Of Ahmad Ismail & Sept 16

Jalan Duta Court Complex
Civil High Court 5
Judge Tee Ah Sing presiding.

My number was 8 this morning – on the list pasted outside the court’s notice board. The atmosphere somber: like everywhere else during fasting month. I sat next to my ex-boss, Mr. Siew, while waiting for the interpreter – who wore  a fed up expression to the flock of lawyers around her – to call up our names.

This Mr. Siew person used to haunt my nights and days in early stage of my practice. He, however, single-handedly trained me until that fateful day I left my resignation letter on his six by three feet mahogany table. Needless to say, I adored – still do – the man in so many ways. This apolitical individual has recently exercised his voting right during the 2008 general election, notwithstanding the fact that, countless general elections had passed without him bothering to register himself.

Bored out of our wits, we began talking about politics in Malaysia.

“Do you think Sept 16 takeover will happen, Mr. Siew?” I shot the question to him.

“No lah! He (Anwar) is all talk, he likes riot,” he grunted under his breath.

“So, you agree to the way BN is running the country then?” I tested him further.

“BN, PKR, whoever, they are all the same. They are all politicians what!?” I swore I saw a glint of frustration in his eyes.

“What do you think of that Ahmad chap in Penang?” I wasn’t quite done pricking his political stand just yet.

“Which Ahmad chap?” He frowned his forehead, the way he does when something displeases him.

“The one who called the Chinese “immigrant” and last night he asked you all not to be like an American Jew!” I explained to him while raising my eyebrows.

“Ah, that one! That one stupid lah. Got nothing better to do, create racial tension.” At this point, our number was called up putting a stop to the hushed conversation in court.

I agree with my ex-boss not because he used to sign my pay cheques. But he, of all the Chinese I have seen in my life, sees everyone beyond the colour of your skin. He accords all staff in his fine establishment the same opportunity. What sets you apart from the rest, is your ability to soar beyond expectation, in so far as his legal firm is concerned.

Barisan Nasional (BN) has been pushed to the end of its tether – that is without a doubt. But for  PKR to cockily announced that they will take over the country leaves a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. Perhaps, it is just a psychological war the politicians are so good at launching, post 2008 general election.

If I had to choose between the two – BN or PKR – to rule the country, I opt for the latter, only because I believe in underdogs. The seat BN helms for the past 50 years has gotten too comfortable for them: they forsake transparency and accountability.

Be that as it may, I am just another tax payer, who wants better road en route to Kota Bharu, cheaper duties on books, better government-funded school for my children, so that I don’t have to bankrupt my bank account sending them to the private school. Better hospitals for my aging parents and dispensation of the draconian laws would be desirable, if not, long overdue.

Ahmad’s tactic of igniting fire on race and religious issues is the oldest trick in the book for the politicians at large. His remark is undoubtedly insensitive and irrelevant to say the least. The fact that he refuses to apologise does not antogonise me, for apology should come without coercion, but to further flaming the matter is just plain childish. And please,  Tan Lian Hoe’s call to sack Ahmad and detain him under the purview of ISA is just too dramatic, don’t you think? Malaysiakini has the report.

However, I must admit that I habour the dream of BN changing from within. After all, BN is forever my first love. There, I have said it!


16 thoughts on “Of Ahmad Ismail & Sept 16

  1. Sis Elviza,

    We are all stakeholders of this country. Abdicating our responsibilities is not an option.

    Am not loyal to any party. My decision is based on principles of truth. All politicians are 5 kali 2. Upright politicians, not yet found. There are promising ones but time will tell.

    We are all penumpang on this earth, aren’t we? We don’t own the country cos one day we have to leave for another world.

    Bro Cheang,

    True: this is all temporary. But when I go to another world, I want to to leave something good behind.

  2. I agree with Mr Siew, that Ahmad chap memang stupid!

    Buat malu orang Penang saja, huh!

    Dear Anakmami,

    Ramai lagi orang Penang yang pandai – yourself included. 🙂

  3. Elviza,
    Think of how much wealth has been squandered? A project which should cost say RM2 million under arm’s length transaction was approved for RM3 million. The crony of the politician who was awarded the contract paid the subcontractors RM2 million for actualy doing all the job well done at the current market price, and the rent seekers handsomely pocketed RM1 million with barely a sweat. And we the taxpayers had to fork out an additional RM1 milion unnecessarily. For what?

    Ah first love dies hard, but it will eventually die, sooner or later, if the intimacy is not kept alive and nurtured. I’m not intimately in love with any parties but in the last election I gave my heart away for the first time (my Wan would be aghast if she found out who received my vote of confidence). So far, my heart ain’t aching. Or breaking.


    Dear aMiR,

    Of course, when I think of million which has been squandered off, I got pissed mad. But, forgiveness is a first step to recovery, dear friend. Whatever it is, I wait for Sept,16.

  4. Elviza, I grew up with Chinese neighbours, played with Chinese friends and when I read the remark by that Ahmad, I felt sad – and later angry, very angry.
    We dont need this, not at this time, not at any time.

    Dear Kak Teh,

    That’s the two of us, Kak Teh. The two of us exactly…

  5. ahmad’s stupidity will only work against umno’s credibility. from an oppo’s point of view, its would do them good this fella remains in the party.

    between ketuanan melayu and ketuanan rakyat, the choice is obvious.

    Dear Kerp,

    But his stupidity comes with high price, don’t you think so?

  6. Elviza,

    I normally steer well clear of political discourses and I do not intend to go off my norm this time too.Just want to say..all the rakyat want at this point in time is for the political masters to ever so often get off their high horses, step into the rakyats` shoes and to see,feel and suffer things which are the stark reality of the ordinary rakyat`s everyday life, and then crunch out the policy decisions to alleviate these everyday problems.More of those morning sojourns like the recent ride on the KTM Komuter & LRT please.And of course, thereon to more mundane matters like the prohibitive prices of books, the pot-holes strewn roads and highways, etc..they don`t really see these things, do they?


    Dear Higashi-San,

    They don’t really see things from our perspective. They are not the one taking LRT rides every morning or stand in line at the government hospital. Why should that be their problem, then?

  7. Dear Ms Kamal

    The unfortunate comment comment made by the said Mr Ahmad Ismail brings to mind the following

    Question: What did the Red Indians call America before the white men arrived?

    Answer: Ours!

    Aren’t the Malays, Chinese and Indians exactly what the white men are to the Red Indians (Native Americans) of America ?

    That’s right: Settlers!

    Dear Frank,

    What do you expect of Ahmad Ismail? To have massive range of vocabulary like yourself? Hardly so me thinks.

    Or to borrow from En Ahmad Ismail’s limited vocabulary – immigrants. However, I will go as far as to say that the Malays were probably the first immigrants, though.

  8. Elviza,
    Ahmad is the pot that called the kettle black. Look at the pictures of the so called Malays in Penang and you won’t have a shred of doubt that they are not. Remember some UMNO meetings were conducted in Tamil and I tell you not many Malays can speak Tamil.
    Anyway since most of us must have migrated from somewhere unless we are or the orang aslis, let us live together in harmony and make this world better for everybody. The pie is big enough for us to share and let us work on making it even bigger by not squandering them away unnecessarily.


    The way I see it, who cares whether you are white, black, brown or mocca? Aren’t we all human? But then again, I am an idealist, so the likes of Ahmad Ismail probably hate my guts.

  9. Clearly, his stupidity shines under the cover of Umno umbrella, and reflected poorly on how Umno is being run now.
    Could this be the red-herring for some hidden agenda, one wonders ? or some bigger plot in the making ?

    Dear What Say I,

    I am guessing a lot of us are wondering just about that: is there bigger plot in the making?

  10. AmNo was everyones’ first love… well, mostly…

    Change is good. They’ve been in power for so long. It is time to let go.

    Dear Monstermom,

    Ah, it’s been sometimes since you last en route this way. I hear you! Perhaps it is indeed time to let go.

  11. Sis Elviza,

    Did you read a letter to the editor in NST yesterday by a doctor who had served in Kota Marudu? I can vouched the facts. The incomes of the natives in isolated kampongs are unbelieveable. They may be earning RM50 a month to feed a family. They grow their own food. That’s how they survive on so little.

    During my early years in Sabah, I drove to Sipitang to buy durians. Found out they really had no money. Whatever little money they have is to buy salt, sugar and cooking oil.

    The children trekked to school at the crack of dawn in darkness. Most of them dropped out after few years.

    Sabahan politicians too rich and fat to care for them. Usually West Malaysians who are more concerned for the underprivileged here.

    To add what aMiR had left off, the privatisation of medical supplies was more than piratisation. The prices were covered under OSA. As a result govt hospitals often short of medicines.

    I had an experience collecting medicines for a pensioner. He had chronic cardiovascular and needed long term drugs which he was prescribed on monthly basis. After the privatisation, the hospital cut his prescription on weekly supply.

    He didn’t want to trouble me too much and chose to buy from the pharmacy which ate up his budget. Being not so healthy, his expenses on food had to compromise.

    Privatisation is a big rip off in the name of efficiency. Needless to say efficiency is sacrificed for profit, profit, profit.

    Dear Brother Cheang,

    Privatisation, if does not involve the people, can be stimulating in corporate world. But when it affects people and their livelihood is just plain notorious.

  12. I like Mr Siew already.

    Dear Su,

    Oh my god, if Yuki really printed this out for him to see (he is so not IT savvy), he’ll be over the moon and we all have to hear it! Hmmmmm …

  13. Elviza,

    I dont care tt your 1st love is not me, just MARRY ME would you?

    Please marrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy meeeeeeeeeee!

    So glad I said it!

    Dear Kudalari,

    Oh, how sweet! My 2nd marriage proposal in my entire lifetime. Am afraid I have to say no though, darling husband kind of have a caveat on me already. What a shame, huh?

    Thank you for being so sweet, dearest.

  14. Sis Elviza,

    Who has monopoly over opinions? Even learned judges hearing the same case with the same arguments and evidence before them come up with split decisions.

    Doctors, too, differ in their diagnosis and prognosis of the same patient.

    Economists also have different interpretations and how to go about solving problems.

    If experts can disagree, that means dogmaticism is not fashionable.

    Brother Cheang,

    Since we are on the “opinion” platform, I recall my ex-boss, a senior partner is Raja Eleena, told me when I had no confidence in my opinion rendered to the bank. This was his point of view, “So what if it s wrong? It’s your damn opinion! And if they think you are wrong, why hire a lawyer?”

    I love the man to bits. Even now after almost six years I left the firm. I still call him from time to time every time I doubt my advice to clients.

  15. Wah…Mr Siew will be so proud of you!!! Must print this out for him. Might get a free lunch for making his day:)
    p/s: Mr Siew, you already have a fan club!

    Dear Mei,

    Just in case you got the free lunch, could you wait until the fasting month is over so I could join as well? :-))

  16. Sure. Will definitely do that. What are friends for. See, how I love being a Malaysian. If only those idiotic politicians will just grow up. Whatever said, I really pray all Malaysians to not fall into this instigated racist trap created by these stupid politicians.
    Selamat berpuasa.

    What a shame, right Mei?

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