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12 Midnight

Dearest Phantom,

It has been quiet a while since we last wrote to each other, so much so that my pencil grew blunt, my acid-free moleskine paper turned yellowish with the passing of time.

However, I must tell you news of great importance and I do hope that the postman will deliver this snail mail on time.

I have been invited to be a guest on RTM’s Blog Program, which would be aired live on RTM 1 this Sunday, 23 November 2008, at 8.40 p.m.

A little humming bird has informed me that the host will want to talk to me about my blog and current affairs. Honestly Phantom, what do I know about current affairs?

All said and done, I shall try not to disappoint you and to look my best this Sunday night.

Until then, my dearest friend.

Yours Sincerely,
Write Away


32 thoughts on “RTM Blog Program

  1. “Honestly Phantom, what do I know about current affairs?”
    There was one person near the Thai border who would have qualified as a legitimate Phantom. He was someone who had left comments at various blogs, whose handle was relatively known enough “in some circles”, BUT whom nobody had ever met … the last due to his habitual avoidance of contact with “non-AADK people”.

    But a couple of shamans in Kuantan (who also know a bit about PER, DY and EPS) did the almost-impossible by coaxing him into the daylight… And last Wednesday, one extraordinary sorcerer from the swamps of east Kalimantan exorcised this phantom’s fear of mortals by teleporting him to Bangsar…

    As for your lament; the former Phantom, who was interviewed on BBC Radio once in the mid-90’s, has this to say: He didn’t know too much either. So, he didn’t pretend to REALLY know what “experts know” and just talked about what he did know. Don’t worry, Be yourself and everything will be great.

  2. I could kiss the whole RTM now for making u go live!

    Now I can see the lady of my dream in person.

    Hoefully she finally agree one day to have coffee with me 😦


    I must make sure to tune in to TV1.. a channel which I seldom tune in to. I am now imagining a lady talking away her thoughts scribbled on her moleskine book and mesmerized the nation in confidence…I can’t wait!

  4. Mat Cendana just informed me about this a few minutes ago on my blog. I will make myself available to watch this.. better have my shower and dinner early too. Best of luck with your interview..haha..

  5. Dear Elviza…

    I’ve watched the blog programme (TV1)..You are brilliant, unfortunately the programme should have been 1 hour so more issues can be discuss.

  6. Just finished watching the RTM Blog program. You said it well except that the interviewer took away half of the show and trying to lead you towards what he wanted you to say, more than what’s in your opinion.. that’s to show how much RTM is government controlled.

  7. I agree with what GUiKP and Azah have mentioned here – AND MORE.A miserable 20 minutes for someone who obviously has so much to say!:-( Well, it was better than nothing, I suppose.

    I have SO MUCH to say about you being on TV… Gonna write a post about it. “Recovery” or “Cendana Blues”? I dunno yet – “Recovery” I suppose, since you had mentioned “meeting former drug addicts”.


  8. Pingback: Elviza on RTM’s TV1 "Blog" programme « Recovery from Drug Addiction

  9. Sawasdee Krap!

    So sorry had to miss .. Wonder when they gonna re-run it. Did you look your best? I think for sure you must’ve been BRILLIANT!

    Love from Muong Kluong, Krabi.

  10. Saja tunggu after the program baru nak comment. Ingat-ingatkan bolehlah nak comment ala-ala reality shows punya jury… pitching lari ke apa ke… πŸ™‚

    Ah well, you did well my dear. Congrats!

  11. Damn! I wrongly wrote my comment on your About page.

    Here s what I think about the show…..

    After watching you in RTM last night, I finally understand that it is not the fact that you are a gifted author or your striking look or your eloquence in giving your opinion.

    Its your BRAIN that makes you damn sexy!

  12. Saw u on blog programme, agree with u on your comments of struggling while doing A level, yeah me to0…. but at the moment we cant teach all subjects in English because we need to consider of student in rural area and the teachers. Most of teachers who are not fluent in English as they are coming from local University.

    continue soon

  13. English is not only used in teaching Science and Mathematics but in secondary school, English should be implement in teaching Information Communication Technology (ICT) especially for Form 1 (ICTL), as the terms in IT are totally opposite when it is translated in Bahasa Malaysia. However, if I’m not mistaken (correct me if I’m wrong) some of the local Universities still using Bahasa Melaysia in teaching IT courses.

  14. congratulation, elviza!

    according to mat cendana you were great. πŸ˜€

    i was just about to feel sorry for myself (again) because i never got to see any of the interviews so far and would probably only read about this one with you too when i saw pi’s comment giving the link.

    thank you, pi! god bless, you’re the best. !

  15. salam,

    saya menonton program Blog malam tadi dan saya sangat tertarik dengan komen puan tentang jati diri. Tapi sayang, sekejap sangat program tu, kalau 1 jam rasanya lebih banyak yang boleh dikongsikan. Apapun, Congrats..

  16. missed the show, but a write up abt u in mat cendana brought me here. i like what i read…will come regularly from now on….how have i managed not to find ur blog earlier…uhuks.

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