Florence’s Point of View

Ah, the effervescent Florence Looi.

A lawyer-turned-TV personality, Madam Looi, will produce and host NTV 7’s new talk show, Point of View. Her debut show will go on air tonight at 8.30 p.m. with repeats on Mondays at 12 midnight. 

Florence and I used to chamber together at Lee Hishammuddin in 1999. Five years later, she left legal fraternity in search of a greener pasture (who wouldn’t if you are rotting among thousands of lawyers in town?).

We got along like a house on fire. Our friendship was fostered with planning truancy during office hours, artificial rock climbing and cycling at Bukit Cerakah. Totally based on her power of persuasion, she managed to make me jog with her on Sunday mornings! For someone who thinks exercise is worse than childbirth, Florence did a good job in convincing me. 

Florence is an eloquent speaker. She can be rather opinionated at times, but only in getting her point across. She has a wicked sense of humor too. Prior to producing and hosting her own talk show, Florence anchored The Exchange on TV3 for three months. But The Exchange is far too clever for someone like me, so I look forward to watch her on Point of View.

The show will feature a lively debate on current affairs with two or three guests of dissenting points of view. I assume Florence will have to play moderator if the debate gets too heated. I am sure she has no qualm in doing so, her practice in law will lend her a helping hand in being a moderator.

The one-hour show seeks to be informative yet entertaining in pursuit of knowledge and balanced perspective. Let us show Florence our support by watching her on Point of View tonight. 

Good luck mate!


8 thoughts on “Florence’s Point of View

  1. Elviza,

    I like you so chances are I might like her too. Will watch Madam Looi in action tonight.

    Good thing that it starts at 8.30 p.m. Prime new at 8 can be a bore after 20 minutes.

    Break a leg Florence!

  2. You’re not the only one who haven’t been watching The Exchange. For me, The Edge is all I need. But I shall watch Point of View since you mentioned it.

    By the way, I am at Gurney Place now, sipping latte all by myself. The other family members are watching a movie at the GSC upstairs. Gurney Place is so hip…the breeze from Andaman Sea, the tall old trees almost reaching the sixth floor of Gurney Plaza, and the charming local people.

  3. Another nice post, Elviza.
    Like Hashim, I think I might like her for the very same reasons.

    There was something that I was quite surprised with – the one about “rotting among thousands of lawyers in town”. Is it really this bad?

    And to think that this is the field my father had dreamed of wanting me to enter. Well, it was circa end 70’s – probably a time when “everyone isn’t a lawyer” (I remember you saying this when we met last Nov 19… and I had used it “somewhere” today)

    I’ve noticed something – the “Notify via email” in WordPress. Looks like I’ll have to change my template…

  4. GAWD! Michelle, this is my coursemate while we were in Manchester!!! We were in the same batch there! One of three Malaysian of our batch. Please say hi to her, i have not seen her for ages! Last i heard she was in China or Vietnam or somewhere exotic…

  5. this is the fist time for a friday night (thanks to CNY break) that i have the opportunity to watch `point of view’ talk show. The topic discussed tonight 30th Jan was on ISA relevance in today’s Malaysia.

    Bravo. Not because i am supporting any sides though i do have my opinion, but because I think that this kind of shows would stimulate and display Malaysian’s maturity.

    Hence, I totally disagree with the first guest (forgot the name) who have mentioned that Malaysians are not ready for open debates.

    In fact, debates allows fair opportunities of opinions, and also beneficial for other viewers to ponder both sides of the opinion before making their own judgement. However, we must be mindful with the selection of the guests (non-political). I always have a negative thought that the media misled us by only exposing biased news. But debates (LIVE) will reveal the truth.

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