Enraged Mother Nature

Updated at 6.47 p.m.:  Marina sent a text message informing that she is working on the phone to get food and water to the evacuees. The husband, who is currently at the landslide area with Pemuda UMNO Bukit Bintang, informed that the evacuees have to be relocated since movement has been detected in the rubble. They are now ferrying the evacuees to various  locations. God save them all. InsyaAllah.

Malaysiakini: Bukit Antarabangsa landslide tragedy, 4 killed, 1 missing.

Hell hath no fury like an enraged mother nature.
Whenever the hand of greed interferes,
Lives become cheap.
We have never learned,
We will never learn.

Postscript 1: Marina Mahathir’s  facebook status called for volunteers as the evacuees need water and food. Please call Aziz at 016-9007763.

Postscript 2: I am fervently praying for the safety of dear friends, Che Wan & Oyern.

(Pictures stolen from here)


12 thoughts on “Enraged Mother Nature

  1. Salam sis,

    Got your text, thank you. But earlier this afternoon, Doctor Lo’lo, together with the Lajnah Kebajikan PAS Pusat, as well as the Kelab Kami Prihatin, visited the area as well as at least one of the centers where the residents are temporarily placed. InsyAllah, I will update you later on that.

  2. Thanks for the text sis.

    Its time for us to do the pengorbanan fr these victims.

    On the subject of dill development: Do we ever learn anything from it?
    What Dr Benjamin George said is true: it will happen again.
    Why? Human factor: Greed.

  3. selamat hari raya haji to you and yours, elviza.

    and i add my prayers to victims of this horrible tragedy as well as to the rescuers and rescue attempts.

  4. Salam Eid Mubarrak 1429H, sis. I also missed Big Dog’s RTM debut. As usual, the ever callous, insensitive, amoral and secular Mat Salo always has something else to amuse himself.

    I was sitting behind the mixing console where my brother-in-law was helping out the sound engineer, about 50 feet in front of the stage, watching Edin Karamazov and Sting’s exquisite interplay on the 16th century lute, while the latter sang his beautiful tenor. That’s twice I saw him this year, earlier in February on the Police’s reunion tour in SG that grossed over US300 mil for the trio.,, Sorry for this unnecessary tirade, but I already told you I’m an asshole.

    Anyway, I just came back from sholat EidulAdha where my friend Ustaz Iqbal delivered a stirring sermon on ‘pengorbanan’ vis a vis events in Bukit Antarabangsa… a donation drive was immediately conducted post-khutbah.

    I personally have a classmate who lives up there in a bungalow whose market value shall not be revealed here. This bungalow was further up so it escaped unscathed. Had to leave his three cars up there, including the Jag and leave on foot along with thousands of others.

    Lucky for him his driver had banged the S-Class a bit so it was in the workshop and was already ready for collection. Now he’s in his weekend bungalow in a town up north. Told me the last time this happened Flamingo Hotel in Ampang Point ran a subsidized promo for those affected at RM50/nite. But there weren’t too many affected then… They need to restore access (difficult, I was told) first, and electricity and water later.

    Yes, the least we could do is provide funds.

    God bless you for your good works, Sis.

  5. innalillah..for those who have gone, alfatihah.

    got ur msg pagi tadi elviza.

    i got relatives staying there but alhamdulillah diorg selamat.

  6. Spoke to Aziz. He said food and water….no problem.
    What he needs is a car battery…converted..to charge handphones at the site.
    He said will not cost more than RM200.
    I agree to contribute…but it seems no on….knows how to buy such a product..and send it to him
    It was Amin Iskandar of “blackinkorea” blog..that alerted me to this blog…and he also do not know.

  7. Staring at these keyboards, my thoughts flew fleetingly by. I have never commented on a blog, but the events of recent days compelled this very reluctant entry.

    What do I say? What do I say that has not been already said? Do I talk about the greed? The insatiable appetite and lust for profits? The disgust that I have for the authorities for approving such projects when even common sense dictates otherwise? The “coffee money” that is passed around?

    Or do I comment on our failing memory to remember that this is not the first time that this has happened?

    Or maybe I should talk about the fact that the ones responsible will always get away with it?

    Or should I even entertain the idea that in countries like Korea, the CEOs would be imprisoned for the deaths caused by the negligent acts of their companies? Hmmm… maybe I should talk about this after all…

    But then again, what’s the point? What do I hope to achieve? Change?

    But where do I start this hypothetical change of mine?

    Ah… Now here’s a mirror. Lets start here…

  8. No one knows thee is such a product to charge HP outdoor with car battery.
    So best is..donation…keep on hold…for St.John Ambulance.

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