Conversation with Luqman

Mommy, Mommy nak pegi mana?” My two-year-old boy asked. His eyes dilated.  His cherub cheeks smeared with traces of butter from his breakfast.

Mommy nak pergi office, Luqman. I am going to my office, okay?” Guilt consumed every fiber of my being every time I have to leave him behind.

Mommy, Mommy pretty sangat!” And he ran off to his grandmother, singing on top of his lung.

Ah, so sweet. I must have saved the world in my previous life to deserve this child.

I know, I know, I know…  it’s cheap to fish compliment from your own child. But it matters not if I am ugly to the rest of the world, so long as I am “pretty” to Luqman.

p/s: I apologise for serious lack of substance in this blog lately, I am trying to finish the write-up on royal charity dinner hosted by KL Foundation to Criminalise War- it has been almost a week, and I only have 2 paragraphs so far!

(Picture above is of Luqman and his cousin sister, Tia)

13 thoughts on “Conversation with Luqman

  1. I came here to look for your typical, breezy, political opinion but look what I found! A sweet, heart wrenching, motherly piece.

    Can I send my girl to your house sometimes? I love your words. Could not say it in better ways.

    Your other half is one damn lucky man. Hope he knows it, I lost mine when I was busy climbing the corporate ladder. Regret is expansive.

    Do you happen to have sisters?? 🙂

    Dear Single Father,

    You are just being too flattering sweet to me. I am sure I dont live up to all of your compliments.

  2. From the mouths of babes…whose opinions are genuine and uncoloured by cynicsm. Who else would be the best looking person in their world if not Mommy!

    Dear 4theprecious4,

    …that is until they have girlfriends!

  3. Ohhoo..patutlah bila auntie nak jumpa Luqman, Mommy kata ‘not a good idea’…padahal Mommy nak pretty sorang…

    I just didnt want to scare you off with the prospect of having children. Thats all 🙂

  4. Elviza, that’s why we must have children. At the end of the day, it’s only our kids who would praise us skyhigh (while giving us the lowdown at the same time)…pleasure with pain.. they provide both, in large doses too..

    Thanks for the reality check, Kak 🙂

  5. Aaaawwwhhh…That’s so sweet of Luqman… 🙂

    You must have felt like calling in sick this morning so that you could spend some time with him and get showered with more compliments from him, huh?! 😉

    But, he’s right, you know? His Mommy IS “pretty sangat” 🙂

    Alahai Wan Shana…. Luqman sorang jer yang cakap macam tuh!

  6. It’s the sweetest thing.

    If the we can’t fish compliment from our kids, then life will be miserable indeed. Because there’s no one else to tell us the whitest of lies…

    I’ve got a two year old daughter. My one and only, the apple of my eye, my princess. In her naivety, she too thinks the world of me, I’m sure. I think, no – I just know so. Even if her Pa is the worst example a father could be, a no-good cad, a bounder and scoundrel all rolled into one.

    But not too her. The way she looks at me, sometimes it hurts so much it overwhelms me. She saved me when I need to be saved. She will be my star witness, my personal angel, the hand that will pull me from the very edge of darkness…

    You know when I go visit friends, I have to quietly sneak out of the house. Often half naked pretending to go outside just to throw the thrash, with my t-shirt, whatever, rolled in a plastic bag. My car will always be parked outside. Then I hear the scream from behind the gate: A-pa! A-pa!

    After rolling the windows down, even freshly lit Dunhills will never quell the funk, the glum that I feel for deserting my Angel even for a little while.

    For how can one ever dessert an Angel?


    Remember when I scared the shit out of you when I said: “When she grows up, she will have these men all over her!”

    Wohoooo! The look on your face was priceless. *Evil Laugh*

  7. Elviza: You were at the KL Foundation Dinner? Hmmm…so was I! Looking forward to your write up dear – and it doesn’t have to be six pages, I hope. 😉

    Dear Eliza,

    You were there too? Darn! I wish I know how you look like so that I could say hello. But there were too many tables anyway.

  8. Hi Sis!

    That is so sweet of Luqman…kids never lie. You have a handsome young man there.. He’s cute!

    Dear Zara (my fave clothes shop!),

    Thank you so much. To every child, his mother is just the best. One of the greatest gift from God. 🙂

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