Bloggers High Tea @ Royale Bintang

I am sorry, I have nothing to write about this awesome get-together because that bad boy, Mat Salo, has yet to email me the pictures. Please call and berate him for me. Thank you very much.

(Updated at 11:00 a.m.)

Ah, my brother Kerp finally text me on the elusive bad boy’s photo buckets. Now I can write the story. I first told Sofian of Tea & Scones fame that I wanted to write about the gathering with two sentences followed by tonnes of pictures. The two sentences are:

i) They met.
ii) They had loads of fun.

To which he looked at me, forehead frowned in confusion, “that’s all?”

So, I thought best I write it in point forms before the best English writer in blogsphere thinks that I am insane. I observed the following anecdotes about the meeting:

  • Mat Salo the organiser failed to obtain a permit. He is going to jail – that I have no doubt.
  • Nuraina Samad looks too good for someone her age. Its a sin.
  • Syed Ahmad Idid is the nicest judge on the face of the earth. Wish he presides in KL Court while I am still practising.
  • Raden Galoh came straight from Hospital and the two doctors who came – Dr. TA and Dr. Haizal (WanShana’s husband) – have no objection to that.
  • Mrs TA and her son Hafiz look like sister and brother. That’s just unfair.
  • Wanshana lied about her age. She is in her late twenties, I knew it.
  • My mak angkat, Maria Samad, left Abg Ruslani for few hours, who is not well, to come and meet us.
  • Anu loves Mat Salo more than me. Ask her why.
  • Shah Cakapaje is single and hot/cold. Please cancel the necessary.
  • Mat Salo captured the image of Eleena smiling. Which is very rare.
  • Chegu Nazir of Kata Tak Nak came all the way from Penang for the bash.
  • Pi Bani came with KeretaPI.
  • Kerp conveniently roped me in the organising committee. Wrong!
  • It is always a pleasure to meet Pokku and Pak Idrus.
  • Fauziah X Matters recognised me first before I have an inkling who she is. Malunya!
  • And I, I met Mat Bangkai. In Anu Radha’s words, “I hate you! It’s obscene to have so much talent.” A statement of which I agree 100%.
  • Too much coffee & teh tarik being consumed, too much cigarettes being smoked, too much food being eaten. But they are just special people – to me at least.

31 thoughts on “Bloggers High Tea @ Royale Bintang

  1. I heard from one of the bloggers (who didnt want to be named) that you are a warm and compassionate person. I said I could see that from your writing and obvious affection to Kerpov.

    Hope to see you in person soon.

    Dear Hashim,

    I am not sure this does justice to my actual position. Hope I don’t disappoint you when we finally meet in person. Regards to the wife.

  2. When celebrity bloggers meet, I feel intimidated…Hehe…I only recognize a few faces though. Now I could ask for a photo/autograph if I bump into any of you πŸ™‚

    Celebrity bloggers? Ohhh… you mean Nuraina and that Mat Salo boy? Course they are. Why didn’t you join us all? Please come the next time around. Would love dearly to meet you in person.

  3. your observations rawks! πŸ˜€

    but i still dunno which one is mat bangkai.

    his last name doesn’t happen to be syukur ah, elvi?

    Dear Mekyam,

    Aah, I am sure which one is Mat Bangkai is self-explanatory. But if you still don’t get it, I ll tell you over lunch, on you! πŸ™‚

  4. Elviza,

    It was REALLY nice to have finally met you and the other power bloggers in the flesh on Saturday. Both Haizal and I were rather worried because we had never met any one of you before (apart from Kak Ena and Kak Ton), but our worries were totally baseless as we felt so at home that afternoon:). Thank you. And I also have to thank Ahmad Kerpov for extending the invitation to us πŸ™‚

    Yes, Elviza – I lied about my age. I AM actually 29, just as you guessed…(yeah, right…IN MY DREAMS…Hahaha!)

    Hey, you look really good, okay? (In fact MORE than “really good” :))

    Take care, dear.

    Dear Wanshana,

    It must have been a relief for Haizal that everyone is happy to see him, am sure none of his patients would want to meet him voluntarily!

    See! Told you all she lied about her age. Would call you if I go the UM’s law library so that we could have lunch together.

  5. Yay!!! I got 2 victims (a doctor and a lawyer) with my “I naik keretaPi” line!

    And oh, how was ‘your wedding’ that night? πŸ˜‰

    Ishhhh budak Pi nih… I stand corrected ma’am, “my wedding” apparently went very well! LOL

  6. Bad Boy eh? I dunno if that was a faux pas on your part when you got up to leave (hmm, simultaneously with, err – kenot say) saying, ‘I’ve got to go my wedding tonight’. MY wedding? Now m’lady, who’s the bad girl eh? πŸ˜‰

    Err, the ‘wide smile’ part is due to the 11-16mm nature of the lens. Makes everything else wide, unfortunately. Bums especially. I just found out in an online photo geek forum that women absolutely HATE this lens… πŸ™‚

    Hey, shouldn’t you point out to mekyam who the mystery ‘roadkill riter’ is? *hint* he’s not the guy in the baju melayu who spent 9 months in Kamunting under Ops Lallang way back in ’87.

    Ahem! For your information, that “new friend” of ours didn’t even say goodbye to me. He is so rude! πŸ™‚

    I am not a bad girl! (Defensive tak tentu pasal!)

    Now it explains why I look fat in your pics. Go on then, buy a new one, the one that will make me slimmer. Heh.

  7. i’d say exactly the same thing if i were in say, Kak Pi’s blog but since this one belongs to Elviza, i shall let it out loud- ELVIZA IS THE BEST SISTER IN THE WORLD! hehe…

    ok luv, you’re officially part of the committee from now on.

    Ye lah tuh…

  8. Elviza

    It’s obscene to have so much talent?

    Nah! I’m just obscene. Period.

    Hah, the elusive, best English writer in blogsphere decided to waste his time and left a comment on my blog. The honour is mine, Sire.

  9. Sis, seems like the crowd is getting bigger and better each time ya? Im blog-hopping to other blogs with the meet-up posts!

    And it won’t be perfect until we meet you!

  10. Elviza, I did had a great time. The next one in Malacca, at the resort where I have my second home! . Have a nice day and take care.


    We absolutely must go to Mallaca. Look forward to it Pak and thanks for the good words you gave RTM. πŸ™‚

  11. that hint from ms did whack it in me.

    but i’d still be delighted to munch lunch with you [on me, of course!] neeways. i’m sure there are many other things you can tell me. πŸ˜€

    that’s a date ok, for when i’m in town.

    Okay then, give me a shout whenever you are in town lady

  12. Salam Elviza
    I recognised you first because I saw you on RTM’s “Blog” programme.
    Now, I can put faces to the bloggers whose blogs I frequently visit.

    It s really a pleasure to finally meet you in person.

  13. Elvisa thanks for being a gracious co-host. It was immensely successful and being new to everyone you people surely made me feel welcome. Thanks again and looking forward to Malacca.

    Chegu, sorry I didn’t actually get to talk to you as much as I wanted to, as it is always the case whenever few bloggers gather around over too much of cuppas. See ya in Malacca.

  14. I felt so pleased and satisfied when I received your SMS around 5.30PM that day. It was raining heavily here and I was worried it might have been so in KL too – and putting a damper on the event. The fact that the “noon-3PM” gathering had extended beyond that was a sure indication that it was a roaring success.

    I’m impressed with the quality of the pictures considering a flash was not used. I wonder how expensive the camera must have been.


    Trust me, it is expansive. Mat Salo doesn’t have anything better to spend his money on.

  15. Salam Elviza

    Not Invited @ orang2 tak terkenal like me boleh join ke? Teringin sangat2…

    Sherry, everyone is welcomed to come. Just everyone…

  16. how to get invited? hehehe, i am asking dengan muka tak malu!!


    We blasted it all over the net I think. Or, at least, Mat Salo and Shahrir did so.

  17. eheh.. Its almost the same photos with Mat Salo’s. Wow, thats the spirit of bloggers.. one camera man for all blogs. Its so ashame of me, didn’t turn up. Mat Salo sent me an email and sms as soon as he drop down from airasia plane back from Krabi. My appologies. Well I did sent my salam by sms to all through Mat boy. Did he ???? haha.. I’m glad you all had a wonderful time. Bye..

    No!! He didnt! Bad boy Mat Salo didnt do that…

  18. …and I missed all the fun…
    Any wall I can bang my head at?

    Little Bro, there s always next time dear… or you could bump into me again, let’s say, at Low Yatt? πŸ™‚

  19. @sherry
    Haha! Sekarang baru menyesal, ya.
    Itu lah; your blog is semi-private – kita nak include dalam links, dia hesitate.

    But anyway, the organisers – Elviza especially – must have thought that you might be too shy to turn up. Takpa, the next time they hold it, I’ll keep you informed – you can bet on that. Even if I were not to make it, I hope you, Nazmi and your children might be able to. Like what Elviza had SMS to me, “Don’t worry, there will be another one.”

  20. Salam Mish:

    “Mrs TA and her son Hafiz look like sister and brother. That’s just unfair.”

    What unfair? Wasn’t it unfair too when you pointed me to Mrs TA and Hafiz and you said:” Hah! Tu nampak macam bapak!”

    Didn’t I tell you that I am 17!

    Sigh!! Doc, you must learn two things:-

    1) Mrs. TA looks wayyyy younger than you;
    2) Nobody could read your handwriting. Muahahaahahha!

  21. Hi Elviza, sorry to kacau daun kat your blog…

    I always thought online bloggers are a bunch of anonymous people… but it seems ada some sort of social club lak!

    Anyhow, I dont know the people in the photos except you (since I pernah tgk your photo) and that “highly obscene beyond repair son-of-a-bull” Mat Bangkai. Dont tell Bangkai I said that! Hahaha!

    Dear Digitalpix,

    Next time you must come, so that we wont be friends on facebook and blogs only. Yeah, wont tell MB a thing about what you said.

  22. Elviza,
    Whenever and wherever kerpov is around, he will be the star, sighhh…. I really envy this man.


    He was just born to be a star. Its in the blood – nothing you could do about it.

  23. Sis, begging your permission with a message to all who commented:

    This meet was not a closed-door meet and one needs no invitation – everyone, especially bloggers, are invited. No need to tebal muka or wall. Its not a political meet, nor is it a wild roman party. Oops!

    Anyway, when we have it next – insyAllah in about 3 months time – please do come! But do inform Elviza or Mat Salo, or myself beforehand. Thing is, we need to gauge the size of the expected crowd. Thanks.

    You need not my permission to do that lah Shahrir… πŸ™‚

  24. Poor Daphne didn’t get to go and ber-posing with all the big-shots…;( And Daphne’s tummy wishes to add she is very upset at missing the food…

    We ll have one more whenever you are back in town, dear..

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