A Wedding at Aryani

In 1992, Shahirah was a child when her father, Raja Bahrin, took her and her brother, Iddin, back to Trengganu from his ex-wife, Jacqueline Gillespie, in Australia.

Prior to that, the father had endured 5 years of bitter custody battle after his divorce with Gillespie. 

While Malaysians called the prince “heroic” father, our Australian counterpart labelled the move “abduction”.

Raja Bahrin’s bold action torched the relationship between Canberra and Kuala Lumpur with the former calling for the prince’s extradition and the latter refusing to grant it. All diplomatic attempts to bring the children back to Australia failed.

Last weekend, Shahirah turned to be a woman when she married our cousin Ija. Raja Bahrin, a noted architect, solemnised the akad of her daughter at Masjid Tengah Tengku Zaharah – better known as the floating mosque – which he had designed. 

The royal wedding was held by the fringe of Merang Beach at Aryani Resort (it was flaming hot though!). 

We wish Ija & Sha a lot of happiness in their marriage, and as it is customary in our family, we welcome the new addition with food and laughter.  


16 thoughts on “A Wedding at Aryani

  1. Auntie,

    heheheh……can I play-play in your blog?
    You write nice….




    Did you tell your grandpa that you are a tad too young to be blogging? 🙂

  2. Read the news/saw the pix in the papers but merely in passing…even so,thought the bride in the pix was beautiful.Didn`t realise
    it`s R.Bahrin`s daughter.Yes,followed that “adventure” of
    his in a book which title escapes my memory at the moment.
    The names, places etc Down Under mentioned in that book
    were significant as my daughters are there..the elder one
    has been practising there these last 4-years in the same
    profession as R.Bahrin is(in fact she `s an Alumni of his Uni.
    there too, and the younger sis is still an undergrad there).

    Well, I`ll reserve my comments about the rights and wrongs
    of the whole episode..am just truly gratified that it all
    turned out well,at the end of the day.Call that poetic justice,
    if you may.

    The Aryani? That`s my fave safe haven to de-stress,as and
    when the ocassion permits.Beautiful ambience,and befitting
    an equally wonderful wedding reception.


    Shahirah’s mother wrote two books to give her side of the story, I think she titled it “Once I was a Princess” or something along that line. And I heard all about the good Melbourne U producing top graduates. You must be proud of your daughter.

    Only God knows the right and the wrong of the whole episode. I refrain myself from commenting too, after all, Shahirah is now a family member. But she has since reunited with her mom in Melbourne sometime in 2006. All well ends well in the end. Perhaps the lesson we could learn here is that in every divorce the victims are often the children.

    Aryani, I have no words to describe its beauty. Situated just a few miles from my alma mater, its unique design, a bit Balinese and the deserted beach are just too close to this heart. I heard the father designed the resort as well.

  3. Apsal Shahirah dapat cousin Jefree yang hensem and kau dapat Jefreeeee? Hahahahahahahahahaha, kekekeekekekekekekekek!

    Jgn marah nanti kena jual!

    Shut up woman!

  4. whoaaaa.. penuh adat istiadat.. you should put more pictures Kak Elviza.. or are they already in your facebook? i should definitely check out Aryani (or even stay there) when I’m back in our alma mater for Reunion next month.

    Iron Butterfly,

    Ohhh you guys flying to KT for the reunion. How nice. I stopped by for a while en route to Aryani and Maktab looks so different now. Only Bangunan Akademik and Wisma Pelajar still there. The rest are all newly built. I was so sad.

  5. Elviza,

    Yes, R.Bahrin was the architect responsible for the Aryani.And the Trengganu Museum too(amongst others).


    The floating mosque was built when I was still schooling in Kuala Trengganu. It was such a big deal back then.

  6. Raja Bahrin is a true father for saving the children from being baptised a christian.

    But good to learn that she is now married and has found happiness in her husband.

  7. Elviza,

    Seeing this pic 4 d first time, missed those in d media since I was away ,tq. She’s gorgeous la no two ways about it. Anyway, I loveee Aryani & the spa but soooola the ex…

    Desert Rose,

    She was gorgeous and her wedding day but it was too hot I had to squint my eyes to have a good look at her. And Aryani is to die for, seriously!

  8. What a reportive posting. Afraid to give your flaming views on the nasty custody fight?

    See u in Shah alam ct soon. Take care

    Fellow Lawyer,

    Never afraid, my friend. Just that Shahirah is a part of the family now, so it would be inappropriate to comment.

  9. hehehe Aunty,
    My ayah said its ok for Tok Pa to write my ‘WORDS’ goody-goody.
    You write good.


    bye aunty.


    Don’t rely too much on that Tok Pa of yours okay?

  10. A great example of a moderate and respectful tone. I did not realise, Michele, I am impressed..maybe you should run for politics.

  11. being a mother myself.i just really hope that shau is doing what will make her happy and not doing it to make others happy.she is a unique person in herself and i really hope this is what she wants and if shes doing to make others happy they should be ashamed.good luck shau x

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