Anwar Returns to Parliament

The Library, 10:44 p.m.

I told you before that it doesn’t take the world’s greatest witch to predict Anwar’s swift return to Parliament today. The voters of Permatang Pauh had voted for the entire nation in this mother of all by-elections the country has ever seen.

I know for a fact that Rocky, Black, Zorro and few other bloggers have set up camp in Permatang Pauh since nomination day, and I must say I got my news faster than Malaysiakini. You people rock!

I’ll be damned if Barisan Nasional (BN) is not going to fight the return of Anwar Ibrahim in the august house and thus making inroads to lead the country on the symbolic September 16, 2008. Wake up BN! Wake up! Seriously, do you need someone to throw a bucket of water on your face before the said date, do you?

Hats off to Najib Tun Razak who has been there throughout the campaigning period to lend support to Arif Shah. A little humming bird told me this evening that Pak Lah left Penang in the evening during the counting period. A sign that that he has conceded defeat earlier.

Anwar has delivered his first part of the promise, that is, to make a return to Parliament. PKR supporters are now waiting with bated breath for the second part of the promise: to rule the nation by September 16, 2008. The question now is, would Anwar have enough “frogs” to form a simple majority in Parliament and kick BN in the teeth?

I told you, we are living history. As it stands, here’s the summary of the result from Hishamudin Rais’s blog:

Anwar Ibrahim: 31,195

Arif Shah: 15,524

Hanafi Mamat: 92

Majority: 15,671

Malaysiakini has the official results.


4 thoughts on “Anwar Returns to Parliament

  1. Dear Ms Kamal,

    It would appear that your chosen candidate has won the bye-elections. Good for you. Though I am somewhat apolitical, I think that congratulations are in order.

    Congratulations, my dear.

    Dear Frank,

    Did I say I am on Anwar’s side? I guess it’s obvious then: you can read my mind. But can you read my heart too? 🙂

  2. Sis Elviza,

    BN lost cos it is politically bankrupt. By resorting to lowdown tactics of smearing Anwar, it helped to nail its own coffin.

    Not cos Anwar is a local boy, but the despicable lies against him provoked the people’s anger. Every accusation it threw against Anwar, it is guilty of the very sin by ten times.

    Anwar gadai the Malays? What do they do to the Malay victims of sex crimes like Nurin, Norita, etc? Case closed and no further action.

    Dear Cheang,

    I told the BN hardcore at home, they have to do something quick to save whatever pride they have left. To give up without a fight is just unthinkable for me.

  3. I have a strong hunch Saiful is suffering from a psychiatric problem. Besides delusion of grandeur, he believed he was sodomised.

    His demeanour did not indicate the severity of taking oath of such magnitude.

    Even as a child I was forbidden to say I swear. Only liars go to great lengths to prove their claims.

    I pity Saiful and all those who egged him to swear.

  4. Elviza,
    He has won the battle but not the war. Time is the essence of the game. If he can’t win the war by 16th September, he will lose his credibility. There is already talk that Zulkifli Nordin is leaving the ship. It will be another blow for him to absorb. BN will accept any defection to their side no matter what it costs them.

    Pak, Anwar is a consummate political animal, just like Che Det. I am sure he has a plan for everything.

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