Anwar arrested before 2pm: FOUL!

Malaysiakini at 1.16 pm reports that PKR’s de facto leader, Anwar Ibrahim, was arrested outside his house one hour before the deadline splashed on the Star newspaper.

In 1998, both pre and post Anwar’s arrest, the country saw one of the bloodiest street protest after May 13, 1969. I repeat Harris Ibrahim, “people, be calm, please”. I am leaving the office early today, just in case.

(access to Malaysiakini and PKR’s website is virtually impossible!)


10 thoughts on “Anwar arrested before 2pm: FOUL!

  1. I still could not get Anwar’s idealogy sometimes but to arrest him before the dead line is just stupid.

    No wonder the rakyat is angry! But no street protest please, I got to pick up my kids from school nearby the city

  2. WE should wait for the police official announcement. What if this is another publicity attempt from Anwar’s camp?
    Anwar is known to blow things out of proportion.
    and of course we don’t want to fall right into the trap right…

  3. “When there is injustice somewhere, injustice is everywhere.”

    I read a true story in Readers’ Digest abt a farmer who developed his own seeds to counter a certain pest besetting the farms at that time.

    The best thing was not his breakthrough but his unselfishness in giving his seeds to all the neighbouring farms.

    That year he won the Farmer of the year award. He was asked why he shared his seeds with his neighbours. Wouldn’t his crops fetch a higher price as a result of shortage as all the other farmers failed.

    This is what the farmer said: I cannot stop the wind from blowing from the neighbouring farms into my field. It would be disastrous if their pollens infect my good crops.

  4. A repeat of 1998, now with igp morron will be doing same dirty tricks again. Police in m’sia are going from bad to worst. I lost respect for Police D** & BN As****.


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