Growing Up in Kubang Pasu

A Malaysian in Riyadh (aMiR), has been leaving footprints in this humble abode since my earlier blogging days. So much so that a firm friendship was formed – despite the virtual boundaries. His comments, though always pleasant, never fail to stimulate my brain. He writes extremely well too.

Fellow bloggers have tried – in vain – to persuade him to start writing his own blog. Lo and behold, he finally did it! Growing Up in Kubang Pasu, is written in the voice of aMiR’s little boy, now adds flavour to Malaysia’s blogsphere.

Please click here for your reading pleasure.

I have taken the liberty to single him out on my blog link with a header “New Kid On th Blog” and he is now calling out loud to another commentator, Cheang (he uses a pen name of “Hi & Lo” ) to start one too.

Welcome to the family, aMiR. And to Cheang: it’s about time!


4 thoughts on “Growing Up in Kubang Pasu

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  2. Sis Elviza and Kak Teh,

    am very happy aMiR has answered the call.

    Thank you very much for the encouragement and high regards. However, I much prefer to visit blogs such as yours which broaden my perspective and challenge me to think.

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