2 Weddings & 0 Funeral

Ah, it is time to nurse my neurosis again, here at Write Away. As December inches away,  I am inclined to write a line or two in this favorite month of mine. Tonight, the sombre rain soaks the ground in front of me, the smell of heaven permeates the air from the bloom in my small patch of garden. Drops of rain refreshen the grass. 

I am sorry for blocking the previous posting’s comment section. The comments were getting too heated to my liking and I was away on a holiday. It would be despicable to moderate comments from the blackberry in the midst of our 3rd honeymoon. I also apologise for invoking sensitive issue in that last posting, it was never my intention to invoke the fire, please chuck it down to creative writing on my part for I can’t help myself. 

But tonight, let’s talk about weddings. 

I remember my friend Yanti, with her couldn’t careless expression, saying, “I don’t know, I am a born cynic!” Every time I thought of that face of hers, I burst out laughing. Just like Yanti, I am a born cynic.

 I don’t even like my own wedding let alone someone else’s. The thought of my face being caked up like a doll and being displayed in front of hundreds – at times thousands – of guests during the bersanding ceremony is intimidating to me.

I only like one aspect of my wedding: the two dresses sown by Rizalman Ibrahim for my akad and bersanding ceremony. Four wedding anniversaries and a baby down the road later; I could hardly squeeze myself in those dresses for I have succumbed to low metabolism and law of gravity.

But this December, the influx of weddings defy my cynicism. I found myself in tears during Leeya’s wedding at Kelana Jaya mosque. What makes the wedding extra special is the fact that, Leeya has found love again at places she least expected to find it.

Tajul Farhan was her schoolmate and we hang out a lot. How love found them is still beyond my comprehension. However, on Christmas day, Tajul and Leeya went to the mosque with their families and close friends to seal the deal. The serenity of the akad was too much for some of us to bear. I know they will make it, as Leeya will have nothing to fight with Tajul. What is there to fight with someone as cheeky as Jol?

(From left: Sue Tiptra, Kawthar, Yours truly, Tajul, Leeya, Rits, Majmin & Karina)

And at my cousin Ena’s wedding, I found myself in the heat of the wedding – my cynicism notwithstanding. This is a family affair ; there is no avoiding it. Off we went to the mosque again for Ena’s akad. After the khutbah nikah, I was deep in reflection of the past mistakes I had inadvertently done to Jefree. Ah, life is tricky at times, hey?

It’s hard to be cynical in the midst of happiness and prayers. When we sent Ena off to the groom’s house for bertandang, we were showered with beras kunyit, a sign of blessing from the groom’s family. Again, the sweetness of the tradition defied my cynicism.

So defied my cynicism was, Jefree and I actually sat on Ena’s pelamin to bersanding again! Here’s a peep at it:

So my friends, a thousand times good night and till we meet again in a new, and hopefully, better year of 2009.


16 thoughts on “2 Weddings & 0 Funeral

  1. Hi Elviza,

    That first part of your posting.No need to apologise, methink.Posting a comment is a privelege,and it`s the host`s absolute prerogative whether to accept it, or
    otherwise.Aaah!The present times..somehow, there`s no escaping those whose sole intent is to be totally didactic, hell-bent on imposing their own myopic stance on everyone else.Never mind.Our Maker knows our true “nawaitu” in our mind,and in our heart, and that, and only that, matters.

    Well, here`s Seasons Greetings & the Best of Wishes for what promises to be a thoroughly challenging Year of the Ox.It`s going to be a rough year, but as they say, whatever we are doing, no matter how stressed or pressured, don`t forget to pause every once in a while, to catch a deep breath, to smell the grass and the flowers, to luxuriate in the joy of just living life itself, to witness the sunset,or to wake up just as the first light of dawn breaks through the tiring night, heralding the re-birth of yet another new day, bringing with it fresh hopes and renewed vigour and resolve.

    Now, that`s what Life`s all about, and for every blessing and good that comes our way,no matter how trivial in measure, our most profound gratitude and love to He who creates all these,who has made it all possible.We owe Him everything!Aren`t we all blessed?

    My friend,

    Thank you for always being supportive even though I could be wrong at times. Indeed, we are the most blessed ones. As Jack of Titanic says it, “…air in my lung to breathe…”

  2. Salam sis,
    heeheehee…bagus jugak idea duduk bersanding semula di pelamin orang lain tu. manis betul awak berdua. macam tu jugak agaknya dulu ek? hmm…must do that when i have the chance. pas tu suruh anak-anak olok-olok jadi pengapit!!?

    a good year ahead for all of us inshaAllah!

    Salam E,

    Masa bersanding kat pelamin orang lain, sengih-sengih macam kerang busuk, kat pelamin sendiri tak leh – pressure! InsyaAllah, may 2009 be a better year for all of us… Amin, amin, amin

  3. Aaaahhh…..the man sitting next to you is one lucky fellow. Hi Jefri, good to finally see the man who stole our wordsmith’s heart.

    Happy New Year Elviza

    Happy New Year to you too, Hashim. Thank you, for always being so supportive.

  4. Elviza, Happy 2009 to you and yours!
    This posting has so many parallels to my story.
    Remember when we met on 9th December last year? That was our 28th wedding anniversary and we were also going to Sh Leya’s wedding. After the bersanding, we too took the opportunity to pose in front of the dias. Tak bersandinglaaa malu!
    and the second story -on 25th December 10 years ago, a good friend of mine found love again and got married – and like you, I sobbed! hish!!!
    All the best for the new year and beyond.

    Kak Teh,

    We must be sisters in our previous lives! Happy New Year to you and Sir Awang Goneng as well.

  5. Elviza, Selamat Pengatin Baru. Wah! so gorgeous. Have fun. Take care.

    Thank you Pak…Happy New Year to you too and I look forward for out next cup of coffee together with Pokku.

  6. dear Elviza, one of my favorite bloggers.

    both u and Jefree are so sweet.

    all the best for 1430H and 2009. =)

    Radz, I am so honored to be one of your fave bloggers. Not sure I deserve it though! Happy New Year dear…

  7. Sis, you sure those pelamin are not meant to be yours? The color sure does match your baju kurung. *wink*

    Happy New Year to you and Jefree!


    Hah! The whole family was in that colour *wink back*

    Happy New Year to you and Michael too

  8. Isn’t she lovely the Pengantin in light brown ?

    Happy New Year to you and hubby.

    Dato, pengantin lama! He he he hehe …

    Happy new year to you too Sir.

  9. I wish you and your family…a happy and prosperous 2009.
    I wish you..good health ..peace in mind…and a better tomorrow.

    The same wishes go your Sir!

  10. Elviza dear,

    Happy New Year 2009!

    Its been years since I wore a baju melayu and like I told my other half, the only time I will wear one is when I am going to bersanding again … heheh

    Ooooo…guna nick anonymous yer… Jeng jeng jeng! Happy new year Cap!

  11. Hey Mich,

    I miss reading your blog…and while im here, i wanna say thank you for showing up at our bbq party the other night. I wish i could portray how happy i was to have all my close friends over that night. But then the sorrow of having to leave behind the comfort of my home and new found girlfriend is too much for me to handle that night…not to mention that i was physically exhausted after doing the bbq preparation through out the day earlier.

    Well.. next bbq will definitely not be on the eve of my departure..its too tiring both mentally and physically. I wish you all the best for Hijrah 1430 and 2009 Mich. Take care and keep writing away…

    Luq’s Godfather

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