Dalilah @ HKL Operation Ward

Bloggers and Friends,

I am sorry this post is rather delayed. I am reading poetry on a Sunday: I need to get a life. Before I get lost in yet another piece from Robert Frost, I must go out of the house.

I have sent a text message to all of you last week about visiting Dalilah @ Raden Galoh at HKL Cancer Ward today. A note from Kak Marina, must however be taken into consideration that we must not tire her by being too loud or too excited, as we normally are every time we meet up! Dalilah is in Operation Ward 14, Room 13.

Kak Marina, on the other hand, probably could not make it as she is leaving for Dhaka in the evening. The famous Penarek Beca would be there and I assume this is his first public appearance after the infamous questioning by the Police. You rock Pak Ngah!

We will gather at Tok Mommy’s house at Kelana Jaya around 3 p.m. and, InsyaAllah, we should reach HKL around four or slightly later. I am picking Tok Mommy up and anyone else who needs a lift, otherwise, we will see you there.

Should you need anything else, do call my private number. The Celcom number is dead on weekend.


7 thoughts on “Dalilah @ HKL Operation Ward

  1. Elviza, I would love to go, but my baby’s fever started up again and eldest also coming down with flu, and i dont want to bring any bugs to sis delilah in the weak condition she might be in…please send my salam and prayers…I pray Allah makes it easy for her and she recovers sonn, insyaAllah.

  2. Dear Sis Elviza,

    Very grateful you included me in your SMS. Wished I could join but too far away.

    Pls tell Raden Galoh that she is a force that brought so many people together in solidarity with her. By sharing with us her journey, she inspires us to reach out and strengthens our faith in humanity.

    Thank you.

  3. Elviza kirim salam kak teh kepada Radin – pls let me have her number so that I can sms or talk to her.
    Will keep her in my doa. Insyaallah.

    Kak Teh, could I have your email please?

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