Bala retracts the SD

Oh, what a bloody circus! Approximately 24 hours after producing his explosive SD, Bala now retracts parts of it, claiming the SD was done under duress. Of course, he didn’t cite the source of the duress. And he got himself a new lawyer today leaving the previous one perplexed beyond his wild imagination. This has gotten way beyond funny. Sadly, it is no laughing matter.

I don’t have strength to write which parts that Bala retracts today but if you insist to know, please click Tok Mommy here.


5 thoughts on “Bala retracts the SD

  1. Sis Elviza,

    Under normal circumstances, it’s impossible his SD made under duress. But this is not ordinary with the implication of Pembesar No.2.

    Something must have had happened after the press conference.

    The implication of the SD cannot be erased with the stroke of the pen and one fell swoop.

    Was Amrick Singh his first lawyer also his commissioner of oath? Any disciplinary action to be taken against the former?

  2. Elviza,
    Its not a laughing matter no doubt. Knowing the implication of his earlier SD, I would have done the same thing as he did just to ensure the safety of my family and myself. He is dealing with people of the worst kind who will stop at nothing to obliterate him and his family from the face of this earth. If they can do it to a Mongolian national and in the process irate the Government of Mongolia and the international community, what is a Bala?
    We have to understand him as in this case Bala is a marked man. Could Anwar provide him the security when even at the threat of death Anwar run off to the Turkish Embassy to seek refuge? Where can Bala run off to? The safety of his family is at stake. Even the fear of Along pales in comparison to this case. The whole FORCE will be after him.
    He must have regretted to be involved in this case at all.

  3. Eh Mish. Perhaps it’s just as well that my net’s down. So I can insulate myself as much as I can from the shit slinging going on. Am illegally using client’s PC. I can read on mine but just can’t seem to post so I compose messages offline and put it in a thumb drive then do what’s necessary when no one’s looking. Ha ha.

    Hey, when are you going to blog about your new abode? I’d love to see a pix of the writing desk. Must be lovely.

    Yeah, the general feeling in the populace is disgust that the shit’s gone too far and making everyone dotty. Wait a minute! Isn’t dotty … ugh, never mind. Err, promise we have a tete a tete next time around okay?

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