Save IJN

Better late than never. All I want to say is leave IJN alone. Any privatisation is never good to the rakyat. Be back blogging soon, got to wait for the storm in the office to subside first (the aftermath of long holiday in December).

More on bloggers against the privatisation of IJN by Sime Darby on Rocky’s Bru. Click here.


7 thoughts on “Save IJN

  1. Maybe we can apply permits and hold peaceful demonstrations nationwide?Just a suggestion.This is everybody’s interest at stake..urban and kampongs.Thanks.

  2. Hi Sis, we surely need to save IJN. Kinda selfisfh here but living in today’s world of caffeine, calories and pressure, IJN is one of the likeliest place most of us will have to visit one day. Have u seen the SJMC’s charges? Its not an option for an “unemployed” like me and I guess, most of us too. We dont need another IJN, do we?

    Digressing a bit… you looked sooo nice. But I hate going to a wedding. Its like an alarm clock reminding you that your time is up and you have to push the snooze button again and again. Happy new year!!

  3. Hi Elviza

    Happy New Year to you and the family.

    I cannot imagine what kind of medical fees patients will not get once IJN is privatised. I think we have enough greed to go around in other places. Leave IJN alone.

  4. Everybody hate this issue. I can’t imagine how much the cost to get IJN service after privasation. Many of government supporters like me also against this privasation of IJN…

  5. I’m one of those thousand government servants whom 100% depends on IJN for my family medical treatment. Privatization is stripping off our privilege in getting good treatment and medication. Health sector goes privatize then what’s next?

    Save IJN… ‘Katakan Tak Nak’

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