My 10 Greatest Joys

Just like Mat Bangkai, I couldn’t, for the live of me find anything to write on. The Hassan’s story remain status quo in a draft form. Not an iota of strength to polish it up to be a piece decent enough to be published. Despite the guilt, despite the urge, despite the inspirition that comes knocking once in a while: I just simply could not write anything. The lawyering department decides to be busy lately for reasons only known to God and I am still struggling to finish Bridge of Sigh by Richard Russo. The library in the new house is no where near complete yet and that breaks my heart.

Give me a moment, it will come back in good time. Meanwhile, I ll give the My 10 Greatest Joys’ tag a try before you forget my existence in blogsphere.

1. Luqman

This one goes without saying isn’t it? I still have to pinch myself sometimes to realise that he is, in fact, my son. And I tell him I love him every single day. Psssst, between you and me, I hope Luqman marries Kak Ton’s granddaughter so that I could persuade them to live with us forever. Oh fine! judge me all you want.

2. Books

Books have been my most silent companion. My most trusted aide in knowledge. A friend of mine once said, “you are addicted to printed words. ” I haven’t heard from her in a long time.

3. Writing Desk

In my furniture-hunting days with Jefree, I found an antique writing desk – which should cost me a fortune but it doesn’t! – at one pathetic furniture shop. The wood still has its original structure and imperfection, it is a tad rickety but its just perfect in my eyes. The desks will be delivered to me in two weeks time and it will sit in the library at home, forever.

4. Mee Rebus Tuesday

I love the day, I love the people, I love the hosts to bits. If I may name them a few, Zorro, Rocky, Stephen, Captain, Husna, Raden Darling, Kak Ena, Wahti, Michelle, BD, Mat Salo and of course Kak Ton & Abang Ruslani.

5. Rain

There is something about the rain that gives me an immense sense of comfort.

6. Pangkor Laut Resort

I want to hide here forever. Preferably with Jefree but if he can’t make it, I ll be just fine alone.

7. Dinner at Shangrila Rasa Sayang, Penang @ Tamarind Spring, Ampang Hill.

The former serves sharks fin soup in their buffet line! And the latter is just the place when I am reminded again why in the first place I found Jefree in my life.

8. Early Learning Centre.

Okay, they are a tad expensive for toys but the toys they have rock! I swear to God. Go and have a look.

9. Technology

I am just simply attracted to technology. I think whoever invented Blackberry is just a genius.

10. Coffee

Coffee anywhere with good old friends…


5 thoughts on “My 10 Greatest Joys

  1. Blackberry inventor a genius eh? My boss considers it as a curse .. hahaha

    friend, tell your boss not to activate the office emails lah in the blackberry, email kenkawan jer masuk, baru rock!

  2. ELC, PLR, Tamarind Springs, Rain and Coffee. That’s 5 out of 10.

    We should meet up 🙂 Heh heh.

    p.s. how about musicals – broadway or otherwise?

    Hah, we must be sisters in the previous life or the next. Absolutely must meet. Broadway or otherwise gives me equal pleasure my friend

  3. Hi Elviza

    I envy you for the writing table. I wish I could afford one of those old ones from the colonial days that my grandfather had. But they cost as much as a warship these days.

    I like Pangkor Laut, too. But its really, how shall I say this? UPMARKET. I’ll just settle for the Avillion in PD.

    And BOOKS! What shall we do in a world without books, eh? Curl up and rot, I think.

    Technology is a hit-and-miss for me these days, though. Would you believe I was once on PIKOM’s Special Interest Group on Opensource technology? But, somehow, I’ve gone off technology these days. I’ve even chucked aside the PDA for good old pen and paper. I must be an idiot!


    The writing table’s cool yeah? I ll snap a pic of it and facebook you the image. And Pangkor Laut is actually more than upmarket, I think it is: bloody-expensive-for-no-good-reasons! But I am a such a sucker that I am actually counting money to go again!!

    OK, now that you’ve got your ‘warm up’, let us have you Hassan Story 🙂

  4. hi elviza

    ah, i like that point no.4. Even though i’m extremely new to the club (4 sessions), it was really FUN!

    hope to see you+the gang in future meet-ups (if i got mid sem break kot?)

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