Qalam Malam

Membaca dan menulis itu acara sunyi
Natijahnya tidak pernah pasti
Jalan yang tidak selalu dirintis.

Seorang pembaca dan penulis perlu bersendirian
Tenggelam dalam dunia pinjaman
Sempurna hanya seketika
Kerana beliau perlu kembali ke dunia nyata
Seperti yang difitrahkan alam pada manusia
Untuk berkata, bertemu dan bercerita.


Aku tak perlu semua itu
Bising, hingar-bingar, desas-desus suara
Aku cuma perlu keheningan yang berdengung
Sebatang pensil
Sehelai kertas.

p/s: Sorry about this, I am a bit distracted. Will be right back.

8 thoughts on “Qalam Malam

  1. There you are 🙂

    I thought I have been waiting in vain.

    The poem is just as sweet and as tender with the person who pencils it.

    Welcome home, Elviza

    Dear Hashim,

    How do you know I am sweet? You have never met me, worse, you have never met me when I am in foul disposition. Thank you for the kind words though.

  2. Are you writing the book??? Which is never coming? LOL
    Heard all about it since varsity days lah friend… is it coming or nottttt?

    Buang masa aku jer kau ni.

    You know, I am really going to start moderating you, you useless cow! Don’t remind me about the book, ok? So far my only progress is actually plan about it. Ngeh! ngeh! ngeh!

  3. salam sis,
    wah! cantik ni.
    if you give me keheningan yang berdengung, pensil and kertas, i can only come up with list barang dapur yang perlu dibeli. heehee…

    Psssst, kalau nak tahu lah kan, “keheningan berdengung,” tuh is a direct translation from “deafening silence”. Hahahaaha, cheating kan?

  4. Hola Elviza,

    As always, you’re darn good girl. I’m sure you gonna hit the BIG time one of these days as a poet.

    Gimme more! Gimme more! I heard your fans… – Sorry about that. Gotta to go coz I heard my beloved wife calling me to buy her a packet of belacan and santan kepala.

    Dear Man,

    I don’t think I have fans lah… I have friends, more like it. Thanks for always being supportive. 🙂

  5. untuk berkata, bertemu dan bercerita…sweetly elviza’s

    berkata sayang, bertemu kasih dan bercerita cinta..

    Dear Kamal,

    The pathetic poem I wrote shortly after reading the book Ayat-Ayat Cinta. Macam familiar jer kan? LOL

  6. @sherry-norjane

    Now I know!…
    Dalam diam-diam ni, rupa-rupanya you have it… the artistic and all the while, “hidden side”. Someone who spends a lot of the time with NUMBERS; debit, credit, balance sheets… di dalam diri… 🙂

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