Dusk in Teluk Kemang

(Originally written on 25 January 2008, at Guoman, Port Dickson)

“Aku suka senja.” Tiga perkataan keluar dari mulut setelah sejam dia membisu.

“Kenapa?” Aku tanya dia.

“Langit dan laut jadi satu…”

Snippet of that decade-long conversation flashes on my mind as I sit here watching dusk turns itself into night.

Sea of ebony kisses the feet of the sky before my eyes. He is right, after all.

If Port Dickson has ever let you down for being too touristy; or of dying an untimely death for want of better care – spend a night a Guoman and walk down to their privately maintained beach. You would find a long stretch of pearly sand, untainted by human activities.

I could describe this moment until dawn but I am going to pencil off, shut my eyes and breathe this crispy air before it ends. After all, sunset at Teluk Kemang is best immortalized with lenses for mere words could never do justice to this beauty.


13 thoughts on “Dusk in Teluk Kemang

  1. I heard this is where kolet boys love to hang out esp mat salo.

    I can now see why, the scribber is as sweet as the writing. Adios Elviza!

  2. Elviza,

    Not everyone can afford Guoman & Avillion 🙂 and I noticed that you keep reviewing about expansive hotels.

    But at least you smiled to me eventhough you havent met me in your life few weeks ago in Bangsar. It shows that you are a real person. Looking forward to read your musing about books and travelouge again.

  3. I just tahu Teluk Kemang is one of the places to view the anak bulan to confirm the fasting month right? Then the sky must be really clear and beautiful out there..romantic and very similar to the famous romantic Bali beach.
    Psst..have not been to Teluk Kemang and Bali..hehe

  4. on the contrary, i’d prefer PD’s sunrise anytime. the fresh and cool air is simply priceless. but you need to be equipped with a cup of hot coffee, a few sticks preferrably an american brand and you’re off to a great day ahead.

  5. Beautiful words and sentences blended very sweet and perfect. I love to read your writings.. just love it..

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