Raja Petra refuses bail

Oh dear, this is just what I feared the most. Raja Petra Kamarudin (PRK) is now charged with sedition at Petaling Jaya Sessions Court. The court fixed the trial date on October 6, 2008. However, the blogger in question refused to post bail of RM5000 for reasons only known to himself. Therefore, PRK will now lounge in Sungai Buloh prison until the trial commences.

I believe in freedom of speech and I know that every individual is entitled to his or her own personal opinions, but someone, or anyone, please convince RPK to post bail. Sungai Buloh prison isn’t exactly Pangkor Laut Resort to stay until October. I agree with my fellow blogger Tangents, click here.


7 thoughts on “Raja Petra refuses bail

  1. I’m thinking. He wrote the article on his free will. He should take full responsibility to whatever he is faced with. And if that is what he wishes to prove his point, by all means let him do it.

  2. well what I’M thinking is how come rpk gets thrown into jail when he speaks of najib, but not a single bulu roma of his gets touched when he flames pak lah? or other ministers?

  3. Salam Elviza,

    My personal take: that which Tangent wrote of, is precisely what RPK may not want to happen. While the Royal Malay Regiment MAY make us proud in England, the changing of the guards here in Malaysia may not.

  4. I think he is bold for his move, and with that he should stand strong to what he believes. and if the truth prevail, there is nothing to worry about. Rite?

  5. to think of it….. heckyeah. I think i’ve read articles of pak lah scandals lah, khairy conspiracy lah, all plastered on malaysia today. But i dont see it being an issue. And now because it involves NAJIB’S name, charges are pressed?

    Hmmm….. who is the bad guy here…….. And everyone is blaming Pak Lah?

    IF najib really was implicated to be involved atlantuyaa’s murder (true or not i dont know) but this is a sorry way to cover his arse up and get the whole government involved in the process.

  6. Hi,

    How’s life? Love when you spoke about politics. What a travesty of justice isn’t it, sis Elviza?

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