Free Publicity for Write Away!

I told you before that we bloggers are Tuesday people. Gabey Goh, a reporter with the blogger-friendly Malay Mail, does a feature on this blog. The afternoon-daily coincidently publishes the feature on Tuesday which falls on MRT day and hence give me a window of opportunity to gloat about it with my fellow bloggers.

I know I am not a millionaire bloggers like some of them (ahem!) but this is enough to make me smile the whole day! Here’s the URL of the article.


20 thoughts on “Free Publicity for Write Away!

  1. Congrats to you for featuring in MM BlogSpot. You certainly deserve it.

    All the best.

    Thank you for the posting on your blog Rosli, thats awfully sweet of u. πŸ™‚

  2. Bravo!

    “I believe some of my readers have benefited from my blogs as I try to review as many books as I possibly can.”

    I’m one of the beneficiaries πŸ™‚ I bought Kite Runner after reading your review and now I’m into Jhumpa Lahiris.

    Dear Ubi,

    Lahiris has this thing that makes you flip the book in calm. Not exactly a page turner but u just have to know what else she has in store kan? A different kind of author I must say

  3. Salam

    Congrats! I read The Kite Runner too and found the book really good. I haven’t seen the film though. I heard it was just as good as the book. I read Travelog Haji by Prof Mohd Kamil Ibrahim from Uitm. A very sincere writings.

    Dear Min, thanks for the alert on the travelog. I ll check it out. πŸ™‚

  4. Elviza,

    Kudos! Its so different reading about you from someone else perspective. Selalunya you jer yg menulis πŸ™‚

  5. Elviza,

    When I first read you one year ago I thot you were a bit feminist. Then I came back today (Malay Mail reminded me) wow! you have evolved!

    So congratulation and keep up this neat blog of yours

  6. Hi Elviza
    You have arrived. Well done. Am posting this from Sultanahmet, Istanbul – Queen of all cities. I had a brilliant Tuesday too. My 20-minutes presentation at the World Congress today was fine, so I was told. And am giving myself a treat, exploring the Grand Bazaar, and the surrounding area. Planning to make a day trip to Bursa tomorrow. Please continue writing away with gusto and you deserve a pat on back for sheer and infectious dedication.

    Dear aMir,

    I read your comments repeatedly. I have always love your comments. They sound like a piece of news from faraway places with antiquated stamp and post mark on the envelope. Seriously, just start blogging.

  7. Kato doh jangan jadi loyar. Degillll…..

    Glamer lah satu hari yer? Keep up the good work. At least I have something to look foward to rather than doing work all time

    Dear Ainul,

    Ye lah ye lah… πŸ™‚

  8. The fact that you engage with your readers makes you write from the heart. You are no ivory tower writer.


    Dear Cheang,

    You are, as usual, excessive in your compliments. As I said before, I got tonnes of support from u!

  9. Hai Elviza,
    Well done, keep up the good work and write awayyyyyyyyy.

    Dear Jaff,

    Hi, missed the trip to GH yesterday. Am arranging for the next one with all the usual suspects. Poor Captain, I was too busy to do it this week.

  10. hi, this is my first time overhere. what a name, Elviza. strange but nice written. will drop by again.

    Hi kbguy, thanks for dropping by. The pleasure to host u here, at all time, is mine. πŸ™‚

  11. My GawD, Mish! NOT only free publicity for Write Awaaayyyy but also for Borneo Bluessssss!

    Err, honored lah tapi malu also πŸ™‚ *blushing*

    You deserve to be featured laa…

    BTW I’m heading your way soon to return KR by KH. Thanks!

    Glad to know that u are home. See ya soon

  12. Chelle,
    Amboi….dah keluar kat paper ni kira mcm dah jadi selebriti la ni kan? ;-p
    (bertambah susah la nak meet for chat mcm ni…)

    BTW, memang u deserve to be featured!

    So proud of u!


    Dear Rita,

    Mana ada selebriti babe, aku kan sememeh! Thanks a lot my friend

  13. Malay Mail must have done something to the link for I can’t access it. Got this:

    Oops! Sorry, the page cannot be found

    The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

    BTW out of curiosity, how many thousands of hits did you get during that day or so?

    I had a mini-experience of that when Rocky’s Bru mentioned by site on Sept 1. The following day, I got 2,450 hits. Well, `chicken feed’ of course, if you compare that with what the high-profile ones receive (probably in just 30 minutes). But it was massive for me, considering that I was at 282 after 19 days `buka kedai’:-)

    Anyway, I’m not really craving for `big hits’ (and there won’t ever be – it’s a “personal, recovering from DRUG addiction” after all!)

    In fact, I was nervous when I came to know about Rocky’s post – of the potential of “too many people” discovering my site … I make an easy and tempting target for those with grudges against drug users (and they are people who “create havoc” with their lives and others).

    Thankfully, that has not happened. Many have been supportive actually. That’s rather surprising since people are usually judgmental. I’ve been lucky so far…

    Dear New Friend Cendana287,

    When Rocky first linked me, I think my hits was above 2,000 and that is still my highest day. Have you met him in person? You absolutely must meet him and Nuraina, they are wonderful people.

    I first read about you on the Star newspaper and shortly after that Rocky linked you – the rest is history.

    Personally, I have no problem with the fact that you abused substance before. What is more important now is that you are well on your path of recovery. That in itself a Herculean task to endure.

    You can group me in that “supportive” kind of people in journey to find yourself again. Best of luck, my new friend. May be, someday, we will meet.

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