Ah, Khir Toyo…

The Maverick of main stream media, The Sun, has an intriguing report today by Citizan Nades. I almost choke on my latte when Nades highlights the former Selangor Menteri Besar’s blunder of saying “state coffin” instead of “state coffer.” Oh, dear… isn’t English a tricky language?

Earlier, The Sun reported that PKNS paid the fine of RM330,000 imposed against them for clearing the land around Bukit Cahaya using the public funds. Khir Toyo, in response to the above said that PKNS is indeed a private company hence the issue of using the rakyat’s money should not arise in the first place.

He then said, “the fine goes back to the state coffin!” You and I know that he meant “state coffer.” But Nades wrote that Khir said it twice and I cringe in my seat in light of the mistake. My sincerest advice to Khir is to be extra vigilant in presence of reporters for they have the sharpest listening sense among us all.

PKNS steals the limelight again today in the wake of payment made to Balkis – an organisation presides over by the wives of Selangor state assemblymen and MPs:

  • RM218,719 for the opening ceremony of Komplex Wawasan Balkis;
  • RM200,000 for Balkis Dinner;
  • RM10,000 for a table at the same dinner and
  • RM161,660 for programmes organised by Balkis.

And I thought, “RM200,000 for a dinner party?” That amount of money can feed the entire orphanage in Selangor for a year or so!

PKNS also sold a piece of land in Section 7, Shah Alam to Balkis at RM5.74 per square foot. In case you haven’t the faintest idea about real estate market, please click on iproperty.com. The premier real estate portal in Malaysia sells the land around the same area at RM44 per square foot. How dense can you be to sell it at such a low price if you don’t have anything hidden in that closet of yours?

However, Khir said that PKNS is a private company, so it does not matter to the people of Selangor on how PKNS burns their money. But the mission statement of PKNS – a statutory body governed by PKNS Enactment 1964 – has the rakyat’s interest at heart. Read about it here.

Me? I continue my struggle in improving my English. 🙂

[Source: The Sun]


12 thoughts on “Ah, Khir Toyo…

  1. Betul lah tu… state coffin. In other words… there goes the money… dah masuk coffin – no longer to be seen!

    Anyway, Selangor MB… English… is there a link somewhere? One ex-MB donno how to count because English not good, another ex-MB put money inside coffin…

  2. Brilliant laa Pi Bani! She immediately spotted the link between the past two CM’s of the Most Developed State. Unfortunately the only undeveloped thing here were these two former CM’s… What a travesty!
    To secure his divorce with a daughter of the state’s Sultan, one CM was alleged to have “settled” with a 12 million-ringgit cheque . The other was alleged to have spent a fair sum doing a physical and facial makeover which possibly involved ‘botoxing’…

    I think the money would have been better spent taking remedial English lessons! 🙂

    “The Selangor state government prestation…”

  3. darn.. 200k for a dinner. I wonder what the menu is like, abalone, lobster and caviar?

    I m guessing all of the above Noktah. I read your blog and I must say it is rather intriguing. Will keep reading thats for sure …

  4. Wonder where he procure his dentistry degree.
    Imagine a doctor and an ex-MB at that . No
    wonder Malaysia is backward with all these
    goons around.

    🙂 Need I say more?

  5. Salam elviza:

    khir was right. He did mentioned coffin twice.
    First its like what Pi Bani said.
    Second: BN is dead in Selangor. Into the coffin is where BN Selangor is, with lots of PKNS funds.

    200k dinner? lets see…3 tonnes of cincalok, 3 tonnes of tempoyak, 3 tonnes of budu, 100kg of tempe.

    Pi is a genius isn’t she??

  6. elviza, an MC , inviting a minister to come forward to give a speech said, I would like to call upon YB…to step down and deliver his speech.

    Kak Teh, you know, I try very hard not to laugh at this kind of thing but sometimes people make it so hard for me not to 🙂

  7. Nice piece.
    Khalid advised Toyo’s wife to put the money back….and all forgotten.
    Her explainations may get her into serious trouble too…but they are not after the wife.
    They are after the braggart Toyo….keep talking how clean he is…giving broomsticks awards…and meeting the Indians…talking good news for future temples…he destroyed..all to win votes….all backfired…straight to his face.
    Knowing UMNO….no one will be sacked….investigated properly…..as the sailing boat is for them to sink or swim together.
    Dollah’s weaknesses is damn slow….too careful…with clear signs of selfish ulterior motives….in everything he announces or does. All he said….are good for the country…..but UMNO is famous to say and do things…half way…making simple matters into complicated ones….rojak the country’s purposely. Just look at most of the low class ministers. That’s the low class management team…at it’s best…as smart ones are all corrupted…yet these ikan bilis…are corrupted too! kris man with his big mouth…truly an empty vessel making the most noise….. is scared…so now apologize to the public!!
    Mahathir ready to be probed…so said he.TDM usually say opposite things. He is in London…and I hope …he will travel alot overseas. That’s good for him..stay away from Malaysia…as long as he can. He i so old…and no one believes what he is doing is his great love for Malaysians and Malaysia. He can tell that to the USA marines.
    Toyo….said he is another mr.clean and is non corrupted.
    If Selangor Mentri Besar cannot charge him.. or jail him..it will be a great loss for oppositions…in next general election….as also talking alot….no actions….accusing and exposing…with no substances….same like UMNO….will be concluded by voters.
    So Khalid…better show result…to be respected and trusted.

  8. I had Toyo as the guest of honor during my wedding dinner and he was seated next to me at the high table…remember? And you know what he said to me while trying to attempt small talk? He made a comment about me being a Kelantanese and how PAS is doing poorly for the Kelantanese and ask me if i support PAS??!! How inconsiderate of him to ask such question and make such a remark on a person’s wedding night!! I should have said “YES i support PAS not you lousy goons”…sigh…no wonder my marriage didnt last forever.. ..Khir brought the Tempe jinx with him that night many years ago.

    Of course I remember that lovely burgundy red wedding of yours. I can’t believe he asked you that! The Kelantanese has done just fine by voting PAS for the past 18 years. In the words of Pak Samad Ismail, “they (the ruling coalition) cannot win Kelantan unless they start thinking like a Kelantanese.” I couldn’t agree more.

    🙂 I am sure he didnt jinx the wedding friend. Ajal, maut, jodoh pertemuan kan di tangan Tuhan…

  9. Elviza,
    PKNS bankrolled the Balkis dinner for RM200,000 and bought a table for RM10,000? How generous. PKNS should have had the table for free afterall they funded the dinner as a donation to Balkis.
    So PKNS is one of Balkis’ cash cow.

    Pak, I am sorry about Azura. I can’t say it enough though. Nothing is free lah Pak…

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