So you think you can write?

Life is fragile.

What a gross understatement.

Life is a freaky roller-coaster ride I can’t wait for it to end sometimes.

Just when I thought everything is breezy in the office today, so that I could actually put a pencil to real paper, with hope to write a short story or two – Bang! 

Don’t kid yourself, silly woman. 

As of quarter to 12 this morning, I have on my desk: 

1) Three unlisted files at Shah Alam high court because they decided to transfer the files to the new court. Of course, the files went missing in the process. I have no clue what to tell the client.

2) One file got struck off last week because my good-looking-smelling-like-a-million-buck idiot of a clerk forgotten to minute the master diary. Enough said. No further elaboration needed here. Perhaps, I should mention that I probably need to go down on both knees and grovel to the Timbalan Pendaftar to reinstate the case.

3) The four wheeler, which is still in Naza’s garage, will not see any light of the day any time soon since Allianz is not covering the whole damage. Naza and Allianz are trying to shift the blame on “this is not our fault” kind of thing. If you ask me, don’t buy anything (even if it is only a keychain) from Naza or Proton. And sharing car with your spouse is a nightmare.

I have written zero words on the short story except that I have drawn a star, which sadly looks like a flower, on the Moleskine. But, yesterday, when I had all the time in the world to write, I actually baked a cream cheese butter cake from scratch (thanks to Ummi’s blog) and bragged about it to my friends.

Let me put this misery into perspective: like many aspiring authors out there, I write only when my “muse” is around, and this muse (god bless him/her) is a tricky person. The more I chase him, the more elusive he would be.

Now I have unthinkingly written 330 words. Not bad day for my writing aspiration/perspiration. 

Postscript: Can I still interest you to read Hassan’s story? 


21 thoughts on “So you think you can write?

  1. Muses are like that, you know. Sometimes they go off playing silly buggers – and just when you need them most.

    Sir B,

    Playing silly buggers? What do u mean? 🙂

  2. Glad to hear/read ur rambling sista… whatever u write, u write with passion even though u said u have no idea… hahaha 330 words and u said nothing to write… you are so down to earth darling sis…

    love you so much lah. what to do? cannot help it!

    I love you too, Darling…

  3. Elviza,

    A bit of Zen may help overcome that writer`s mental block.Give it time, give it some space, and the muse will surely be back.The more you covet something, or pine for someone, the more you must let go, the better for you to step back, and let things sort itself out.Never, ever force things to happen.Trust me, they will happen.. the universe has its own natural order, its own natural scheme of things…like water, its natural flow fills up voids and space.

    Want to know something? You are doing brilliantly, so far,even when you are writing about virtually “nothing”.

    Good luck with that cooking!

    Azman (can I call you that?),

    At the rate I am going, I don’t needa zen; what I need is an overhaul of the brain! LOL.

    The cooking is going alright, haven’t burnt anything yet so far (touch wood). Thank you for always being so nice .

  4. Sayang, CJ could give you live-experience advise on item 2. But, of course you and Jeff are weaved from better fibre. How’s big boy Luc?

    My Zorro,

    Not sure about the other half but I am definitely made of different fibre :-))

    Big boy Luke is REALLY big now!

  5. Hey, can I volunteer for the job of muse? My name ain’t Helmi, okay? But I don’t come cheap you know, a pack of Top Leaf Dunhills and two.. aah… 😉

    Hey back, the thing about muse is that you can’t apply for the job. They are just born to be muses. How are things going with you? When are you home again?

  6. Sorry to hear about those troubles. I had spent a few months being a busybody at a kampung lawyer’s office once and I can imagine to an extent what those screw-ups mean.

    As for writing, I don’t know how it is with you; however, I find that when you try hard, it becomes even more difficult to come out. Which is why I subscribe to the “Just write” without thinking too much about anything else – the editing, re-arranging of paragraphs etc can come later.

    BTW thanks for putting up the link to “Hassan” – it was so deep inside the archives that I’d most probably have missed seeing it until Christmas 2009 at least. Say, that should give you an idea – occasionally, why not put the link to some older post at the end of a new one?


    I heard so much about “just-write-no-thinking” way, must give it a try soon. Hassan is my first effort to write short story. But haven’t got the guts to put it out yet. 🙂

  7. Elviza,

    Bizzarely, even when you seemed bereft (I learned this word from you!) of ideas, you were still writing with poise like no others. Keep on doing this, I know you’ll mature like good old wine with lots of books under your belt.

    Almost forgotten bout the Hassan’s story, are you finally telling us now?


    I am bereft of a muse, my dear… and I am still at it as we speak. You are too generous with compliments. I am sure I cannot do justice to it. Thank you.

  8. Are you sure its 330 words? Last time I met you, you still cannot count. Tehhheeeeeeehehehehe!


    I still cannot count to save my life! Shhhhhh!

  9. Hoi! What’s this rumors going around that you want to quit blogging? Is that true? Apsal? Kalau betul, apa aku nak baca when I am bored in the office, silly woman!

    Baca suratkabar lah kawan… or Malaysiakini?

  10. hi elviza,

    I came across your blog quite by accident. I think you’re quite funny, regaling us with your little “exploits”. I thoroughly enjoy reading your stories.

    I’m happy to note that you have deep interest in writing. I have also discovered (by going through you earlier posts), that you are quite a late starter.

    I laud you on your steadfastness and resolve to achieve your “goal”, your ambition….as if being a lawyer is not enough. Bravo.

    I must also commend you for a marked improvement in your English. You have really persevered to improve your English and therefore, your writing skill.

    I notice that you were a little awkward in your writing much earlier in your blog….odd construction of sentences and use of certain words, poor grammar …but it really goes to show that anything is possible. An inspiration indeed to those who’ve had problems with the use of English.

    Do keep up the good work. Soon, there’ll be a book by you, eh? Bravo!

    Dear Mashita,

    Thank you for visiting.

    What a constructive criticism I got from you and I can never thank you enough for it.

  11. Oh… shoot. Elviza is not good enough? Her english got problem? Grammar problem some more? Darn, she is my mentor for goodness sake! Where will that put me?

    What should I do now? Go back to Form three?

    Panic. Panic.

    Dear Jean,

    Oh, don’t worry dear (apart from you really shouldn’t make me your mentor, no, no, no!), for me, everything is a learning process – reading, writing, cooking, working, cleaning, mothering – and English is indeed a tricky language (for me at least).

    Thank you for the kind words though.

  12. Elviza,

    Grammatical mistake is unavoidable – even to the best of us – in almost all composition. I still spot few of them in our local newspaper.

    At the end of the day, its your talent to tell a story and ability to amuse us with your anecdotes that I find extraordinary.

    Write that book already, my girl!


    Thank you for being supportive.

  13. This good looking smelling like a million bucks staff of yours is as charming and as gorgeous as you is it?

    Cause if she is I’d like her number pls 🙂


    🙂 can…

  14. No new post? Discouraged? Writer’s block? Or you really want to quit blogging now?

    I smsed u few days ago, no reply. U not in town? Or troubles in paradise? Why am I asking so many questions….

    Weh, can I answer during coffee instead, old friend?

  15. In the middle searching old friends, found your website.Just passing by.By the way, your website have great content! 🙂

    Thank you, Glen. Please drop by again.

  16. Aaahhh….anoher lawyer trapped in an artistic soul. My best friend, also a lawyer, spends her free time in theoffice sketching people’s face.

    Found your link through Nuraina’s blog and I have to say that the contents are informative and the style different. Keep it up yah…


    That’s right, madam, we are the weird lot.. hehehehe

  17. Funny…and not funny at the same time. But it you ever feel like reviewing a book, since you like Hemingway…review ‘The Paris Diaries’…it has been a while since some writes about really living. I decided to take a crack at it. We need some adventurers in the world of literature.

    Never, ever give up on your dreams…just make them happen.

    Dear Marilyn (what a nice name),

    Thank you for your suggestion. I will look up for the book after. Do come again.

  18. Go hide in the spa, put up your feet and melt away your tiredness. You’ ll feel better and you’ll write better 🙂

    Oh, how I wish so, Jane, how I wish…

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