Forum Rakyat “No to ISA”

This is post is scribbled in a haste, please forgive its flaws.

I received an email from blogging brother, Amin Iskandar, seeking cooperation to spread the words around about the forum, details of which are as follows:

Forum Rakyat “No to ISA”

Arus Pergolakan Politik di Malaysia, diantara harapan dan cabaran. Satu penilaian semula.

Tarikh: 1 Disember 2008

Hari: Isnin

Masa: 8 Malam

Tempat: Auditorium Bar Council,
Leboh Pasar Besar,
Kuala Lumpur.

Ahli Panel:

1) Sdr. Hishamuddin Rais (Aktivis Reformasi, Kolumnis)
2) Tn Hj. Mohammad Sabu (Naib Presiden PAS)
3) Sdri. Teresa Kok (Ahli Parlimen Seputeh)
4) Raja Petra Kamarudin (Editor Malaysia Today)
5) T S Thenintharan (Indian Opressed Group)
6) Syed Ibrahim (Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA)
7) Faridzun Nasaruddin (Jurucakap Mahasiswa Mansuhkan ISA dan AUKU)

Anjuran: Cakap Rakyat Group.

It is a shame that I have prior engagement at the same time with the forum. Other than that, I see you bloggers and commentators at the high-tea tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Forum Rakyat “No to ISA”

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  3. Why No To ISA????????? ISA is good when you do the right thing…and ISA not good if things implemented not right. Did you know…oh….I guess you know, that the police can put you on detention at lock up at anytime without NEED to inform anyone about you at anytime they want and at how many hours they want. And the police can enter via raid anyone house at anytime without warrant, just enough a Sargeant/Inspector write a letter for approval or accompany at least by a Sargeant if he is not sick! Why you all never mention this as the most interruption privacy act instead you all yell and yell with your glamour hunting ISA to gain political attention. ISA not good if the situation is cool but ISA is good to calm down the tension situation. The police will come to your house anytime as a surprise guess. No worry, no coffee needed.
    Welcome TENTERAM MALAYSIA, the new unit organisation for KETENTERAMAN AWAM, and will take over the PDRM as to be close in a little time.
    Hemmmmmmm…MAIN TALENT.

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