Sleepless in Setiawangsa – 17

Suria was victimised by love – once too many times.

Before she moved to the prestigious postcode down at Kemensah Heights, before she drove the spanking German wheel at her feet, before she started adorning her body with gemstones and jeweleries, before the Cartier watch earned a spot on her wrist, before she had more money in her bank account than she cared  to remember: Suria was just another pretty face leading an ordinary life, a divorcee at 33, with two adorable children in tow.

Despite the glaring difference in age, Suria fell for Imran – hook, line and sinker – against her inability to trust men again. Imran is 20 years her senior whose marital status I could never ascertain. I suspect (forgive me God) that he, too, just like any other man his age, is married.  My courage to confront Suria (about Imran’s marital status) simply eluded me. I knew I was being untrue to myself and our decades-long friendship but I haven’t seen her laughed for the past five years; her beautiful face was frosted  with dead eyes and caustic tongue since her divorce.

Hope beaconed in her life as Imran, and to borrow a fairy tale’s line, swept Suria off her feet. However, the relationship, in so far as my observation is concerned, bloomed to be one of those rapidly rotating whirlpools for Suria.

Together, they concocted the fatal recipe for intense relationship: baggage from their previous marriages, insane jealousy, highly compromised level of trust, notwithstanding the consumed feelings they reserved only for each other.

Imran has an added advantage – or curse, depending on the way you look at it – to burn money as he pleased. He started lavishing Suria in a manner mere mortals like me could only stare in utter disbelief. His ostentatious display of wealth nauseated my stomach. It must have been new money, for old money is always quiet and never showy. However, since I have a disconcerted point of view about money, I digress from dwelling on this point.

My suspicion proved to be founded when they decided to throw in the towels after bouts of fights, accusations and outright swearing on each others face. Mind you, they survived the relationship for years on end with on pattern. However, this time the break-up looks real.

The tricky part is that I, somehow, found myself in an unenviable position to settle this “mini-divorce” as amicably as I can. Before you ask me any question, please take note that, there in no such thing as amicable divorce or break-up. The amicable ones you see only happen on television or soapy romance novel you read. Honestly, how objective a lawyer can I be when my good friend’s heart being kicked without mercy?

So, a while ago, I sat facing Suria, itemising the gifts he had bestowed on her since he wanted it all back. Yeah, you read me right, Imran wanted ALL of it back: the gifts, the money, the house, the everything he paid for. I will then hold the items and cash as stakeholder pending execution of the settlement agreement.

Right this moment, in the privacy of my library at home, I keep staring at the one carat, perfect cut, colourless solitaire ring of Tiffany’s meant for their wedding, scheduled last month.The baby-blue box with Tiffany’s signature white ribbon around it, for the first time ever, looks despicable in my eyes.

How Imran had the audacity to price his love for Suria is beyond me.

And Suria, like a fool in love she has always been, returned them all to Imran – without an iota of regret in her heart. Because Suria, just like me, could never name a price to love.

Goodnight sleepless wherever you are.


14 thoughts on “Sleepless in Setiawangsa – 17

  1. Dear, Love and everything else in this world has its price – the question is – how much? And are you sure there wasn’t “an iota of regret” on Surya’s part?

    I know you’re trying to make the story brief.. you said the Lothario had given her a house. So how can she just ‘give it back’? -unlike a watch or a ring; you mean she went thru’ the whole legal process? And what about the car?

    And why is Imran being made the bad guy? He too suffered a loss, far more losses I believe; especially materially (with depreciation of assets, heh). You cannot know that Imran ‘priced his love’ for Suria, you’re just biased. I thought he was exceptionally generous, although a bit too reckless for my taste. For that kind of money, I’ll get an A-List artiste (ada ke kat Meshia ni? 🙂

    My point is Mish, the facts presented are too short to do the story justice. Both wanted the affair to end, right? So it’s not like Imran kicked her out or vice versa.

    A follow up, maybe? 😉

    Err, sorry for being cynical, ya?

    Madsalo my brother,

    Never apologise for having a point of view. I do admit that the facts are not presented in its entirety but if I wanted to narrate the whole thing, I probably needs to write 3000 words or so. I just can’t do that because my heart is aching for Suria.

  2. Dear Ms Kamal

    I stand not in judgment, but in my estimation, Imran had given Suria everything; everything, that is, but his heart.

    Had he truly and completely given his heart to her, only she can return it to him – and the other stuff wouldn’t matter.

    Dear Frank,

    Someone told me, a long time ago, that heart has no price because it is just simply too expensive. But people do get careless with their hearts – all the time.

  3. Elviza

    Since I am unable to say it as succinctly as Mr Doel has, I will simply second his sentiments.

    Dear Mat,

    I am sure you do, my dear…

  4. Blog Writer,

    I am your diligent reader. I found your musing very entertaining and not to mention creative.

    But this one, this one comes from the heart, isn’t it?

    Mat Salo, I am sure the lawyer for the couple would advise them to execute a power of attorney for the house. I would not dwell into details as well if I were her since this post is about love not the money given to her.

    She s not partial, she is just being a friend in need.

    But then again, I am just another woman, like Elviza.

    Dear Blog Commentator,

    I was trying not to dwell on technicalities such as Power of Attorney and Settlement Agreement but since you paved the way for Madsalo, thank you very much.

    This post is a bit about love, a bit about life and a bit about me not knowing what to do. 🙂

  5. Actually kan…..

    Mana buleh ambik balik? Buruk siku lah tuh! Tapi kalau aku, aku pun tak hingin.

    Kesian kan kerja ko? Hik hik hik…

    Old friend,

    Aku dalam love-hate relationship dengan kerja aku. Since forever, you, of all people, surely know this. Bila nak bukak puasa?

  6. Dear Missy,
    All is fair in love and war

    Mr. Kalahari,

    Opps, terlupa letak “I am hot” at the end of your name above. 🙂

    In this cynical world, you think all is fair in love and war? Beats me.

  7. Sis Elviza,

    Where do we draw the line helping a friend whom we know is charting dangerous waters? Would she listen to fair warning?

    My rule of thumb is not to interfere but be there when she is in need.

    Love cannot be quantified by money. Lavishing expensive gifts is a cheap way of buying love. Showing consideration is a better barometer.

    Love needs courage and deep commitment to survive.

    Bro Cheang,

    Those were the words I was looking for, “charting on dangerous water”. I found it hard to be draw a line between being a sickeningly bias true friend and a competent lawyer at the very least. But, help her I must and I will go to whatever extent to make sure she get out of this fine.

    Of course, love can never be quantified but apparently, anger has a number. I relented.

  8. Sis Elviza,

    Minta tumpang lalu: aMiR

    Thanks for your kind words directed at me in the previous post. Am very honoured. I note your comments in other blogs full of wisdom.

    I once loved Penang but it has changed so much that I no longer feel at home.

    Brother Cheang,

    Tumpang lalu Cheang,

    aMiR, you heard the compliment yourself right? Now, where is that blog of yours already? Sigh.

    I am really going to set up one for you, to get the ball rolling, what do you think? Call me, you do have my number, don’t you?

  9. Believe me, lucky would be the man who can find a lady who will gladly spurn such overwhelmingly generous gifts from him especiallywhen he can really afford it,until she makes up her mind about him and the genuinity of his feelings for her.He has made up his mind about her already, and now, it`s she who`s calling the shots and making him sweat.But, if he`s worth his salt, he`ll be patient and bide his time, for the end result would be truly beautiful..each wanting the other for what they are..the summation of what`s apparent externally and the comfort arising from the knowledge and acceptance of what lies in his and her hearts. Now, that`s a marriage destined for the heavens!

    My new friend, Higashi-san,

    From my point of view, the love does not stand a chance to survive on such an intense level of emotion. My friend needs to recover fast and best that she does it alone. I might be wrong for I can never defy the will of God.

    Good to see you here again, Sir.

  10. Hi&Lo (aka Mr Cheang), I know you will forgive and never forget Penang – A ravishing beauty with a good, good heart, and that is the secret to a man’s heart.

    Unfortunately I’m hardly full of wisdom when it comes to psychoanalyzing the dynamics of human bondage involving Men from Mars and Women from Venus, so can’t really comment much here.

    Anyway, allow me this opportunity to wish Selamat berpuasa dan semoga amalan kita sepanjang Ramadan diterima Allah. Amin.


    My brother aMiR,

    I am so happy you and Cheang found a common ground here. One day, we will all meet up and over good food and coffee, insyaAllah. And if I may brother, this isn’t about men are from Mars and women from Venus, I think it is more than that. But since I am no shrink myself, I wrote this post from my own bizarre understanding. Have a blessed Ramadhan.

  11. Sis, i’m with Mr.Doel and Higashi-san. How can you take back the gifts that you’ve given to other people? Doesnt he know the difference between gifts and loan?

    Love is a matter of heart. Im sure she didn’t choose him because he is married. You might not agree with her choice but as a good friend that you are, im sure you would stood by her. She needs that now more than ever.

    My sister Farina,

    To each his own, Farina, to each his own …

  12. Elviza,

    Surely, it speaks volumes for the propensity of we mere mortals to love,(and to be hurt deeply, again and again) that for some of us, fortunately or otherwise,the oft-forbidden temptation to plunge headlong in recklessless abandonment into such risky waters all too-easily clouds our usually rational self,and we too often cast aside any other rational consideration in the hope of attaining that utopian state of well-being..”By Jove!Yes!This is the one, and it will last forever”.
    And if one has gone through a marriage that did not work out,and has children too from that previous union, surely that doesn`t merit a disqualification from trying it out again, does it?

    Yet,Man can only propose, for `tis God that disposes.Such is the ultimate scheme of things in this world, my friend.And my old folks ,no longer around today,too used to advise me a long time ago,”too much of anything,son, including passion,is never going to do you any good”.

    Dear Higashi San,

    Ah, this is too deep for me! 🙂

    Perhaps your friend Suria really did love that Imran,at least for a momentary period.Maybe Imran too sincerely fell for her, albeit for a while.But,if so, why demand for all those gifts to be returned?Sounds totally cheap to me.

    But know which part I liked best in your narrative?The sentence” It must have been new money, for old money is always quiet, and never showy”.Wow!What a gem, and how original!That phrase oozes class, if you know what I mean
    (and before becoming this global-trotting corporate animal these last 2-decades plus,with the mandatory Ivy League U. MBA under the belt, my first degree was in English Literature,can you believe that?). Cheers!

  13. Oh, buruknya siku dia….

    Though Suria has no regrets and tak hingin pun, it sure hurt like hell to return the things which were previously thought given in all sincerity and out of love .

    Curse to Imran.

    Suria, my heart bleeds for u.

    Elviza, u stay a good friend.

    Dear Chahya (what a beautiful name),

    Thank you for supporting us. God bless your kindness.

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