Much Ado About Nothing

I am going to bed before the Husband comes home from his UMNO meeting and laugh on my face about the make believe crossover. BN is still the ruling government; Abdullah is still Prime Minister; the ISA detainees stay jailed at Kamunting Detention Centre.

Everything else is just rhetoric.

What I find disturbing is when Anwar confidently stated to the  whole world – in no uncertain terms – that Sept 16 takeover is a done deal. The joke is on me.

Politicians are all the same.

p/s: I should have sticked to the creative writing stuff, it’s easier on the blood pressure.


9 thoughts on “Much Ado About Nothing

  1. Elviza,
    Right decision, stick to your creative writing and lets the two clowns make a fool of themselves.

    Given the choice I will choose none of the clowns, the one that refuse to make way nor the other that meroyan nak jadi PM.

    Dear Jaff,

    You said, “the one that refuses to make way nor the other that meroyan nak jadi PM”. I couldn’t find more apt phrase to describe the situation. Brilliant.

    Yes, yes, am sticking to the creative writing.

  2. Ah, you were expecting fireworks and explosions then! Must have be disappointing, but actually “a lot” has happened.

    It’s NOT a “make or break” deadline. 16 September is the day of “drawing first blood” – Anwar had proclaimed that he has the numbers.

    Step Two: A meeting with Badawi; to ask him to resign and hand over the govt without making much fuss. But Badawi refuses; giving the excuse that “he wants the names first”. Well, you WILL get the names – agree to meet Anwar then!

    The BN/Umno diehards are using the date as `modal’ to belittle Anwar; to question his credibility. But deep inside, they’re pissing and shitting in their pants. For they know that it doesn’t really matter what day exactly the changeover will come.


    I believe it ONLY when I see it. Hey, I am a skeptic!

  3. Dear Ms Kamal

    Please do not fret for no one is laughing at you, nor should they dare to.

    The skullduggery of politics is such that it will inevitably extract a heavy toll on hearts that are as earnest and sincere as yours obviously is.

    Don’t mind the politicians for they are – as we have always known – nothing more than glorified rogues. On my part, I shall – as always – eagerly await your exquisite prose: be they of the creative variety or otherwise.


    As usual, you are just being too kind.

  4. Tak payah cerita politik la…. Ko tulis jer ko punya kisah hidup…. Politician bukannya bagi makan kat kita… Di ambil soru kita ada lah… Bosan giler politik malaysia…

    You are 1000% correct, Romper!

  5. Elviza,
    They have taken Sheikh in under the sedition act. His wife said he will be taken to KL maybe to join RPK.

    Dear Pak,

    Thanks for the info – and real fast at that.

  6. or maybe we could learn a thing or two from Bono et al

    i cant believe the news today
    oh i cant close my eyes and make it go away
    how long, how long must we sing this song?
    how long? how long?
    ’cause tonight we can be as one, tonight

    broken bottles under children’s feet
    bodies strewn across the dead end streets
    but i wont heed the battle call
    it puts my back up, puts my back up against the wall

    Sunday, Bloody Sunday

    (this is a part of ‘sunday bloody sunday’ by u2. reproduced without permission from Polygram Int. Music Publ. B.V.)

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