Prayers for Raden Galoh

I knew Dalilah – or darling as she is fondly known among good friends – through blogging, where the spirit of sisterhood is palpable in the air every time we meet. She survived breast cancer four years ago and she moves one with such a positive attitude I wonder where she gets it from. Her amiable husband, Mambang Hijau, adores her to bits. So do her two wonderful boys: Adam and Idris.

And today is her birthday. I planned to call her this morning to ask if she is coming to Mee Rebus Tuesday tomorrow so I could secretly buy a cake to surprise her. Instead, she has a surprise for me. Raden Galoh sent me a text message. The text reads, “Inna lillahi wainna ilaihi rojiun. The cancer spreads to the ribs, liver, left collarbone nodes and the nodes at the right jaw“. I learnt later that she just came back from seeing her oncologist and that is the diagnosis.

I was dumbfounded for a good half and hour before I could think again. Soon phone calls started flying off among the bloggers. I managed to talk to her and I was a wreck. I can’t be like Doctor Zulhisham who has been a her pillar of strength. Neither could I be as experienced as Kak Ena and Kak Ton – they lost 2 sisters to cancer – in facing the monster of all disease. They surely know what to say. So here I am, writing incoherently, as I don’t know what else to do.

Darling initially planned to bring her two boys to Cherating this weekend to celebrate her 14th wedding anniversary which falls on July 23rd. But now she has to cancel that as she is scheduled for a chemotherapy treatment a day after tomorrow. Apparently the Oncologist thinks that “the condition is not good“. I don’t have the strength to ask what she means by that.

What is left for me to do now is say a prayer for her. I hope we all can do that for Darling, Mambang Hijau and her two boys.

[Above: Pictures of Darling and us during happier times few months ago]


11 thoughts on “Prayers for Raden Galoh

  1. Elviza,

    It is easier saying it than going through it yourself. But I am praying for her and I hope all the bloggers would help her go thru this difficult period. Insyallah.

  2. Yep, got the SMS this morning. Although I sort of knew bad news was coming (based on her posting on Friday last week), I was still hoping it wasn’t so bad.

    All I can offer now is my doa for her. There’s no question that she’s such a strong and courageous woman but I still pray that Allah will bless her with even more faith, strength and courage to face whatever’s coming her way.

  3. This is indeed a spanner thrown into her road to recovery. I’ve the opportunity to meet her a few times and her lasting impression on me is always cheerful and a strong character in every way! Through my humble prayer offered, may Raden Galoh have the courage and steadfast in facing these challenges to come.

  4. Elviza,
    I sent her a Happy Birthday message via SMS and after sometimes she sent those message that you received. I was shocked beyond belief. Dalilah had been very supportive of my daughter Azura when Azura was facing the same disease earlier. When Azura called her yesterday she was in a good happy mood. Today she was devastated. I will continue praying for her recovery. May Allah help her.

  5. elviza,

    the internet in my office did a number on me and screwed up my comments to this posting twice.

    so i gave up trying at the office. i decided to send a comment now and i know it is never too late.

    i think we all received dalilah’s txt message about the same time.

    i received it while i was at kak ton’s late yesterday (Monday) morning. we were having kuih lopis singapore (bought at Puteri Restaurant in Taman Tun).

    kak ton received it about the same time too.

    my heart missed a beat when i read the first word of her text — innalillah . and then the rest of it about the cancer spread.

    i had an uneasy feeling that she was referring to herself but i was hoping not although that would be odd because who else could she have meant.

    so i asked — just in case, i was reading it wrong. she confirmed it.

    my heart sank for i knew that there was nothing i could do for her except to pray for her well-being, her strength and fortitude so that she can overcome all the pain.

    dalilah is an amazing woman! May Allah give her added strength and resilience to deal with her illness. Amin.

  6. Elviza,

    I had been a silent reader of Dalilah’s blog, and had never left a comment there. It had been about (more than) a month since I last read her postings. Thank you for alerting us (well – me at least) about her diagnosis.

    She is a very strong lady, but in times like this she needs loved ones and friends to help her STAY strong. It is evident that being who and what she is, she does have so much love and do’a streaming from friends and family to help her through this trying times.

    Let’s continue to make do’a for her and her family. May Allah SWT bless her with the strength and imaan, and kesabaran and ketenangan in dealing with her illness. Amin.

  7. kak D is simply a darling. even in trying times such as this, she managed to send a mass sms to inform of the devastating news to all of us. i was thinking earlier if we could gather the rest and pay her a visit. lets wait till our swamp brother gets back, he’s the man to make it happen.

  8. Sorry I just got the news from Akmal-WiseUp, I’m speechless at the moment. I really don’t know what to say and do as what being mentioned by elviza, although I only knew her through her blog and her usual visits to mine, but deep inside I feel her kindness and strong will. InsyaAllah, let’s pray for her together ya? May Allah help her in her treatment and insyaAllah, Allah would not let her in vain….

  9. Elviza,

    i received the same message form darling also. sent out birthday wishes to her and in return i got this devastating news. Quickly fwded the text to Tokasid. Dia pun dah tahu…dia pun tekejut.

    Ya allah berikanlah ketabahan pada hambaMU Dalilah dalam menempuh ujian yang maha berat ini.

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