Anwar released on police bail

Malaysiakini reports that Anwar has been released on police bail this morning. The de facto PRK leader headed straight home in Bukit Segambut where he will call for a press conference at 2 p.m. today. Most importantly, no charge has been pressed on Anwar.

I woke up this morning hearing a beep on my blackberry. Doctor-blogger Tokasid beat Malaysiakini in informing me about Anwar’s release. Amidst my groggy disposition in the morning – prior to that first compulsory cup of coffee – I can’t help but wonder how bizarrely fast certain bloggers manage to know the latest development in the country. The fact that he practices medicine in Malacca does not seem to hinder him in anyway. Heh!

What bugs me after browsing the Star this morning is CID Chief Mohd Bakri’s explanation as to why they arrested Anwar an hour before the deadline. CID Chief said that the arrest was done because the police FEARED that Anwar wouldn’t turn up at the police headquarters to give his statement. In all fairness Bakri, you should really start reading Malaysiakini and alternative media for Anwar did give a statement (which was televised live on prime news last night) that he didn’t want to be late to see you from the ACA office in Putrajaya. Duh!

Please bear in mind that as events unfold in Malaysia’s political landscape, we are observed under the watchful eyes of the foreign media, representatives of which already set up a camp in the city. It is our duty to the country to show that we uphold the rules of law and by arresting him before the deadline is just plain stupid.

No, I am not pro Pakatan Rakyat neither am I against the ruling government. I just can’t stand blatant stupidity and baseless explanation, that’s all. Off to work now.


12 thoughts on “Anwar released on police bail

  1. Salam sis:

    How did I know?
    I knew at 11.30pm, way before it came out in the news.

    So the question now is how does a chap in Melaka knew all this?

    You see, I have a jinn working for me. His duty is to roam the street of KL and the corridors of power as an intel agent for me.
    Thats why I didn’t get too excited when the police team ” escorted” DSAI at 1.00pm.
    My jinn was there at 11.30am when the team gathered and this faithful jinn eavesdrop and the jinn sms me.

    Sis, have you read My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk? Orhan Pamuk is the Nobel prize winner in Literature 2006.

    My Name is Red is so good. The style of story telling is ingenious.I have never read this style for a long time.

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    Orhan Pamuk
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  2. Elv,

    Why you go and read the paper? I told you to buy them only for wrapping only 🙂

    The police force need to be overhauled from top to bottom if you asked me. They also need good PR advisor.

  3. Ma’m,

    Yang peliknya semua orang kutuk polis tapi diaorang tetap jugak buat benda2 blunder yang menyusahkan orang seperti saya yang tak byk duit nih.

    Isnin lepas saya sampai pejabat 11 pagi. 2 appointment terlepas. In sales, that is a big losses. Nak marah pun tak guna. Tak marah pun sakit hati. Apa apa pun saya yang rugi bukan mereka.

  4. Elviza
    I need a breather. I’m off to Orhan Pamuk’s country. Will kacau you from Bursa, insyaallah.

  5. go for alternative media Elviza. they are more reliable and fair.

    i’m sick of those ‘fabricated’ news reports in the mainstream media although i’m working with MSM.

  6. “No, I am not Pro Pakatan Raykat neither am I against the ruling goverment.” If that statement of yours is not blatant stupidity and baseless explanation than what is?

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