Bala’s Explosive SD

Lunch Time, Kuala Lumpur – Balasubramanian Perumal bombed the nation when he declared that at the point when Razak Baginda was arrested, he text-ed DPM. Bala further said that DPM promptly replied back with “I am seeing IGP at 11 today…matter will be solved…be cool“.

Bala is the private investigator hired by Razak Baginda to deal with the late Altantuya. He was also a key witness in the on-going trial of the Mongolian interpreter where the prosecution now is wrapping up the case. Bala said so at a press conference held at the new PKR’s HQ at Tropicana this morning.

These are serious allegations and would impact the ongoing trial at Shah Alam High Court with much controversy that has already shrouded the case to begin with.

I do not know how much longer this mudslinging, smear campaign, who C4ed who with statutory declarations flying freely across the media would last. One thing I do know, this is not good for the economy, it scares investors away and it confuses the rakyat at large.

The question remains, can we believe Bala? As it stands right now, his statement tantamount to hearsay evidence unless he can prove otherwise. Lets see what unfolds next…

For more updates, please click on Susan Loone and Haris Ibrahim.

*Picture stolen from Susan Loone’s blog*


6 thoughts on “Bala’s Explosive SD

  1. Sister,

    Boleh percaya ker mamat nih? Can we believe that he is not benefit from any political party for his stat dec?

    If so, how come he didnt say it in court?

  2. The stakes are too high involving 2nd most powerful man.

    Either this guy is very insane or very brave.

    What’s his motive? For the sake of bringing down Najib? Or his conscience pricks him to seek the truth?

    The AG had already declared no other people involved in the murder other than the 3 accused.

    The original prosecution team was dropped on the flimsiet ground.

    Najib, the politician, has to face the court of public opinion. Fair or not, it comes with the territory.

  3. One thing for sure .. DSAI & DSNTR image are badly damage … I can only think one man who’ll benefit from all this fracas … a certain MP which has a limitless political ambition.

  4. Sis Elviza,

    I don’t think the sodomy allegation on DSAI caused much harm to him cos it is unbelieveable the accuser an able bodied young man could allow himself to be sodomised without his will.

    DSAI is no angel but that doesn’t mean I believe everything for or against him.

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