They took Sheih away

I have written so much on oppressive laws and statues, I begin to sound rhetoric. But, as event unfolds, the Police arrested my blogger brother, Syed Azidi of Kickdefella, at his home in Kota Bharu this evening. He is detained pursuant to Sedition Act.

Blogger Amin Iskandar plans a Candle Light Vigil at Bukit Aman tomorrow night around 8:30 p.m. See you there in solidarity.


5 thoughts on “They took Sheih away

  1. There one `good’ thing about this: It’s NOT under the ISA. If charged, at least he’ll be given bail and will have his day in court. Unlike the ISA detainess.

    Gee, why am I telling you – a lawyer – this!:-)

    Dear Cendana287,

    Trust me, I suck at lawyering. Heh!

  2. Elvize…I heard from Amin Iskandar you organised a candle light vigil….and I was there.
    Almost 25 of us…had a brief time…prating for Sheih….before the police moved in.
    Anyway…he has been released..and all is well for him and family.
    Thee will be few shaving their heads bald in protest for 10,30am..Chinese Assembly Hall.
    Great to see Malaysians are united…in prayers…in showing peaceful.. loving displaying protest with no reasons for police to get upset about.

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