No Detention Without Trial!

Bar Council keeps screaming the mantra of “no detention without trials” but to no avail. Talks and streets protests have been held to abolish the same but ISA is here to stay.

Justice and humanity in my beloved Malaysia are nothing but forgotten theories. I may be 33 years old and not directly affected by the ISA but I hang out with enough daughters of Pak Samad Ismail to feel the magnitude of this insane law. In the still of many Tuesday evenings, both Maria and Nuraina A. Samad, have told me personally their harrowing experience when Bapak was detained under the purview of ISA.

On July 2nd, a 17-year-old Aina Mardiah Shahrial, fought for her life at Kajang Hospital. Her family promptly informed the detention camp in Kamunting where Aina’s father has been detained for the past seven years. But Aina’s father, Shahrial, was only informed about her condition on July 3rd at 10.30 a.m. What took the authority at Kamunting so long to inform Shahrial such pressing news is beyond me. They must be really busy making the camp a palace for the detainees to stay or they just plain “makan gaji buta!

That was not all, the authority at Kamunting said that they could not release Shahrial to be by the side of his dying daughter because they need the precious signature of the Home Minister. What they seemed to forget that in situation like this, no rules of law should supersede humanity. Shahrial was released at 5 p.m. and he endured the longest four-hour journey to Aina’s side.

He was too late. Or rather, the ridiculous procedures delayed the hell out of him. Aina died without seeing him again.

In an open letter to the Home Minister, Ahiruddin Attan or better known as Rocky, writes a heart-wrenching story of Aina.

I wept in the privacy of my own office. But did anyone hear the cry of Aina’s mother when she pleaded with the authority to let her husband be by her daughter’s side on her death bed? Nobody did.

Shame on you Home Ministry!

I call upon my fellow practitioners, bloggers and friends to keep championing ISA’s abolishment. We can make a difference if we want to.

[Sources & Pictures stolen from Rocky’s Bru without his permission. Aina at the right hand corner of the photo]


12 thoughts on “No Detention Without Trial!

  1. Sick sick sick sick sickkkoooo! And he is here for another 2 years, bet u he wont do anything.

    Would Najib abolish ISA if he assumes power? Doubt it.

    Semoga mendapat balasan Tuhan sesiapa yg berkenaan secara lansung. Amin.

  2. Hai Elviza, kita nih macam anjing menyalak bukit, makin kita salak makin tak bergerak bukit kat Putrajaya tuh Puan…….

    Insyaallah dengan ada2 penulis blog seperti Puan dan Rocky yang famous yang tak berhenti henti mengeksposkan perangai hantu2 kerajaan di Malaysia.

    Ingatlah, perjuangan kita belum selesai. Tahniah Puan.

  3. elviza,

    i just am just so touched by what happened. My heart goes out to Arwah’s family. And May Allah Bless Aina’s soul. Al-Fatihah!

    ISA must be abolished! It has been abused….as we all know.

  4. Dear Sis Elviza,

    Read your letter in Malaysiakini. Proud you stand shoulder to shoulder with the maligned.

    Bad laws are the beginning of tyrany and ISA is one such law that has outlived its purpose.

    My heartfelt sympathies to Shahrial on the loss of his beloved daughter and his absence in her last hours.

    I know what it was like not being at the deathbed of a loved one. The grief is compounded by non-closure.

  5. The greater good of the people is the supreme law, said Cicero who lived around 100 BC. There’s a Latin phrase for this.

    More than 2,100 years ago this concept of the supremacy of the people already existed.

    We are now in the 21st century and this ideal is still far from reality.

    All the more we need to be collectively vigilant against travesty of human dignity.

  6. salam elviza,
    saya kadang harap ISA masih ada untuk diri mereka sendiri satu hari. tapi itu pun saya rasa bersalah.

  7. Elviza,
    Semoga roh Aina dihimpunkan bersama orang orang yang beriman dan bertakwa dalam keredaan Allah.

    It’s another sad episode of ISA but keep on the struggle. God willing the day will come when injustice will be the things of the past.

  8. To all politicians holding power and outwardly ‘alim’, pls do not abuse your power in the name of your God. If He’s real, you are mocking Him. Opressing the weak is the most abominable.

    They may flaunt their authorities, forgetting they are mere mortals. They may believe nothing can touch them.

    If history is any guide, it’s replete with examples of the once mighty ones had to suffer the consequences of their evil.

  9. Good on you to blog this, Sis.

    I can’t fond the appropriate words . . . this damned ISA has got to. These stories of “abuse” will not end unless the ISA goes.

    Al-Fatihah to Adik Aina and may God give Pak Shahrial strength…

  10. As this episode shown, the dilly-dallying tactic is symptomatic of the Government. Gomen-like.

    For instance, if the government had heeded Petronas’ (and other experts) advice to gradually increase the petrol price – instead of a shocking steep hike – the public wouldn’t be so angry and unhappy with the ‘change in their lifestyle’.

    Alas, the government would rather indulge in populist measures, than face the reality of a global fuel increase.

    My deepest condolence goes to Mr Shahrial’s family.

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