Book Review: Waiter Rant

Ah, how do I describe Steve Dublanica, the author of the sensational book Waiter Rant? He is, first and foremost, a quintessential New York waiter. This book – blook if you are being fussy – is born from Dublanica’s award-winning blog, The Waiter Rant. The blog garners million of hits and comments – both constructive and destructive – propelling its owner, now turned published author, to a dizzying heights of fame. To be honest, I envy Dublanica’s stroke of luck.

On the contrary, Dublanica’s life, some nine years ago, was dismal at its best. Unceremoniously laid-off from a health care company, he sought his brother’s help to make him a waiter at an Italian restaurant, Amici’s. Dublanica soon discovered the neurotic working environment in a restaurant, when a fellow waiter trying to decide whether or not he is gay.

Having failed to fend off insane owner and backstabbing at Amici’s, he was later fired from the restaurant. He quickly resurrected from his misery after being employed as chief waiter by Fluvio – Amici’s previous cook. Dublanica fancied himself as the “Waiter Jedi” of The Bistro, where he towered above other waiters and waitress when he got  to decide on the shifts.

Six year later, Dublanica woke up and, well, found himself still a waiter. From what he deemed as an in-between job in his life had turned into a career. Perhaps, that explains the cynicism in his writing. Trapped in such a thankless job, as your monthly income depends largely on the tips you get, Murray began describing his stint at The Bistro in an anonymous blog.  He shielded his identity to protect the interest of the establishment.

The story – tied up in a form of restaurant anecdotes, captivating dialogues and his personal life – is set against the backdrop of New York at current time. Environment of the restaurant business in America is best described as “the survival of the fittest,” where the waiters fight for the best time to work to earn more tips above their meager basic salary. However, I am guessing, the author’s wits pull the reader closer to him – if not, it is his blatant honesty which tantamount to vulgarity at times.

If you are looking for literary  writer, Murray, would not satisfy your appetite. But, if you are looking for a nouveau, light-hearted, honest-to-god writing, this book is a perfect choice. 

The book retails at RM60 (I think) at Borders. 


6 thoughts on “Book Review: Waiter Rant

  1. hi Elviza

    You never know, the same stroke of luck might hit your blog and I’ll be in the queue for YOUR book! Interesting review, I might just have a read. Sounds biographical.

  2. Elviza

    Hmmm, lets see (1)this guy worked in healthcare; (2)got fired (retrenched?); (3)became a waiter; (4)got his blog published as a book; (5) became a bona fide writer and got fame thrust at him.

    I work in healthcare. One out of five ain’t bad, I guess 🙂 But I dont relish he prospect of getting fired/retrenched, though

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