Secawan kopi di pagi Isnin

Di atas meja ada: komputer riba Apple, secawan latte yang mahal (bukannya saya menyokong Starbucks tetapi saya ketagih minuman ini), satu buku nota moleskine yang buruk dan 2 batang pencil 2B yang tumpul. Kerja pun tak banyak, kakitangan pejabat takut hendak bertanya, sebab semua boss asyik bad mood kebelakangan ini. Boss yang sedang menulis sekarang ini, paling teruk bad mood nya. 

Walaupun sudah dimangkin otak dengan kafein, isinya tetap kosong. Ketandusan idea. Kontang bagai laut pasir di Sahara. 

Balik rumah jaga anak lagi bagus. 

Nota kaki: Sahabat saya, Mat Salo, baru sahaja menulis satu cerita pendek yang tegar. Sila klik di sini untuk membacanya.


8 thoughts on “Secawan kopi di pagi Isnin

  1. Elviza, Coffee is always great and the brand made it even better. So what is it with you on ‘Starbucks’ ?. It is still a brand for fine living, the coffee is great and enjoyed by most. It enhances the quality one’s life.

    Enjoy the day and nak marah marahlah!.

    Have a nice day anyway. Take care.

  2. Elviza…

    You should try Italian caffe, their caffe is the best. Definitely you’ll get addicted to it. Starbucks, Coffee Bean etc is nothing compared to Italian caffe. Il caffe migliore nel mondo e i piu deliziosi io ho assaggiato.

    Abbia un giorno bellissimo Elviza, incidentalmente mi piace il quando ti dice “balik rumah jaga anak lagi bagus” because I would always say that too. 🙂

  3. ‘Balik rumah jaga anak lagi bagus’

    tapi bagi orang yang tiap2 hari jaga anak 24/7…
    kalau dapat…

    pegi office minum secawan latte yang mahal pun bagus juga… 😛

    grass is always greener on the side, dear Elv..

    yang marah juga duduk di rumah,

  4. Hi kak,

    Like you, I am addicted to the coffee there, the free wifi and it surely helped me to kick-start the week. Or celebrate the fact fact that the week is over.

    I tried telling myself, who cares that this place received “the Israel 50th Anniversary Friend of Zion Tribute Award?” I love the coffee and that is all that matters.

    But it came to a time that I could not swallow the bitterness of its coffee anymore. Shabra and shattila said it all. And I may not contribute much but the though that my 50 sen might be used to shattter the brain of another being, a 6-year old, a mother or whoever, killed my addiction.

    But that is my personal take.

  5. Oh dear, you just about killed just about every good graces I have with women! Some will be find it disgusting (I sort of realized it AFTER I hit “publish”) and they will shake their heads and wonder how you could ever associate yourself with that fool! 🙂

    Sis, I sensed a sea change in you, from your recent entries I mean. A mellowing? .. I think you’ve been doing a lot of thinking. About your friend who’s ‘looking for love’, ha ha, one of my classmates said in an email in response to my story was I re-hashed the age-old theme “looking for love (in all the wrong places)”, a Waylon Jennings tune. It could apply to your friend too, except that she probably looked in all “the right places”of course.

    You know me, I get moved by the oddest of things. One of my favorite songs is “Banks of The Clyde” by Linda Thompson. It tells the story of a er, “pro”, in the 16th or 17th century who traveled to London to find ‘fame and fortune’ but ended up ‘selling men my bodies, my heart, my soul’. She’s old, dying, and wants to get back in the bosom of her family up in Scotland before she dies. My eyes cannot help but mist when she sings the refrain. Aiyuh, I think I’m beyond redemption lah.

    OK sorry to deface your pristine blog here and piss off your visitors. I wonder sometimes why, as I age, I care less and less what others think? Except YOU.. what you think of me. Always you.

  6. tenang-tenang saje sis. kalau masih ketandusan setelah berkopi, cuba minum teh pulak, barangkali.

    pasal saudara feisal kita tu, mungkin beliau kena kerap pulang rumah?

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