Courage Under Fire

I told you before that we are living history, or rather, a watershed moment in the country’s political landscape. Today, the headlines of the Star spells out the noun that refuses to leave my mind since Saturday: DRAMA. Stock markets across the region plunges down, crude oil price reaches USD141 per barrel but the politicians in my country are still wrestling for power worse than the Claudius of Hamlet!

I hate to point out the obvious, but they seem to forget that political stability goes hand in hand with economic enhancement. I am all for justice to the abused and punishment to the villain, but please, be done with the drama, be done with the sex scandal, and be done with the street rally: just get to work.

I see not the beacon of hope at the end of the horizon. Tell me, how do I instill moral and political values to my child? I’ll be back with the creative writing piece shortly.


17 thoughts on “Courage Under Fire

  1. Ah, elviza, been waiting where you stand @ this current event. Still you dont say much, which side are u on or are just a fence-sitter my dear?

  2. “I am all for justice to the abused and punishment to the villain, but please, be done with the drama, be done with the sex scandal, and be done with the street rally: just get to work.”

    I think she said it there: she’s neither pro one or the other, she’s just pro-good ideas, and a good environment for her child to live in. To that end, i agree whole-heartedly.

  3. I think you (the blog owner) hangs with too much bloggers. So she suffers hollier than thou syndrome! That answers your question Suzy.

    If you all crave for freedom of expression, you ll approve this comment without moderation!

  4. Elviza,
    We all have a life to live and the way things are going now is leading us to nowhere. Cant we wait till the next election to settle the issue who is better to govern the country?
    Allow me to address Anti Prejudice on hanging out with bloggers can lead to holier than thou syndrome. With almost everyone becoming a blogger now who else is there is there for us to hang out with? You as a blog reader can consider yourself as a blogger yourself or are you already one yourself?

  5. Mish darling…

    Whohoooo…. what a judgement that Anti Prejudice has! Prejudice indeed you are… and so judgemental in fact!

    Hello!!! Read Elviza carefully..maybe many, many times just to see where see stands… coz it’s some where there she tells us what she prefers in her life!

    Dia marah kita nak ajak dia jumpa kita kot Mish… Alahai…. Here is another label for us the bloggers: Hollier Than Thou…. Where does she/he get it from? It’s bewildering me, really…She/He knows us or simply hear from people about us????

    take her/his comment with a pinch of salt je lah… Untung ke nak mmikir apa dia kata dalam-dalam?

    take care and muaahhh.

  6. Elviza,

    You are right in taking an apolitical stand. Why should we be labelled pro or anti this and that.

    But clearly no one can be neutral in terms of well being of our country. The price of apathy is too great to be ignnored.

  7. Elv,

    I think it’s incorrect to call you holier than thou, based on that particular pose.

    Anti Prejudice might even call u borderline apathetic, based on that “I am all for justice to the abused and punishment to the villain, but please, be done with the drama, be done with the sex scandal, and be done with the street rally: just get to work.” bit.

    It is just not correct to make that “holier than thou” statement.

    I must disagree with u sista, when u say be done with street rallies. U know something, if the lawyers didn’t march, if there was no Bersih, Hindraf rallies, I wud like to think that the results of the Mar 8 polls cud hav been different.

    I am no longer content to live in a nation of benign autocracy. Too much damage has been done to this country and its people.

    That there is so much noise these days is cos the days of accountability have dawned.

    Its alright to be apolitical. but generalisation is a viper’s pit u don’t wanna go into.

  8. “When one person makes an accusation, check to be sure he himself is not the guilty one. Sometimes it is those whose case is weak who make the most clamour” – Piers Anthony

  9. Elviza

    I agree with Hi & Lo, it is OK to be apolitical. At the same time, we can also take a stand on things that affect us and our society.
    Sometimes there is a need to be a fence-sitter to see both sides clearly. Especially in times when both sides can’t seem to get their acts together.

  10. If I want drama, Ill tune to TV3 late evening.

    I hate waking up to, another sex scandal, gathering, murder case. Gosh, POLITICIAN are JACK ASS.

    Rakyats are the boss. They are our servant. Not the other way around. Idiotos Palatinos Politicions

  11. Elviza dear,

    More than 2000 years ago, Plato the Greek said, “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” (Read my blog'”Where’s the fire?” some time ago).

    Its OK for you to be apolitical now, so was I when I was in the civil service. But sooner or later you will have to make a stand. You owe it to Luqman and others on the way.

    As for Anti-Prejudice, he’s not even in your league, so ignore him.

  12. If I may add for Ancient Mariner and Galadriel, Elviza that I know of all this time has her own political view she expressed from time to time. A strong one at that.

    May be she does not do it often here but from my reading and correct me if I am wrong, I can pretty much guess which side of the fence she is. Isnt that obivous?

    So what’s wrong if she does not believe in the rally and street protest now for fear of safety and protecting the economy?

    I too, like her believe in strong economy and thriving BSKL.

    At the end of the day for the rakyat like us is the matter of making the end meets.

    I am sorry if I offend anyone in this blog. Cheers Elviza.

  13. here’s what i think.

    the rakyat are the bosses and politicians should take heed of our wishes. we put them in to office and their salary/allowances are paid by the rakyat. its time they listen to us how to run the country.

    i’ll start the ball rolling;

    info minister- Hello?? pull up your socks, please.

    and MP Sivarasa- hello, you’ve got a constituency to run. dont meddle too much on national issue la friend.

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