Home Sweet Home


Flight tickets – checked.

Leave laptop at home – checked.

Books – checked.

Luqman’s wordly material without which Mommy’s gone nuts – checked.

Cash & Credit Card – checked, checked.

State of mind not to have internet connection for a week – unsure.

I won’t be logging on for a while. I am flying home tomorrow to take my son back to his mom’s root. I am flying home to hug grandma and my entire family in Kelantan. Ah, can hardly wait…

I’ll be back soon. Take care.

[Pictures stolen from Aishah without her prior permission]


20 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Have a great and safe trip Elviza and Luke.

    When you eat those fresh, delectable pulut panggang for brekkie, please think of me. 🙂

  2. Can’t wait for Tales from Kuala Krai.. Cepat laa post sis..

    BTW, my ‘net’s down so gotta hang up my blogging boots awhile.. surreptitiously using client’s line to send reports but illegally posting comments on blogs, heh.

    Happy (belated) mothers day sis!

  3. Hey, i actually stole that same exact pic from Aishah’s dad and used it in one of my past entries.

    have a wonderful trip home. catcha next week. Hug Grandma for me. just gotta spread the love around.

  4. Elviza, at first I thought that you are going to some faraway place for sort of a holiday. Anyway do have a great time with those folks of yours. They sure would be real happy, what with Luqman around. Have a nice day.

  5. Since Air Asia…painted their planes…all red…MAS is copying all the way.
    This show clearly MAS have never progressed..and feeling quite comfortable….to compete in plane designs…promotional ….marketing and sales campaign….all copying Air Asia.
    And ofcourse..MAS is government owned….more than 60 years old. Air Asia…only recently..and most government owned companies are managed by idiots ..lazy and braggarts….just like their bosses….UMNO.
    MAS is so proud….to copy…EVERYTHING???…yet we are suppose to get rid of pirators….all sorts of pirators…..or in plane language….copycats.
    Is not MAS a clear pirator of Air Asia’s smart original marketing plans??
    Usually copycats…have one big disadvantage…they know how to copy..but can never copy management..or have the brains of the originals.
    UMNO must be so very proud.

  6. Sayang….missed you by minutes at MRT. I need a bottle of home-made budu….can ah? Very serious….once a week s budu dinner day. Dang forgot you not blogging….will sms u.

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