Razak Baginda: No Prima Facie Case

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Blogging live from Shah Alam Court:

I have to make this brief as I am typing from the blackberry’s pathetically small keyboard.

The trial of Altantuya Shaaribu took an interesting turn today when Judge Mohd Zaki ruled that the prosecution team failed to establish a prima facie case against Razak Baginda.

It means that  Razak Baginda won’t be called to enter his defence on the charge of abetting the murder of Altantuya, pressed against him almost two years ago.

Bizarrely, the other accused Shirul and Azilah, have been ordered to enter defence.

Razak was mobbed by the reporters but he refused to make any official statement to the press, just yet. He left the court complex in a chauffeured driven XC 90.

If you ask me, the prosecution team has no other choice but the seek the appeal avenue to save whatever credibility they have left.

34 thoughts on “Razak Baginda: No Prima Facie Case

  1. In the vocabulary of Putrajaya, anyone and everyone who has any connections with the people who walk in the coridoors of the said place, are absolved from any form of punishment in human form. But please remember and that too speaking in a matter-of-fact manner, in the eyes of God, there is no escape!!! Mongolians are no Monkeys! So to those who are “knee deeply involved in the murder!” Beware of the consequences!

  2. Patut ke salahkan satu bengali expert ni yang tak beri khabar pada org2 monggol tang natijah telucut cerita kecuh di pintu imigrasi yg mau tak mau dah kasi tebukak jalan timbulkan keraguan?

  3. Did he or did he not? What a mystery …. it’s like watching a movie..

    Did a villain walk free or a hero cleared of charges against him? What is right, what is wrong?

    If only we know the truth ….

  4. Very straightforward case if the murder victim allegedly harassed Razak Baginda. Why did he approach the DPM’s ADC instead of lodging report at the police station? The train of events is stranger than fiction. Anyway I don’t believe Razak Baginda was in any way involved in the execution from the inception of trial. Who has the strongest motive to dispose off the Mongolian is the question.

  5. I have a question to ask. After reading all the comments, does it mean this man IS guilty ? Wow–such power the people has !

    Maybe here should be a people’s court ?

  6. El,

    I have faith in the Judge.

    However, I may not have the same faith in the prosecution and the preparation of the case.

    Whether or not justice has been served here, depends how one look at it. I prefer to view that the charge on Razak Baginda has been given due consideration, with respect to the letters of the law.

    May God help us all.

  7. technically acquitted…
    1)for sure razak is innocent for he is only the scapegoat.. while the real culprit is always free from the start
    2)prosecution had purposely made a slight doubt, dafenitly the judge will decide otherwise…
    3) nothing is wrong with the judicial system, its the prosecution team who planned the whole things.

  8. if razak baginda is innocent,surely someone out there must have directed the two goons to carry out the job.who?and that’s everybodys guess!

  9. We all know that he is involved in the murder. Hope he can live with it. We need the new generation to take over. These old geasers with their old mindset will not help the country in the correct direction. And doesn’t Najib have to go on trial also considering that he is accused of murder?? Does putting your hand on a Quran resolve everything?? I do not understand the system. Someone help us out here.

  10. Hola Elviza,

    Just happened to be in the neighborhood. So I thought I would drop by and see if I could get some karipap or something.

    See you around.

    Nite! Nite!

    Greetings and lots of love from Kuale Kangsor.

  11. Malaysian should worry now. The high level murderer is still on the loose and he can change hell into heaven for anyone who suports him.The Devil is out there to take us for a ride. Beware. You can do nothing about this fellow. He has the money!!!

  12. Who wanna bet – the prosecution (so-called) will screw up with the 2 remaining guys’ cases and they’ll be free, too! Is deliberate poor performance as prosecutors (who act on the People’s behalf) not an offence? How to charge these people and the cops???
    In BolehLand, anyone who ‘gets in the way’ of certain VVIPscan get shot, blown up and disappear(?Bala?) and the public prosecutors will ‘throw’ the case!

    May God Curse these criminals!

    Ya – TOWERING Malaysians! And one is about to ascend the highest public office of the land!

  13. welcome to the Altantuya Shaaribu horror show.
    where monglian beauty is blown to pieces
    where the victim is made to look the aggressor
    where murderers get to play undercover
    where citizens can only look
    where the voice of justice swiftly unhook
    where conpirators walk out in style
    where the oppressed can awake to die

  14. The comment by ahm – I’m leaning towards that one too. I’m not saying “they did” … just thinking aloud that “self-sabotaging a few key things here and there should be enough for the defence with average IQ and legal know-how to create reasonable doubt.

    Thinking Aloud Part 2 – Was Razak Baginda “big and powerful enough to hold sway over the other two accused?”

    BTW, to Elviza: THANKS for including me in the Alert too. As Rocky Bru had said, it was VERY FAST! (Was having a Quaker Oats brunch at home then) Thanks to Mohd Zawi for also FWD-ing me this same SMS. Hmm, you’ve gotten many responses with this one:-)

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  16. This is the greatness of Money. You can buy Jstice as well. Let us leave to the Creator to hold the final justice for this woman.
    Let KARMA works its own course.
    More importantly, i hope God will spare our nation for the injustice done to Altantuya.
    And most importantly, someone plz act to get the people’s HERO – Raja Petra Kamarudin out from ISA !.

  17. Hehehe! Sabao ye, Cik Elviza. Editor sedang buat ape tah, proof-read ape ke?

    The next post will surely take your breadth away. Forgotten family value stuff.

    Ewah! Promote gila nampak? Hehehe, sapa lagi kalo tak diri sendiri promote? Apa2pun, be sure to subscribe My Journey To Recovery’s FULL RSS Feed.

    Greetings and lots of love from Kuale Kangsor.

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