Prayers for Bapak

Just off the phone with Nuraina and Maria Samad. Tokoh Wartawan Negara, Tan Sri Samad Ismail, is ill. He is now in the care of Pantai Medical Centre at ICU ward. His condition is stable but still critical. Prayers for the great Bapak to make it through this ordeal in no time. Rocky has the report this morning.

The last time I saw Bapak was at his house during Nuraina’s Raya do last year. He was having a ball of time flocked around by beautiful ladies.

(Picture stolen from Rocky’s Bru without his permission).


6 thoughts on “Prayers for Bapak

  1. Pak Samad had breathing difficulties, said Kak Ena. he’s in the hospital for three days (starting yesterday) for observation.

    i hope he’s alright now. my doas for him.

  2. Mish…read your entry yesterday… and called Kakena after that. Thought of visiting Bapak today but early this morning KakEna sms-ed that Bapak is still not allowed to have visitors except family members…

    The prayers will continue. May Allah ease bapak’s ordeal…Amiin.

  3. Hi Elviza,

    Thank you for posting this entry on my dad.

    Many of my friends, you included, have asked if it is ok for them to visit him.

    My apologies dear sis. Although his condition “is stable”, he is still not allowed to receive visitors.

    I’d also like to thank you guys for all the doas.

  4. Dear Kak Teh, Radz, Cheang, Darling & Kak Ton,

    Thank you for the comments. Let us continue to pray for Bapak and the family. May this Ramadhan be a blessed one for them . Amen

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