Fuel Price Hike!

I don’t think the title of this posting does juctice to the new fuel price. “Hike” is an understatement when petrol is priced at RM2.70 per liter effective from tomorrow! I am seriously thinking of setting up a home office so that I don’t have to go anywhere!

Diesel-fueled vehicles will get RM1 increase per litre. I am so sorry Jefree. Rocky has the report.

I am lost for words. Truly.


12 thoughts on “Fuel Price Hike!

  1. I really wonder if the fuel price is doing any ‘justice’ especially to the poor and needy… am quite sure that the majority in our society would be categorized as ‘depressed and overstressed’ lot due to skyrocketting prices of goods these days…

  2. Did you see the que at Petronas Setiawangsa? It was all the way from Jelatek, thats about 1.2km! Im sure they made lots of money overnight.

    Im lost for words too. Kesian the poor.

  3. The fuel hike is just the beginning. The effects are going to be devastating. Even the middle class should be classified as the “poor and needy” in the next few days.

    I am still in daze…

  4. Bitter pill to swallow.

    The BN has lost the confidence of the people for breaking promises and making flip flop decisons. Within less than 24 hours, the Cabinet can make a U-turn.

  5. Oh my…

    Me and DH had a long talk about price increase here in abidjan; effective June 1, most of household items hiked 25% from the current price.

    The situation in Malaysia is no differ with other countries. There’s no way out.

    We feel the pain too…

  6. Think of all those fixed income ..clerks….gardeners…T-Ladies…whose RM1000 ….is now worth less than RM700.
    How are they going to survive?
    God help these people….who have a family to support.
    All blog owners and visitors are talking about this subject.
    My immediate concern are my stuffs…and I raised their salaries…today….to help them up. .do what I can…..as much as I can.
    Never in the history of our country…..have we faced such a bad situation.
    No use to say..who is right or wrong. It will not help the workers.
    One thing is sure…UMNO is a shit party….period!
    Now…it’s not whether bosses can afford it or not..or have no extra profits to help them…right no.
    It’s a must!
    People makes the company…..and bosses have no choice…but to help all of the..low and middle class income group.
    I did my part…hope all bosses will do theirs.
    Otherwise….some are truly heartless and stingy bosses.

  7. Elviza,
    Contrary to popular belief, the station owner didn’t make anything more than they usually get if they were to sell their stock before 12.00 midnight when the price remains at the old rate. Only after the rate is adjusted to RM2.70, will they benefit from old stock purchased at the old rate but sold at the new rate.
    Petrol sation owners will suffer more when the new stock arrive as they have to pay more to get the same margin of profit. Now their cost per unit increased by 78 sen for petrol and RM1 for disel without any corresponding increase in profit, unless the government will review their profit margin. It is a tough life being a petrol dealer. Many will not continue the business after getting old as not many of their children can live up to that regime. The money is good though.

  8. Hi,

    This is going to be a great domino-effect on everyone especially the poor and needy.

    What to do? I heard that you are driving a BMW 7 series that cost appox. RM300,000.00 at the time of purchasing. Is that true sis? If that’s the case I believe even with the recent fuel hike and
    your hectic travel with “Elvizamobile”, no complain for you sis, correct? 🙂

    He he he he … my dear I am so sorry to tell you that I only drive 7 series in my wildest dream. At the moment I am still driving my badly banged, scratched, unreliable, 3 year old Gen-2.

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