. This too shall pass (cliche, cliche!) but seriously, it” get better with time…

  6. Amboi… so seronok one… got the invitation from Mat Salo, siap suruh bawak Daphne sekali, but both of us had other things to do.

    But we are planning to attend one of the coming MRT’s to meet up with orang US sorang tu. Tunggu Daphne cuti after 19th April…

    Pi! I dengar you tak dapat datang sebab kena masak chicken for kenduri yeah? Tak pe lah… we ll meet up soon.

  7. Pak Zawi sulking away somewhere in Pasir Mas for not being able to attend the once of a life time gathering with fellow bloggers. This one was a really special one and I had to miss it.

    Ohhhh,dont sulk Pak, we ll do the next one when you are around okay?

  8. ahh… i surely will feel left out if i attend the gathering – yeah, me with no blog (yet?)..

    J’da, dont care lah you got blog or not, just come the next time around. I assure you that you will not feel left out. We dont talk about blogs anyway, we talk about everything under the sun! Let me have your number and I ll text you the next time Mat Salo plans a gathering ok?

  9. respect! where and how you find time for all this amazes me. seriously!
    me and malis are stuck in a routine kind of thing for the time being… until the kids grow up i guess πŸ˜›
    anyways take care ya!

    Ah, this is once in a while Adrie. And these people are just simply awesome, you must meet them! Its like being in sea of colourful personalities. They are great. You must come they next time around with Malis and your gorgeous children.

    Psssssssttt, when they grow up, they’ll leave us weh…. (so saddddd!)

  10. Dearest Mish…
    That was an awesome event! To meet up the super duper bloggers…I’m still in cloud nine remembering it you know….

    Great post. Have you seen gambar kita berdua yg close up tu? Wa suka bebbbb….’Idup’ gambar kita tu…picture a thousand word… I always love meeting you, sbb kita boleh lupa yang ada kat keliling kita… macam that day, I lupesss kat MH sekejap…opppsss

    Yeah2 I go that picture, but I thought I leave it to you to publish in your blog sister. Kesian Mambang Hijau… Adam & Idris pun kesian… sebab mak dia & unty Mish pok pek pok pek all the time!


  11. Elviza
    Well, it looks kind of special but is everyone invited? I came to know of the event through Zawi blogsite and was at the Curve then.


    I am so sorry but of course everyone is invited. The only problem is I dont have your mobile no otherwise I would have extended the invitation to you. I probably should blog about it before the event, I am so sorry my friend. What a shame to have missed meeting you when you were just around the corner. Arghhhhhhhhh! Macamana ni Mat Salo? TA?

  12. elviza, it was indeed great meeting you that day. You were real cheerful. It was a great together of like minded folks. Have nice day and take care.

    Dear Pak Idrus,

    I wanted to meet you for the longest of time and finally I did last Saturday so the pleasure was all mine, Pak. I m cheerful when I meet my friends, you should come to the office once in the while and witness it yourself when my cheerfulness all gone down the drain!

  13. Salam Sis:

    Alhamdulillah, finally I met you( and others too) in person. When we saw you coming I told MrsTA: Tu…tu…Elviza mai…..

    What I imagined of you was totally wrong( and about muteaudio too). I thought you were not so tall and not so pot-pet pot-pet…but I was wrong. You and Raden’s pot-pet was like…ermm….makcik-makcik!( wow! Now just don’t turn into the Hulk okay) which is very enjoyable. MrsTA was like malu-malu meeting you and the others and didn’t know what to say( well I am the pot-pet-pot-pet in our house).

    But it was worth the long drive from Cincalokland.

    ( You should have brought Luke ler…and see how Matsalo handles him)

    Dear Doc TA,

    Eh, tak marah lah … memang pun I kuat pok pek pok pek. Kalau kat MRT tu, suara I jer kuat (malu malu malu!). Really? You never thought I am tall? Hik hik hik.. tu I pakai crocs tu, kalau I gatal2 pakai kasut tinggi I will look like one weird lamp post yang tembam. Ahaks!

    Kalau bawak Luqman, mak dia tak boleh bersosial, sebab I have to chase after him. Mat Salo tuh bukan buleh harap sangat. Mana ada dia jaga anak dia lama2, dia kan duduk dalam swamp!

    So happy to finally met you TA and you wife looks so young. Kesian kat you kan kan kan?

  14. elviza,
    Allow me to address edelweiss and J’da.
    Please consider yourselves as blogger since you are reading blogs all the time and making comments on other people’s blogsite.
    Anyway what is stopping you from having your own blogsite? It is free and very easy to set up. As to the contents just blog about anything at all even a silly one. If it’s silly we will just say it’s silly No harm at all. But of course we will tell it in a nice way hehehehehe.

  15. Hai Elviza,
    Nice pictures and storylines….. same pictures different story ….. it became envy of the cyber dwellers. Simply great afternoon, especially with you around to spice up the melting pots. Tataa.

    Melting pot buleh pecah dah bila bloggers meet up πŸ™‚

  16. Mish…minta tumpang lalu…

    My dearest brother DocTA… sukanya hati dapat jumpa you in person…. and…memang I takleh jumpa Mish ni…bila dah jumpa…kelang kelibut buleh jadi dunia ni….hahahaha

    I like the compliment…pot-pet-pot-pet…tulah my boys kata mummy ni asyik pot-pet-pot-pet je…

    Glad to jumpa your Mrs tu yang nampak sungguh muda…

    Eh, Darling, betullah, Mrs. TA looks milesssss younger than TA (sorrrryyyy TA, tapi sungguh nih I cakap) but when Mrs. TA told me their age gap is not to much, I was so shocked! Mesti tanya dia apa kah rahsia Mrs TA yang nampak sungguh muda itu!

  17. Hi Elviza

    With so many bloggers doing a take on this gathering, I think I can rest easy and continue my coffee break. πŸ˜€

    It was lovely meeting everyone (and finally putting some faces to their blogs). Enjoyed MRT too. Looking forward to next week’s. Kak Ton’s mee rebus is the bestest!

    Ah, JT… we’ll see you again next week sister. I tol you so about Kak Ton’s Mee Rebus right? I never tasted a Mee Rebus that good elsewhere. Like Rocky said, if anyone wants to try the recipe – she can go fly soyuz in space or something like that πŸ™‚

  18. Elviza, iv said it over and over again yet im gonna say it 1 last time, im so jealous!

    Farina my little sister, don’t you worry about it sis, when you come back, we’ll have a gathering just like this one for you okay? We thought of you often…

  19. Salam sis Elv:

    I told you over the phone that I look old despite my age(I’m always 17 you know! Thats what I tell MrsTA),There are several reasons for the old appearance( wah3…tak ngaku jugak aku nih)
    1- to assure MrsTA that by appearing old, many young girls will not be interested to me( wow? prasang nya ambe).But she still have that to worry…
    2-so ppl will not again say: Mudanya doktor ni….(with a sweet smile like they have so many anak perempuan for me to choose)
    3-I age quick after the 1998 black eye National history. I guess getting upset easily with politics does make one appear old(keyword: appear)
    4-As many malay man who enter their 40s with lots of makan here makan there and less exercise( unless picking up the Astro remote is considered exercise) and less concerned with our(I’m not alone okay)bulging pregnant-like tummy( another nicer word for boroi), of course I look old
    5-Ppl say I look mature(not old eh!)
    6-But, if you compare me with Capt Yusof,Pak Idrus and Pokku…do I look that old?
    7-You are jelous of me…tu yg kata TA old( you should feel guilty for that…kan,kan,kan!)

  20. TA,

    kekekekek, amboi sakan dok bagi points…tak mau mengaku ek!!!!! i boleh panggei u pakcik dah kekekekekekk tapi Mrs. TA memang tak dapat dinafikan…nampak sungguh muda.

    Elviza, you gotta dig out her secret for looking young…then share with us….
    Why u? hey you’re the LAWYER…interrogating is your forte …hehehheh

  21. Sorry, to have missed the gathering! And thanks for sharing it here. It sure nampak fun, fun, fun!

    Kerp did mention about it to me, but there was a sudden change of plans and had to be in KL that time 😦

    Maybe next time, insya Allah.

  22. Hi Elviza,

    Haih…And I missed out on this! I was teasing my mum, saying: I’m going to KL to eat at Kayu with the bloggers!

    And she was like: You’re going to KL to eat at Kayu?!? Don’t you have a 6-shoplot outlet near your place that your friends and you swear by?


    Anyway, ada ujian…So, tak jadi pergi anyhow one…

    Hope to make it for MRT one of these days, and hope to FINALLY get to meet you…=)

  23. there had been some miscommunication prior to the event that resulted many to miss it. as shah had wrote, it was an impromptu bash. naturally some names were UNINTENTIONALLY left out and on behalf of our brother Mat Salo, i would like to sincerely apologise to everyone who were not in the know. but trust me, we would have loved to have everyone, and i mean everyone, bloggers and readers alike to attend.

    again, our sincerest apology.

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