There is something about Hyatt

Hyatt Kuantan is magnificent. The quaint, old hotel sits by the face of Telok Cempedak since time in memorial. Eons ago, I left for Hyatt Kuantan without a moleskine and a pencil in my bag: regret looms this scribe until this day for not romancing Hyatt in words.

Lately, I think about nothing else but to return to that safe heaven, the hotel always has in its bosom; where rays of the sun become hues of colours at the end of the day: red, green, grey and magenta fused the sky majestically at sunset.

I could almost hear the concierge boy, Sufian, surreptitiously uttering, “Welcome back, Ms. Elviza”. Ten years ago, when I first stepped into Hyatt Kuantan, I was still a single woman (read: young and reckless). Even until today, Sufian address me still with a respectful, pleasant-sounding “Miss Elviza”.

Nothing moves in Hyatt Kuantan.

My worldly hurry comes to a complete halt every time I cast a glance at the dark blue water of the South China Sea.

Time to place that long overdue phone call to the hotel’s reservation desk .


8 thoughts on “There is something about Hyatt

  1. Way back in 1984, I was a final-year student in (then) ITM, tasked with an assignment that required a brief stay in Hyatt Kuantan (then a new kid on the Teluk Cempedak block; nay, the ONLY kid!) to study its management, operations and general set-up.

    I chose Kuantan because I had lived there before upon returning home from England. After fast-paced London, comatose Kuantan was quite trying but I got used to the turtle pace eventually.

    Hyatt then was spanking new. I do not remember much of the dissertation that resulted from my stay there, but I do remember the GM listening patiently while I practiced my fractured German on him (studied the language for 3 whole years as part of the syllabus).

    Late last year, Pak Abu and I took a breather at Teluk Cempedak enroute to KT to see mum. I no longer like’s like a perpetual pasar malam there, with all the commercial places..

    Uh, sorry to hog yr space..

  2. Sis Elviza,

    Yes. yes, quick book your holiday at Hyatt Kuantan before the monster of time creeps into its old world charm.

    My memory of Kuantan was scant and buried over 30 years ago. It was only an overnight sojourn.

  3. Elviza, it use to be our watering hole. Great place and great time .

    BTW Kuantan is my home town, the ground where the Hyatt Kuantan stand now was our camping ground.

    Have a nice day.

  4. I used to stay in Hyatt Kuantan way back during the 1985. But I stayed most is Kuantan Merlin for months. There is another cheap chinaman hotel right infront of Hyatt Kuantan.. can’t recall what’s the name, and another travel lodge mostly stayed by some Mat salleh at the hill side.
    Hyatt Kuantan use to have nice restauraunt and disco and cofee house, also a swimming pool. Use to have lots of Mat Salleh there. I wonder how the hotel is doing now..

  5. Just don’t swim too far extra careful..TC is not as safe as it use to be especially after they did some sand reclamation.The beach slope is steeper, no more the gentle-slope kind.Hyatt has and still is the most expensive hotel in Kuantan..but not necessarily the best yea?

  6. some years back we stayed at a quaint resort (can’t remember the name) by the sea in kuantan.

    there were a lot of sun, sea and sand, balmy breezes and also big, old trees facing the waterfront. on one of the trees there was a deck built way up with steps nailed onto its trunk.

    the view was spectacular from the top. i wonder if its still there…

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