Anecdote on 14 Ramadhan 1429

I recovered one comment from Askimet Spam from my previous posting that I found rather suitable to be  answered right here on my latest posting.

One Familyguy says:

familyguy |

Come, darling, don’t be so dramatic. Jangan melatah tak pasai2. Calm down, itu separuh dari iman, ya. Go read what matbangkai has to say.
It’s just another day.

From Malaysiakini: MP Teresa Kok is ISA No.3!, 2008/09/14 at 3:55 PM

This is my reply to Familyguy:

Firstly, don’t be so confident to address me with a term so cordial the likes of “darling”. I believe that you have never read my writings and I dare conclude that I have never met you in my life. Secondly, I would venture to guess that, you will find yourself more comfortably settled in Tea & Scones rather than my “melatah” blog.

At this point, the only patience required of me is to deal with you. There you go, I have said it in the mildest manner I could possibly think of. I am sure you understand where you stand in so far as my blog is concerned.

On a lighter note, I was at Pasar Ramadhan, Section 6, Kota Damansara this evening notwithstanding the rain. I ordered 16 pieces of roti jala at the corner stall next to the ayam bakar . The cheeky boy  attending to the stall raised his eyebrows and said:

“Banyak nye akak! Tapi badan akak tak besar!”

“Family akak besar…so kena lah beli banyak.” I replied nonchalantly.

Ten minutes passed while the boy fried the roti jala on the hot pan. Splashes of rain soaked my back. I was getting jittery and restless in waiting.

“Lapan ringgit, Kak” The boy eventually asked from me. I handed him a tenner and thanked him. To which he replied:

“Terima kaseh Kakak mata besar!”

Huh? Is that good or bad?

Selamat berbuka kawan-kawan.


15 thoughts on “Anecdote on 14 Ramadhan 1429

  1. Fuh, dah tiap2 hari update blog nampak. Anything I should know about that prompt this new blogrithis of yours?

    Don’t be so harsh on familyguy friend, he s just one of those person needed to be heard all the time. If you want to migrate of melatah, what business of his is that?

    See you on Wednesday at buka. Where is it again?

  2. Chop2! Lupa nak cerita kat blog nih…

    Dulu masa zaman sekolah dulu, bila Michele baru bangun tido, terkejut aku tgk mata besar dia. Kah kah kah kah!

    Jgn marah, ini bulan puasa!

    Eh si budak aku nih … nak kena Akismet Spam dia nih 😛

  3. I’m just wondering how that comment could have gotten into the Akismet Spam. As far as I can see, there’s no characteristic that could have marked it as spam.

    That said, looks like I’ll have to check all the comments in Akismet first at my WordPress blog before I delete them. It’s been doing its job so far, but who knows, one or two legitimate comments might have somehow have gotten trapped.

    Oh, don’t put too much to “familyguy”; nor “mata besar”. For what it’s worth, so are mine:-) But then, I’m grateful that I have eyesight…

    Dear Cendana, my new friend,

    I think, sometimes, Akismet Spam has an instinct to spam those comment which would piss me off. Heh.

  4. Sokong! Sokong aku! Memang mata dia besar pagi pagi baru bangun tido.

    Tanya housemate dia dulu Nina would agree to that!


    Boleh Blah! Next time, aku askimet spam kan korang.

  5. I like the Roti Jala boy. He knows how to cheer his customers. To him, it’s not just a job but to serve and make friends. With this attitude, his daily chore is a breeze.

    Dear Brother Cheang,

    Yep, the boy was pleasant, both in looks and mannerism.

  6. Elviza

    It is evident that you are somewhat displeased with that Familyguy person. And I can’t help but feel that Tea & Scones is partly to blame. However, I hope that you will not hold me vicariously liable for his actions.

    Personally, for what its worth, please know that Write Away is one of the SOPO blogs that I follow religiously. I have come to trust and rely on your judgement and condour for an overview of the local socio-political landscape: Write Away and Rocky Bru…

    You have big eyes? Big eyes are good.


    You know in Law of Tort, vicarious liability would cost you tonnes of money?

  7. big eyes?
    ditto that, bangkai. big eyes are, almost always, expressive. kalau tenung lama-lama, terpukau.

    Dear Kak Puteri,

    Jangan percaya sangat cakap Mat Bangkai si Romeo blog tuh. LOL. Jgn marah Mat!

  8. Salam Elviza,

    Lol! You have big eyes? Hmm…some people find that alluring.

    Anyway, I was at Seksyen 6 just now too, and at about the same time when it started to rain.

    Dear Shah,

    Ah, dang! Did I miss you at Pasar Ramadhan? Must call you first the next time I am going.

  9. Hi Elviza,
    I agree with bangkai, Puteri and cakapaje, big eyes are almost always deemed beautiful. Anyways, I’d be thrilled simply if the boy called me “Kakak”. Nowadays “Makcik” seems to be more the norm…. ahhh.. reality check!!

    Dea Friend

    LOL LOL. Kalau dia panggil I makcik, I cancel roti jala tuh! But you see, I live in denial – that’s like my motto. Heh.

  10. Biarkan la… Mamat tuh parti berhaluan kanan… Kalau bantah sikit jer selalunya jadi berhaluan kiri pulak… Kalau orang parti berhaluan kanan kena tangkap sekali kita bleh terima la… Ini tidak… Oleh kerana dah di denda oleh parti berhaluan kanan dia tidak perlu ditahan…. Berat sebelah penimbang tuh…

    Dear Romper,

    Tak kesah lah kan nak berparti haluan kanan, kiri, depan, belakang ke, tapi masuk rumah orang kena lah ada adap, ye tak? 🙂

  11. Big eyes are good, or so I would think, coz it’s “not so nice” to call someone “mata sepet”, according to my friends.


    Dear Su,

    I got a Chinese friend who looks damn sexy in her “sepet eyes” and not to mention sexy body. Are you tuning in Kong Su Yin? Ahaks!

  12. hehe apeda familyguy suka ati ah orang nak melatah kan kan kan. i think big eyes tuh ialah pujian, big eyes macam anime ah, budak budak kan suka anime (hentai pown bleh jger), maka mesti ah derang suka big eyes, maka pujian lah ianya merupakan.

    Kan Penyangak kan? Suka hati orang lah nak tulis apa kan? Ini kan saya punya blog kan? 🙂 Thanks for the support, bro. Good to see you here, otherwise I only sea you at that famed Tea & Scones.

  13. Elviza,

    I consider Big Eyes as ASSETS . I’m sure the boy meant it as a compliment 🙂 And I think Luke has definitely got his eyes from you!

    My kids’ eyes range from BIG, in the middle, and sepet/oriental. I have NO idea where they got their different eyes from!

    Thank you Sister!

  14. haha i know right. i do read this blog as much as tea and scones, it’s just, you know like house md would say in a mock fratboy accent “bros over hoes” whkauhukgeahehe.

    Dear Penyagak (am sure you have nicer name in your IC),

    I take this as a compliment. Thank you, dear.

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